Groovy Hills Farm Treasure Contents


Farmville’s all new Groovy Hills has its own unique treasures for you to open and discover the magic within. Wondering what might be concealed inside? Your Dirt Farmer team has a preview for you of what to expect within each size. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find our post helpful.

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Small Garbage Pile

Medium Broken Windmill Blade

Large Abandoned Van

Extra Large Collapsed Silo
100 Groovy Points 220 Groovy Points 280 Groovy Points 420 Groovy Points

Hippie Hatchet

Hippie Hatchet

Hippie Hammer

Hippie Hammer

Freedom Vibes Badger

Dam Groover Beaver

Sunshine Rocker Monkey

Backyard Water Slides

Freespirited Duck

Hippie Cyprus Tree

Dreadlocked Lion

Mushroom Fountain

Psychedelic Shell Turtle

Campfire Stories

Groovy Panther

Flower Spirit Horse

Flower Umbrella Gnomette

Little Rocker Cat

Hippie Van Life

Carrot Keeper Kangaroo

Hippie Life Tree

Denim Love Dog

Love Bug Bunny
Patchwork Denim Elephant

Psychedelic Banyan Tree

Lone Hippie Wolf

Tambourine Player Chicken

Hip Trot Pony

Peacelover Raccoon

Hula Hoop Hippie

Driftwood Flower Arch

Groovy Grizzly Bear

Peace Sign Tree

Wanderer Flamingo

Wanderer's Van

Plain Jane Llama

Pink Mushrooms Tree

Inner Peace Vixen

Flower Horn Goat

Hip N Dandy Unicorn

Yarn Blast Tree

Forest Serenade

Flower Child Tiger

Pretty Hippie Deer

Carefree Flowerchild

Fresh Food Pig

Hippie Fantasy Panda

Flowerchild Lovers

Bohemian Illusion Peacock

Hippie Abode

Hippie Dancer Giraffe

Outdoor Patio

Flower Chick Cow

Gypsy Van

Flutterbug Pegasus

Hippie High Treehouse

Flower Child Tent

Rainbow Rose Sheep

Corn Jacket Zebra

That's all we have for now... Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and info...

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