How To Use The New Farmville Ghost Neighbor Button

You may have noticed a recently added tab on the “Add Neighbors” button when you load the game.  Zynga appears to be trying to encourage us to add COMMUNITY NEIGHBORS, but they appear to be doing so in a rather misleading way. 

What exactly is a COMMUNITY NEIGHBOR? A community neighbor is someone who can help you out by sending you gifts in FarmVille. You can also purchase fuel goods and bushels from them. You don’t actually have to be Facebook friends with this person.  While that might be beneficial in some circumstances, you cannot visit a community neighbor’s timeline in order to see their FarmVille posts.  Unless they have their posts set to public, you will not be able to determine whether or not they have actually stopped playing the game.  The benefits to having community neighbors comes if you don’t have a lot of Facebook friends who play FarmVille, but there are easy ways to add more including joining our add me group FarmVille Legion.

The new button refers to GHOST NEIGHBORS.  What is a Ghost Neighbor?  A Ghost Neighbor is a FarmVille player who has either stopped playing the game, and blocked the application, or who has blocked you personally.  Ghost Neighbors can take up space in our crafting cottages and prevent us from purchasing fuel goods and bushels from active players.  So it’s a good thing for our game play not to have ghost neighbors.  If we contact customer service, they can remove our ghost neighbors for us.

Now, to explain this new Tab, that actually will remove ACTIVE PLAYERS from our neighbors bar. These players are our Facebook friends (unless we currently have community neighbors), and replace them with COMMUNITY NEIGHBORS, players we don’t actually have to be friends with.

Here’s a look at the popup you will see:

Here’s a look at the opening picture of the user interface when you click on the Add Neighbors button:
You will see a picture that has the names of many of your active neighbors, people you are Facebook friends with, and who still play the game.  The menu comes preloaded with all the names already selected.  It does mention that if you remove these neighbors, they will still remain your Facebook friend, and they can still help you out, by clicking on any requests that they see, and by trading gifts back and forth.  You WILL NOT be able to purchase goods from them.

In the next picture, you can see where Dirt Farmer Beatriz has been selected to stay a neighbor, by unclicking her name.  She would not be removed as a neighbor.  If you wish to use this tool, you should examine each name very carefully, to decide whether or not you want to keep each player as a neighbor.

You will then be asked to confirm your decision

If you have already removed neighbors using this tool, don’t worry.  You can always send them another friend request.

That's all we have for now... Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest FarmVille news and info...

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