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This Winter Preparedness information & Safety Checklist from the American Red Cross will help you BE SAFE this winter. We also include information on how to protect your pets from freezing temperatures.

WINTER STORM PREPAREDNESS. Winter storms can range from a moderate snow over a few hours to a blizzard with blinding, wind-driven snow that lasts for several days. Some winter storms are large enough to affect several states, while others affect only a single community. Many winter storms are accompanied by dangerously low temperatures and sometimes by strong winds, icing, sleet and freezing rain. Regardless of the severity of a winter storm, you should be prepared in order to remain safe during these events. Learn more Here.

WINTER STORM SAFETY CHECKLIST. Click Here to download and print the list and click the image to enlarge

WINTER PET SAFETY. If it's too cold for you, it's too cold for them .. bring your Pets inside. Learn more about WINTER PET SAFETY

ALL PET SAFETYinformation
check out our

Dirt Farmer Foundation


  Guide Here.   
Winters may be getting warmer every year, but that doesn’t mean these frigid temperatures and snow storms are going anywhere. It’s always best to be prepared — you can stock up on rock salt, shovels, a generator and warm clothing — but caring for your pets in the cold is another matter.

The ASPCA created these adorable PSAs to make sure your furry friends stay safe and warm during the winter months. 

They’re as simple as buying your dog a coat to keep them nice and toasty during snow-filled playtime, or checking underneath your car for a cat just looking for a warm place to sleep.

 And remember, it’s not always your own pets that may need help. If you see an animal outside without shelter and in need of assistance, call your local rescue organization for help.

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