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Have you ever wanted to listen to the podcast, but you are unable to do so? Do you want to know what's happening in the world of Farmville? Do you need a quick reference for your quests, leaderboards, farmstands and more?  Well do we have a treat for you!! Here it is this week's EXCITING new addition of The Dirt Farmer LIVE! Show Summary!  If you enjoy reading it, please remember to share with your fellow farmers!


***** GROOVY HILLS *****

Folks, It's that time again. It's time to just forget about the current farm that we've been building for the past 8 weeks, set it to the side to be forgotten in the lonely reality of the travel menu, perhaps never to be visited ever again. Now we have a brand new farm, that has the exact same features as the last farm, and we get to do the exact same things over again, but this time, we have a bunch of HIPPY GNOMES all over the place. If you are keeping score out there in farmyland. This is our OFFICIAL 35th Farm. It would have been our 36th farm but the two AVALON Farms were combined back into one. If you are one of those folks that count Hanging Gardens, Farmer's Square and Sunflower Meadows. Then this is farm number 38 and if you count the FISHY FARM then it's farm number 39. But, like I said, it's farm number 35. I'm not sure this farm is my shot of scotch, and if you are out there trying to decide if you will be playing this farm or if you will SKIP IT. We are here tonight to talk about farm 35. The Groovy Hills

The new GROOVY HILLS farm will start at some time withing the next several hours. We expect the new farm to go live on Monday January 9th, at or about 4AM Eastern Time. There really isn't anyway to know the exact time. It is manually triggered by the Farmville Studio when they are sure all the noticeable issues are fixed. In order to get into EARLY ACCESS you will have to pay. And the price hasn't really ever changed. It's still 45 FV$ but as we all know, that is a 172 Farm Cash Value. Now let's take a look at what you get for that 45 FV$ besides access to the new farm. We have 3 new crops that will only be available to EARLY ACCESS Players. We have the Apple Tart Rose, Oyster Mushrooms, yeah, no drug innuendos there, and finally a Rainbow Raspberry crop. We also have new AVATAR costumes with this farm. The female avatars will get a psychedelic mini dress and some big ole NANCY SINATRA boots. The male gets a big fluffy red polka dot shirt with tatter cuffs and some bell-bottomed pants. We also get a a GROOVY HILLS COMBINE, a Flower Shower Pegacorn, and a STARTER PACK that includes a Flower Child Horse, Daisy Burst Tree and a Paisley Chicken. You also get 18 Spring Fair Parts, 32 Treasure Part and 400 Groovy Points. We can also expect FREE POWER UP's during this Early Access week. That means DOUBLE BUSHELS and FREE FUEL all week. We also see indication of 30% off land expansion bundles as well
See chart below

The CENTERPIECE or MAIN BULDABLE for the GROOVY HILLS Farm is called the Spring Fair. We have 9 levels to climb in this buildable. We start at level 1 and end on level 10. We will need 111 Tree Stumps, 111 Fodder Straw and 202 Dyed Fabrics. And with each level that we progress. We get a level up reward. We have a Neato Tree, oh, NEAT-O, there's a hippy gnomette laying in a deco called the Musical Meadow. There is a Primo Turtle, then we have a Traveller Van that has animation that leads us to believe it honks. There is a Funky peaCOCK, a Groovy Ferry. There is a Tassles Cow that looks like a YAK with dreadlocks. There is a Poncho Horse and a Fine Pegacorn that looks like an acid trip
See chart below

This farm will have a GIFT SILO, that we call the UnWither Ring THINGY. For GROOVY HILLS we will call this feature the Sunflower Silo. We will be collecting and crafting PEACE PEBBLES in order to open gifts in the Sunflower Silo. As usual they can be crafted in recipes of 1, 3 and 5. There are 31 gifts in all. They include many consumables like turbos, unwithers and new farm parts. We also have some unique rewards like the Peaceful Heart Tree, a Bohemian Lampost, a Beady Gateway deco. We also have a Hippie Loghouse, a Peace Lover Mermaid, a band of gnomes called the Ladybug Rockers, they are all dudes, we have a Flower Child Fireplace that looks more like a hippy van. There's a Hippie Oasis, and a Tree Hugger Duck, there's a Retro Patterned Turtle, and a Homely Farm Dog. There is a Countryside Donkey dressed like June Cleaver. We have a Dungree Otter, an an Enlightened Yak. There's a Western Fashionista Cow, Midwest Lady Pony, Country Girl Horse and a Free Spirited Unicorn. Your final prize of the Free Spirited Unicorn comes with your UnWither Ring
See chart below

