Dirt Farmer Idea Squad: Possible New Farm Theme


This idea is to give us a new twist for a possible future farm and break up the repetition we see with every release recently.

Basic Idea

The new farm would be totally black and white like the picture above. The tasks in the farm would then let us add colour to it. Perhaps a city scene that we can graffiti with the colours ! Or if you want to leave it black and white.


These would be split into colours. So we could have say 8 different sets. Each set having 6 stages in it ( bit like the quests) and on completing the tasks we received that colour as paint we can use on the original black and white farm itself. Possible completing of some bonus task would give us different shades of that paint. So if the colour was blue we could get a light and dark blue if we did all the tasks. The tasks could range from simply getting clicks, or making so many of craft or planting crops to completed up to a certain level in the various farm buildings. Whilst the final aim is to unlock the paint you could get various other  trees/animals/decorations as you progressed through the stages all of that colour.
So completing all these tasks would give you the shipping license and a lot of colour to decorate the basic farm with and items to use too.
An example below of the same scene once it has been painted with some colours.

Possible Other Features

Create a tag – Allows you to make your own farm tag for the farm.
Customized breeding patterns – An extension to current sheep/pig or turtle breeding or something totally new.

So farmers what do you think?  Anything else you would like to see on this theme?
We would love to hear you thoughts.

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  1. We have enough tasks and stuff to be able to open new land tiles, really wouldn't want more tasks, or crafts to finish building colors to get the stock that goes into it! They have enough problems with the features they have now! !This would only create more problems

  2. I would like that, good idea - as long as there are no colours available with FV cash only! ;-)


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