FarmVille Musical Dash Complete Guide

Starts January 23rd Director Steven of Movie Mania fame is back with a new request for help! This time he is putting on a musical play! He needs to recruit a talented troupe of musician animals for the play to be a success! The feature, called the Musical Dash appears to be similar to the Merry Marshal and Gypsy Trader features from the past. We will be collecting, crafting  and redeeming Pitch Pipes to redeem the musician animals and recruit them for the troupe. This seems to be a straight up collect and redeem event, with no time delays or duplicates built in. Read below for more details and please do share....

The Musical Dash feature will be available on our farms from January 23rd, 2017 to February 22nd, 2017.

A look at the loading screen
A look at the pop-up inviting us to play the feature, please note that we will also receive a similar "coming soon" popup prior to release.
A look at the icon that will be outside the perimeter of our farms to access the feature. It too will have a coming soon version.
We will be collecting, crafting and redeeming PITCH PIPES to win the musician animals. We will be able to craft the Pitch Pipes in increments of 1, 3 and 5.

A look at the recipes required to craft the Pitch Pipes. The Musical Dash feature will mark the return of the popular instant crafting with all three recipes taking 0 minutes to cook.

a Pitch Pipes
a Pitch Pipes
Quaver Berry Bushel
3 Quaver Berry Bushel
White Garlic Bushel
2 White Garlic Bushel
Heirloom Carrot Bushel
2 Heirloom Carrot Bushel
8 hrs 11 hrs 54 mins 11 hrs 54 mins

Please be aware that the Quaver Berry required for the one Pitch Pipe recipe, the G-Clef Corn required for the three Pitch Pipe recipe and the Flute Cane required for the 5 Pitch Pipe recipe are NEW CROPS.
They will be available in the market at the regular update time on January 22nd/23rd depending on your time zone.
Remember that as new crops, you will have lower bushel yields on these until you master them, with bushel yields increasing progressively with each mastery star earned.

3 Pitch pipes
3 Pitch pipes
G Clef Corn Bushel
3 G Clef Corn Bushel
White Grape Bushel
3 White Grape Bushel
Amber Carrot Bushel
3 Amber Carrot Bushel
9 hrs 30 mins 12 hrs 8 hrs
The recipes will be available in the craft shop either at the same time or at time of release of the feature, depending on how the FarmVille Studio opts to do that.

5 Pitch Pipes
5 Pitch Pipes
Flute Cane Bushel
3 Flute Cane Bushel
Brussel Sprout Bushel
4 Brussel Sprout Bushel
Peanut Bushel
3 Peanut Bushel
23 hrs 13 hrs 54 mins 16 hrs
If you wish to begin stocking up on the bushels, prior to official release of the crops, they are already available via the Bushel Swap feature.

Now for a look at the CONFIRMED animal rewards.

Bongo Chimp Singer Cow Xylophone Crocodile
30 Pitch Pipes 30 Pitch Pipes 30 Pitch Pipes
Trombone Panda Triangle Cat Snare Drum Duck
30 Pitch Pipes 40 Pitch Pipes 40 Pitch Pipes
Accordian Penguin Cello Rabbit Cymbal Sheep
40 Pitch Pipes 40 Pitch Pipes 50 Pitch Pipes
DJ Tortoise Hand Harp Turkey Trumpet Elephant
50 Pitch Pipes 50 Pitch Pipes 50 Pitch Pipes
Piccolo Duck Tuba Horse Tambourine Hen
60 Pitch Pipes 60 Pitch Pipes 60 Pitch Pipes
Drum Donkey French Horn Ram EQ Giraffe
60 Pitch Pipes 80 Pitch Pipes 80 Pitch Pipes
If you redeem all of the rewards prior to the feature ending, (which will require a total of 880 Pitch Pipes) you will receive the Drumbeat Pegacorn as a bonus reward.
Now for a look at the offspring of the feature rewards
Singer Calf Tambourine Hen  Egg Drum Donkey Foal
Tuba Horse Foal Drumbeat Pegacorn Foal
That’s all for now, stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest FarmVille news and information

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  1. it's a bummer that we can't get two of the Drumbeat Pegasus when we complete a 2nd round of the pipes :-\


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