I Have A Dream: Suggested Improvements For FarmVille’s Dream Deer Woods

Several years ago, #Farmville introduced a new breeding feature, the Dream Deer Woods. Since then, it’s really taken off, with people always on the lookout for new fawns. The Dirt farmer has a few suggestions to make this feature a little better, and we’d like to hear your feedback about them. Check below for our ideas, and remember to share the post with friends.

Please share your feedback on our thread in our discussion group, Ask the Dirt Farmer (click for link)

1. Super crops to craft Fawn Feed: Farmville has a number of super crops, designed to help us get extra bushels when harvested. We suggest that they add the 3 crops that are used to craft Fawn Feed to the list, so that players can easily obtain more bushels to craft feed to grow up their fawns.

2. Farm specific Dream Deer Woods: The Dream Deer Woods is currently one of a small number of animal pens that do not get a new design for every farm. This has led to many complaints of having to place the Dream Deer Woods on a farm and having it look out of place next to the farm’s theme. We propose that Zynga start designing a Dream Deer Woods to go with each new farm theme, just as they do for most other animal pens.

3. Expansions: Almost every other animal pen in Farmville is allowed expansions, while the Dream Deer Woods remains at a capacity of 20. We propose that the Dream Deer Woods be allowed to expand like the rest, to help people who are trying to pen the many, many deer, while also maintaining space on their farms.

4. A buildable that harvests for Fawn Feed: We have a building that harvests for almost every type on consumable item in the game. Turbos, Fuel, even Special Delivery Boxes. One conspicuous absence is a harvestable building for Fawn Feed. We propose Zynga create one of these that functions much like the rest of the buildings, with the ability to place one per farm, and somewhat like the fishing hole and allow you at least 6 per harvest once fully built. This could significantly cut down the time it takes to obtain feed to grow the many deer that Zynga releases.

5. New recipes to craft more Fawn Feed: Much like the Unwither ring buildings, where you can craft the needed items in quantities of either 1, 3, or 5, we propose that Zynga add recipes to craft 3 and 5 Fawn Feed at a time. This will take some pressure off of crafters by allowing them to craft more at a time.

Well, that’s our proposal farmers! What do you think? Do you have any ideas to improve this feature? Please be sure to provide feedback in our discussion group Ask the Dirt Farmer, as we’ll be forwarding it on to Zynga for consideration. Remember to share the post with friends, and happy farming!

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  1. Allow us to expand the deer farms to 100! limiting then to 20 if a real pain !


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