The Dirt Farmer’s Poll of the Week-December14, 2016


The Dirt Farmer wants to know if you are personally impacted by the game glitches that are discussed so frequently in our help group ASK the Dirt Farmer.  Please vote on our poll, you may pick as many answers as you want.  After voting, please feel free to comment on this post in any of our Dirt Farmer groups, and please share with your friends.

FarmVille has come a long way since it's constant glitches, but problems still persist. The Dirt Farmer wants to know: Which of the following, if any, has a SIGNIFICANT impact on YOUR game play. Please pick the answer(s) that affect YOU PERSONALLY, not your friends or neighbors. You may pick more than one answer.

Lost farm cash from unintentional purchases.
Slow loading time of market stall or crafting buildings.
Frequent flash crashes.
Missing gift envelope
Slow loading of farm, or inability to load farm at all.
Feeling pressured to do all available quests or features.
I seldom, if ever, have any issues with game play.
I do not play FarmVille any more.

Did you realize that Zynga has provided us a way to track our Farm Cash purchases?  We can report any Farm Cash purchases that we think are in error to customer service, here’s our link explaining it.

Did you know that the Dirt Farmer has an article that can help with many of our loading issues and problems with crashing?  Here’s the link:

That’s all we have for now, visit to for up to date information on everything Farmville, and happy farming!

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