What The Facebook Popup To Clean Your Device Means

Recently, many FarmVille Farmers have found themselves faced with a message asking them to clean their device, and have been unable to log into Facebook without proceeding. Is that safe? Where does it come from? What does it mean? Read below for details and please share...

Special thanks to Farmer Dawn and her husband for informational assistance for this post.

We can tell you that the pop-up is definitely coming from Facebook. This is something they do when they suspect you may have clicked on spam and be inadvertently re-posting it.  (Click here for more details from the Facebook Help Center)

Facebook partners with several anti-virus companies to clean and scan accounts. In addition to the Kaspersky scan in the above image, you may also be prompted to run Trend-micro, E-set or F-secure. When you click to clean the device, you should see a scan progress bar and then be allowed to click continue to Facebook. 

This is not a hacker, it is Facebook, it is safe and they will not allow you back on without proceeding - at least not on the same device/browser.

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