As always, With each new farm we have TREASURES all over the place, and a few of these treasures are a wee bit creepy. We have the Small Garbage pile, the Medium Broken Windmill Blade, the Large Abandoned Van and the Extra Large Collapsed Silo. The Water Treasures have the same names. This time we will need Hippie Hatchets and Hippie Hammers in order to open these Treasures. Be sure to start gifting those Treasure Parts back and forth to your friends, and be sure to check out our post to see how many you will need for each section of the Groovy Hills Farm
See chart below

We have a total of 36 Land Expansions with this new farm. And there are 2 rewards for unlocking each square. We start out a Colorful Cloth Tent and a Dancer Gnomette just for entering the Home Landing Area of the new farm. Some of the other rewards include a Swimming Hole Tiger, an Open Top Van, a Pitchfork Stork, a Tie dye Zebra, a Pink Power Mini Horse. We have a DriftWOOD Beaver, and a Blue Flower Crab. Popcorn Chicken is on the dollar menu, the Lazy Hay bale has a couple of RACOONS!!! and there are many many more...so be sure to check out our post
See chart below

As always we have all new Animal Pens with a unique starter animal
The Aquarium has a Bohemian Otter
The Aviary gets you a Freebird Peacock
The Baby Play Pen...Banjo Player Foal
The Livestock Pen...Floral Child Pig
Groovy Hills Orchard (Fully Built to Super Orchard) gets you a Hippy Glow Tree
The Paddock...Woodstock Unicorn
The Pasture...Homemaker Cow
The Pet Run...Flower Power Dog
Wildlife Habitat...Farmer's Daughter Lion
The Zoo will get you a Farm Teen Kangaroo and as always...Building a Chicken Coop will get you a free WHITE CHICKEN
See chart below

This farm will have a SELF CONTAINED CRAFTING Feature. The Peaceful Stables will bring you hours and hours of fun...Unless you just decide to buy that shipping license. 14 Stations, 36 recipes, crafting crafting and more crafting.
See chart below

We also have a Crafting Cottage for Groovy Hills. It's called the CRAFTING TENT. They could have come up with a better name. But we will need this CRAFTING TENT in order to Quest, so let's see if they got creative with any of the recipes. We have Basil Butter, Chickpea Burgers, Granola Bars and Nutty Chocolate Bark, just to name a few. And Don't forget about the Crafting Cottage Level up trick
See chart below

With every new farm we get a few week's of COMMUNITY GOALS, and we will start our first week when the farm goes live in a few hours. This week we will need to clear 280,000 treasures on the new farm. The individual goal will be for each of you to clear 9 Treasures in order to claim the UnWithers, Fuel, Turbos, Super Fertilizer and FREE FUEL for 3 days on the new Groovy Hills Farm
See chart below

We will be playing and posting about issues and tips all day tomorrow...so be sure to check out our Facebook Page all day

The amazing Barry West, the one and only King of the FarmVille parody has an all new song to help whet your appetite for Groovy Hills. "Groovy, Groovy Hills is the perfect combination of setting the mood for the hippie era and laughing at our farms foibles... Enjoy the song!!

