FarmVille Garden of Gifts 2017

It looks like Farmville and Zynga will be ringing in the New Year with a party themed revamp of the Garden of Gifts! .This mystery game revamp combines elements of the Hungry Santa type of feature with elements of a mystery game. We will be playing a ring toss to earn prizes. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find our post helpful.

We will be completing a ring toss with Kelly the Flower Fairy in order to win prizes, all of the prizes in this feature are re-releases , We are able to post for three tokens every three hours (as of the enhance on January 3rd, the per post limit was changed to 5), and once we have 5 we can  trade them in for a ring to win prizes. The posts are give one get one, and you are supposed to be able to collect 15 per day from your friends, though many players are reporting hitting their limit at just 5.
With the 3 stage feature you will need a total of up to 375 tokens to turn into 75 rings to win all prizes, depending on if you luck into all prizes in the third stage without opening all boxes.

Please note that "Unwrap all the gifts" does not mean that you will get a new set of prizes after winning all six prizes in a stage. You must actually unwrap all 25 boxes on the board to progress to the next stage.

Now a look at the 3 sets of  rewards
Set 1

Party Rocking Pegacorn

Party Popper Gnome

Party Lover Camel


Party Goer Goat

Party Cat

Set 2

Black Tie Party Tree

Pool Party Cat

Party Rooster

Party Animal Pegacorn

Party Table

Party Host Goat

Set 3

Pizza Party Pig

Partying Chicken

Party Time Pegacorn

Pool Party

Holiday Party Horse

Party Rhino

Now for a look at the offspring of the feature rewards

Party Animal Pegacorn Foal

Partying Chicken Egg

Party Time Pegacorn Foal

Party Rocking Pegacorn Foal

Holiday Party Horse Foal

Partycorn Foal

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