Farmville Groovy Hills Farm Animals

With every new farm, #Zynga designs many animals specifically for that farm’s theme. #TheDirtFarmer team has prepared a look ahead at what #Farmville has in store for the latest farm, Groovy Hills. Check below to see these groovy themed animals, and remember to share with friends if you find the post helpful.

For more info about the Groovy Hills farm, be sure to check out our Complete Guide.

Daisy Chain Alpaca
Freedom Vibes Badger
Patchwork Badger
Banjo Bear
Groovy Grizzly Bear
Dam Groover Beaver
Driftwood Beaver
Dreadlocked Lion
Farmer’s Daughter Lion
Flower Child Tiger
Groovy Panther
Flower Hat Flamingo
Mayoral Pelican
Pitchfork Stork
River Play Pelican
Wanderer Flamingo
Farmer Bison
Soybean Field Bison
Little Rocker Cat
Porch Napping Cat
Blue Flower Crab
Expressive Wolf
Denim Love Dog
Dreadlock Dog
Flower Power Dog
Homely Farm Dog
Loyal Sheepdog
Rainbow Hue Dog
Lone Hippie Wolf
Rugged Wolverine
Free Spirit Duck
Free Spirited Duck
Pierced Duck
Tree Hugger Duck
Hula Baby Elephant
Patchwork Denim Elephant
Fence Mender Ferret
Inner Peace Vixen
Woodlander Fox
Tie Dye Toad
Hue Gator
Farmhand Meerkat
Foraging Coati
Free Spirit Seapony
Prism Hippocamp
Reggae Croc
Rodeo Meerkat
Hippie Dancer Giraffe
Orchard Picker Giraffe
Recording Giraffe
Flower Horn Goat
Hunky Gorilla
Snacks Gorilla
Party Hippo
Carrot Keeper Kangaroo
Corn Kangaroo
Farm Teen Kangaroo
Plain Jane Llama
Sandwich Basket Llama
Apple Farmer Monkey
Band Mate Monkey
Concert Monkey
Sunshine Rocker Monkey
Color Dance Ostrich
Dungree Otter
Floating Otter
Liberal Otter
Hippie Fantasy Panda
Bohemian Illusion Peacock
Freebird Peacock
Funky Peacock
Vibrant Mandala Peacock
Manager Penguin
Floral Child Pig
Fresh Food Pig
Guitar Piglet
Love Bug Bunny
Peace Lover Raccoon
Lumberjack Rhino
Rainbow Dot Rhino
Ruffled Rooster
Afro Seal
Rainbow Ring Seal
Rainbow Rose Sheep
Butterfly Nest Skunk
Peace Sloth
Sunflower Shade Squirrel
Bohemian Turtle
Color Patch Turtle
Primo Turtle
Psychedelic Shell Turtle
Retro Patterned Turtle
Ringed Map Turtle
Daisy Whale

Cows and Calves
Guitarist Bull
Guitarist Calf
Flower Chick Cow
Flower Chick Calf
Homemaker Cow
Homemaker Calf
Tassles Cow
Tassles Calf
Western Fashionista Cow
Western Fashionista Calf
Braided Yak
Braided Yak Calf
Enlightened Yak
Enlightened Yak Calf
Shaggy Yak
Shaggy Yak Calf

Chickens and Eggs
Feeding Chicken
Feeding Egg
Paisley Chicken
Paisley Egg
Popcorn Chicken
Popcorn Egg
Tambourine Player Chicken
Tambourine Player Egg

Deer and Fawns
Free Spirited Deer
Free Spirited Fawn
Orchard Deer
Orchard Fawn
Pretty Hippie Deer
Pretty Hippie Fawn

Horses and Foals
Poncho Horse
Poncho Foal
Pink Power Mini Horse
Pink Power Mini Foal
Banjo Player Horse
Banjo Player Foal

Country Girl Horse
Country Girl Foal
Flower Child Horse
Flower Child Foal
Flower Spirit Horse
Flower Spirit Foal
Painted Art Horse
Painted Art Foal

Pegacorns and Foals
Fine Pegacorn
Fine Pegacorn Foal
Flower Shower Pegacorn
Flower Shower Pegacorn Foal
Flower Farmgirl Pegacorn
Flower Farmgirl Pegacorn Foal
Solo Traveler Pegacorn
Solo Traveler Pegacorn Foal

Pegasi and Foals
Flutterbug Pegasus
Flutterbug Pegasus Foal
Mayor Pegasus
Mayor Pegasus Foal
Pattern Power Pegasus
Pattern Power Pegasus Foal

Donkeys/Ponies and Foals
Countryside Donkey
Countryside Donkey Foal
Rocking Donkey
Rocking Donkey Foal
Hip Trot Pony
Hip Trot Pony Foal
Midwest Lady Pony
Midwest Lady Pony Foal

Unicorns and Foals
Free Spirited Unicorn
Free Spirited Unicorn Foal
Grooving Unicorn
Grooving Unicorn Foal
Hip n Dandy Unicorn
Hip n Dandy Unicorn Foal
Woodstock Unicorn
Woodstock Unicorn Foal

Zebras and Foals
Corn Jacket Zebra
Corn Jacket Zebra Foal
Tie Dye Zebra
Tie Dye Zebra Foal

That’s all we have for now. Be sure to stay tuned to The Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and info, and remember to share the post with friends if you find it helpful.
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