***** QUESTS *****

GROOVY HILLS Chapter 1 Quest. You will only have this quest available to you if you buy the Early Access week of the new farm. We expect this quest to go live when Early Access goes live and you will need a 2-Star CRAFTING TENT from the git-go. You will need bushels for crafting, and the longest grow times are the COSMOS FLOWERS, FLOWERING DOGWOOD AND JACKS APPLE BUSHELS THAT WILL TAKE 16 HOURS TO GROW. Your rewards for this first quest include a Peace Guitarist gnome, a Razzle Dazzle Owl, we have a Peace V Tree and a Peace Traveller which is a painted VW Beatle Car,l there is a Trance Elephant, and finally a Peace Love Horse


We have a farewell to Once Upon a Winter. At least until we get the RE-VISIT QUEST. This Chapter 9 Quest is a regular 6 stage chapter quest with a one week duration. This quest is titled, The Last Fall. Get a jump on crafting by making 3 Toy Jacks and Ball recipes and 3 Animal Trains in the Snowy Toy Shop. PATTERNED CORN BUSHELS WILL TAKE 18 HOURS TO GROW and you will need need those bushels, you will also need a 3 star SNOWY TOY SHOP in order to complete this quest. Your rewards include a Blue Flame Tree, a Cloudy Snow Fox, a Gingerbread Sleigh, a Queen Seapony, a Fairy Garden and a Gift Carrier Horse


It's time to LEARN TO SKI. I guess that's what this week's LEARN TO SKI Quest is all about. We will have 2 weeks to get through the 9 stage quest. The Frosty Cup Rose will appear in stages 5 and 7 and that's our Limited edition Quest Crop this week. We will have 7 Winery and Bakery recipes and 6 Spa recipes to craft. Eggplant Bushels will be in high demand since that crop takes 43 hours to grow., be sure to check out our HOT CROP CHEAT SHEET for a complete list of all the bushels needed in this quest. Besides the usual consumables we will have 4 unique rewards. We have a Snow Goggles Tree, a Furry Ski Monkey, a Ski Coach Penguin and a Ski Pro Pegasus

learn to ski


This Friday will see us RETURN to Once Upon a Winter before we ever LEAVE it. Yes, Our Month Long Quest has been coded CHAPTER 9-A. Why it's not Chapter 10. I just don't know, But we will see 12 stages of fun, and most players should still have all of their bushels from this farm, so it should be easy. YOU WILL NEED A 5 STAR SNOWY TOY SHOP IN ORDER TO COMPLETE THIS QUEST. GLOWY RADISH AND WATER HYACINTH BUSHELS WILL TAKE 23 HOURS TO GROW, those are your longest crops that you will need crafting bushels for. You will need to make 23 Snowy Toy Shop recipes to complete this quest. Your rewards include a Tinsel Wrap Tree, a Snow Arch, a Snow Queen that is a snow woman in a fancy dress, a Snowflake Fairy Gnomette, a Festive Capybara, otherwise know as Rudolph the red nosed RAT, we have a Crescent Crown Wolf, a Winter Chic Dog, an Icicle Dragon, a Winter Squirrel Family in a tree, an Ice Guard Gorilla, Giraffe Ice Cream, it's eating icecream...7 scoops and a cherry on top, and finally a Frosted Leaf Pegasus


***** FARMVILLE NEWS *****

Tuesday will see the start of the all new WILD WEST PARTY Countdown. 16 Days of great rewards and a 17th bonus Prize. We start out with a Party Cactus Tree, holding a beer...yee haw, next we have a Wild Party Dance which is a couple of gnomes that could learn a few things from that cactus, there's a Cowboy Party Balloon, a Party Badge Tree, a Party Poster Board, a Wanted Western Duck, with a $10,000 reward. I wonder if that's farm cash or real money, there is a Party Trick Monkey shooting a gun while rolling on a disco ball and wearing an aqua blue sombrero,  seriously, we can't make this stuff up, we have a Pony Stick Chicken. I'm almost afraid to look, oh, it's riding a toy horse stick thingy, we have an Arrowhead Wolf and yes, he has an arrow through his head, the Kangaroo Western party has a beer too, and the Party Sheriff Raccoon is holding cow color balloons, we have a Party Cowboy Deer and a Bling Hat Bulldog, a Panda Target Expert, a Native Costume Bull, and a Party Balloon Chimpanzee, the bonus prize for collecting all 16 stamps is a Native Party Unicorn

