Farmville Unreleased Items January 30, 2017

We have found some unreleased images that Zynga #Farmville will soon release into the game as possible Quest Rewards .. Check out TheDirtFarmer post for info and for a sneak peak at the images we have found for you, and please don’t forget to share it with your Farmville Friends if you find it helpful.

Peace Bear Nightclub Jaguar Reggae Lion Tropical Splash Cow
Serenity Elephant Bunny Ears Deer Daisy Deer Spectral Deer
Afro Glam Horse Spectral Pants Horse Gold Clover Pegasus Anti Cupid Unicorn
Heart Stealer Unicorn The Que Disco Goat Rock Winner Monkey Mandala Peacock
Curly Feather Rooster Award Winning Seal Disco Color Sheep Manda Turtle
Clover Cottage Peace House Heart Rose Crop Quilled Clover
Spiky Trophy Flower Bicycle Hippie Disco Rink Harmony Guitarist
Campfire Gnome Hippie Arch Mandala Tile Easter Glitter Tree
Awards Fruit Tree Locked Heart Tree Shroom Tree Twisted Pattern Tree


 and now a look at the offspring and Giant Trees

Tropical Splash Calf Bunny Ears Fawn Daisy Deer Fawn Spectral Deer Fawn
Afro Glam Foal Spectral Pants Foal Gold Clover Pegasus Foal Anti Cupid Unicorn Foal
Heart Stealer Unicorn Foal Giant Easter Glitter Tree Giant Awards Fruit Tree Giant Locked Heart Tree

Thats all we have for now…. Stay tuned to The Dirt Farmer for all the latest News and Info ….

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