Farmville Once Upon A Winter Icy Tarn Items

With the release of a unique terrain on Once Upon A Winter, called the Icy Tarn, #Farmville has released a number of items that go specifically in that area. Please check below to see the items #TheDirtFarmer has found that are locked to the Icy Tarn, and remember to share the post if you find it helpful.

For more info about the Once Upon A Winter Farm, check out our complete guide.

Please note that the terrain is sometimes referred to as “Snow” and sometimes as “Icy”. Currently, no pens or orchards will go on the Icy Tarn, but you can place various animals and trees into pens on the regular terrain on Once Upon A Winter. Some of the items are available in the market, and some are rewards from various features, including treasures, quests and countdowns.


Pink Crystal Unicorn

Pink Crystal Unicorn Foal

Elf Ride Ram

Royal Winter Pegasus

Royal Winter Pegasus Foal

Twinkling Deer

Twinkling Fawn

Holly Goodies Deer

Holly Goodies Fawn

Cozy Sweater Horse

Cozy Sweater Foal

Snowflake Parade Horse

Snowflake Parade Foal

Starry Fox

Frostbite Dragon

Gifted Puppy

Jingle Bell Chicken

Sweater Cat

Snowflake Collector Bear

Winter Warmth Wolf

Crystal Horned Unicorn

Crystal Horned Unicorn Foal

Holiday Angel Pegasus

Holiday Angel Pegasus Foal

Baker Panda

Snow Flake Gazelle

Snow Flake Gazelle (fawn)

Mistletoe Deer

Mistletoe Fawn

Snow Queen’s Horse

Snow Queen’s Foal

Power Horse

Power Foal

Big Foot Gorilla

Gingerbread Koala

Snow Tiger


Outdoor Christmas Tree

Festive Ornament Tree

Aurora Ice Tree

Winter Blossom Tree

Buildings and Deco

Holiday House

Frosty House

Ball House

Mistletoe Haybale

Icicle Picket Fence

Ice Skating Buddies

Frozen Ice Haybale

Ice Fisher

Cracked Ice Moat

Cracked Ice Moat II

Cracked Ice Moat III

Cracked Ice Moat IV

Cracked Ice Moat V

Cracked Ice Moat VI

Sow Playtime Gnomette

Little Santa Gnome

Queen Fairy Gnomette

Holiday Wagon

Icy Bench

Glacier Color Hill

Gingerbread Train

Frosted Arch

Floating Igloo

Crystal Carriage

Christmas Fairy

Winter Manor

Winter Belfry

Fun Frolic Rink

That’s all we have for now. Remember to share the post if you find it helpful, and happy farming!

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  1. My Icy Tarn did not unlock.... it is now the 10th of Dec....


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