Day 1Party Cactus Tree Day 2Wild Party Dance Day 3
Cowboy Party Balloon
Day 4
Party Badge Tree
Day 5
Party Poster Board
Day 6
Wanted Western Duck
Day 7
Party Trick Monkey
Day 8
Pony Stick Chicken
Day 9
Arrowhead Wolf
Day 10
Kangaroo Western Party
Day 11
Party Sheriff Raccoon
Day 12
Party Cowboy Deer
Day 13
Bling Hat Bulldog
Day 14
Panda Target Expert   
Day 15
Native Costume Bull
Day 16
Party Balloon Chimpanzee
Final RewardNative Party Unicorn

***** LEADERBOARDS *****

We start a brand new set of Leaderboard Challenges this coming Wednesday. Our LIMITED EDITION CROP CHALLENGE for this week will be to harvest 6000 Bigfoot Radishes. Bigfoot Radish is a 23 hour crop which will be in the market at normal update time, roughly 13 hours before the leaderboards start. Our LOCKED CROP CHALLENGE will have us harvesting 300 Icy Carrots. The Icy Carrot is a Once Upon A Winter crop that will take 16 hours to grow. Finally, Our CRAFTY CHALLENGE will see us making 12 Rustic Owl Pouch recipes. Rustic Owl Pouch is a 3 hour Snowy Toy Shop Craft. It requires 3 Elf Lettuce Bushels, 3 Icy Carrot Bushels and 3 Icy Tulips Bushels
For more information Click  Here


The GARDEN of Gifts went live this past week. We were all collecting tokens to earn rings to toss at and win prizes. This mystery game revamp combines elements of the Hungry Santa type of feature with elements of a mystery game. We will be completing a ring toss with Kelly the Flower Fairy in order to win prizes, all of the prizes in this feature are re-releases. We are able to post for 5 tokens every three hours, and once we have 5 we can trade them in for a ring to win prizes. The posts are give one get one, and you are supposed to be able to collect 15 per day from your friends, though many players are reporting hitting their limit at just 5. With the 3 stage feature you will need a total of up to 375 tokens to turn into 75 rings to win all prizes, depending on if you luck into all prizes in the third stage without opening all boxes. Set 1 Prizes are the Party Rocking Pegacorn, Party Popper Gnome, Party Lover Camel, Partycorn.(unicorn), Party Goer Goat and Party Cat. Set 2 includes a Black Tie Party Tree, Pool Party Cat, Party Rooster, Party Animal Pegacorn, Party Table, and a Party Host Goat, and finally in set 3 we have a Pizza Party Pig, Partying Chicken, Party Time Pegacorn, Pool Party, Holiday Party Horse and a Party Rhino

CONGRATULATIONS! to our WINNER of last Week's BATTLEGROUND Foals & Trees Challenge (week ending 01.01.2017) Kathy Skidmore. This Week's NEW Challenge is MYSTERY BABIES. The reward for the winner of this Challenge will be a Papa Dirt Prize: your choice of ANY Unwither Ring or Double Statue from the Market. If you are not a member of the Battleground Group JOIN TODAY and invite your friends.


Once Upon a Winter still has a few tricks up her sleeve. In just a few short hours we can get Frostbite Butt's consent to unlock the ICEBERG POND Land Expansion. Upgrade Noel's Castle to Level 7, Unwrap 25 Mystery Presents in Wishmaker's Post Office, and Reach Once Upon A Winter Level 60, and this new expansion is all yours


In our Poll of the Week we asked if you would be venturing into Groovy Hills for Early Access...60% said yes...29 say no and 11% have yet to decide


***** GROUPS *****

FARMER'S SHOWCASE is an OPEN GROUP where you can show off your farm
ONLY Farm Pic posts. Cool, Funny or AWESOME. Show your MAD decorating skills or something unique and funny you see on your farm.

farmer linda

Check out this amazing farm art by Farmer Linda!

Are you enjoying the new Sketches Feature? Want some help and tips? Check out this video guide from our decorating Guru DF Admin Katy Ward!

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Here’s the link to this week’s podcast, because don’t you really want to listen to all of it after reading the summary?
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Desert Rose

That's all we have right now, remember to always visit Ask the Dirt Farmer for up to date information and help, and enjoy the rest of your week!
Reporting live from the Dirt Farmer Studio in beautiful downtown Farmville, Dirt Farmers Michele and Karen

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