FarmVille Once Upon A Winter Farm - The Icy Tarn Overview

On December 5th, 2016, the FarmVille Studio released the Icy Tarn - the second region of the Once Upon A Winter farm. Just what does this mysterious cloud covered land entail? new crops, new terrain, a rather complicated Christmas feature, interactive decos and more.... Read below for the details your Dirt Farmer team has found and please do share to let friends know.

Both Early Access and General Access players will be able to visit the Icy Tarn on December 5th. Those who purchased Early Access to the first region will be rewarded with an additional package of goodies for doing so. Let's take a look at the rewards for Early Access players  first.

Rewards will include an Ice Cold Starter Pack featuring animals, building parts and a tree. Click on the name of the starter pack for full details.
Early Access players will also receive a Jingle Bell Chicken and a Holiday Wagon...

The new terrain for the Icy Tarn will be called SNOW. Similar to Story of Sakura's Zen terrain, there will be animals, trees, crops, buildings and decorations that can only be placed on the Icy Tarn section and it's snow terrain. We will be getting 8 new crops to master on the Icy Tarn, all of which can only be planted on snow terrain.

You will be able to identify animals, trees, buildings and decorations that belong on snow terrain by the snowflake over the top of them, very similar to the circle that was found under Zen Terrain items on Story of Sakura. 

 The farm cash vehicles, including the combine that was included with the early access package will work on the new snow terrain, but the coin ones do not  work there. This includes any farm cash 6x6 or 8x8 combines.

Your Unwither Ring that is earned from the Wishmaker's Post Office will work on the entire farm, land, water and snow.

 There do not appear to be any early access exclusive crops in this region, despite code referring to them.

You will be able to put your Icy Tarn trees and animals in pens and orchards on the Snowyville region that we had since November. You will not be able to put them on the ground on that side, only on Icy Tarn. You will also be unable to place pens and orchards on Icy Tarn.

Now for a look at the crops for Icy Tarn.

Angel Flowers
(2 Days)

Chocolate Strawberry
(10 Min)

Gingerbread Flower
(16 Hours)

Mistletoe Fruit
(30 min)

Sprinkle Broccoli
(1 day)

Blooming Anemone
(6 hours)

Winter Bush
(4 hours)

Winter Pumpkin
(12 hours)

For more information on the Sisters of Joy, the new interactive Christmas feature on Icy Tarn, click here.

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  1. I am unable use the Icy Tarn area of my farm that was supposed to be available on the 5th of Dec... It is now the 10th.... I also purchased early access for the Snowy farm... What's up with that?


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