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Have you ever wanted to listen to the podcast, but you are unable to do so? Do you want to know what's happening in the world of Farmville? Do you need a quick reference for your quests, leaderboards, farmstands and more?  Well do we have a treat for you!! Here it is this week's EXCITING new addition of The Dirt Farmer LIVE! Show Summary!  If you enjoy reading it, please remember to share with your fellow farmers!

***** QUESTS ******

It's time to talk about the Once Upon A Winter Chapter 7 Quest. This one is called a Jolly Old Man Quest and it will have a one week duration starting in just a few short hours. Get a fancy step ahead on crafting by making 3 Handmade Carousels and 3 Toy Jacks and Ball recipes in the Snowy Toy Shop. BUSH FLOWER, ICY CARROT AND TANGY TURNIP BUSHELS WILL TAKE 16 HOURS TO GROW. WINTER ARTICHOKE BUSHELS WILL TAKES 23 HOURS TO GROW, and you will need bushels from all of these in order to complete this quest. In fact, if you are planning to complete this quest you will need a 3 star SNOWY TOY SHOP. Your rewards for this quest include a Keykeepers Hut deco, a North Wind Wolf. We have a Snow Globe Fairy, so it's not just another gnome, it's not just another snow globe, but it's another gnome inside another snow globe...brilliant. We have a Snow Miner Bear that looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. There is a Tale of the Frost and we're not sure what it is, it's a deer and a gnome and what looks like a mushroom on a land tile, soooo, we have no idea what this is. Finally we have a Winter Fashion Unicorn, that looks like my little pony all grown up and working the pole at the local gentleman's club.
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Our next ALL NEW ALL FARMS Quest will be here on Thursday DEC 29th, and I have to admit, It's a rather MORBID theme for a quest. This new quest will called the BUCKET LIST QUEST. So I guess Farmville wants us to think about our BUCKET LIST. Which you all know is a list of stuff you want to do before you "kick the bucket" or to put more bluntly, It's a list of stuff you want to do before you die...OH NO!!! Maybe Farmville is dying. Maybe this is their BUCKET LIST...OH NO!!! Right now it's just another in a long line of quests, so let's take a look. We will see a new Limited Edition Crop in Stages 3 and 6. This one will be called the PARTY FAVOR GREENS. Not sure if making my BUCKET LIST will make me want to celebrate, but oh, well. The PARTY FAVOR GREENS is a 12 hour crop. As far as the crafting, we will be making 7 Winery recipes. 7 Spa recipes and 6 from the Bakery. So, be sure to check out the HOT CROP CHEAT SHEET for this Quest. So you will know what to plant to help yourself and your friends. PINK ROSE AND DAFFODIL CROPS TAKES 46 HOURS TO GROW, so those bushels will surely be in demand. Now, let's take a look at our rewards. Besides the usual consumables we have a Party Time Duck, a Confetti Magic Tree, a Party Cap Rooster and a Glitterati Horse, none of which would make my BUCKET LIST, maybe, if you're going to give it a name like BUCKET LIST. The last reward should be 100 FVCash...just sayin'
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***** LEADERBOARDS *****

This Wednesday will see an all new set of LEADERBOARD Challenges. This week's LIMITED EDITION CROP CHALLENGE will see us harvesting 6000 Noni Fruit. Noni Fruit is a 23 hour crop and will be in the market at the normal update time roughly 13 hours before the leaderboard begins. Our LOCKED CROP CHALLENGE this week will require us to harvest 300 Diamond Cabbage. Diamond Cabbage is a 12 hour Once Upon A Winter crop. Our CRAFTY CHALLENGE will see us making 12 Dice Build Blocks. Dice Build Blocks is a 2 hour Level 2 Snowy Toy Shop Recipe for which you will need 3 Tangy Turnip (15 hours 54 minutes), 3 Ornamented Apple (4 hours) and 3 Elf Lettuce (Water crop, 9 hours 30 minutes) bushels per recipe.
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***** FARMSTAND *****

This Tuesday will see the start of the Farmville Red Strawberry House Farmstand. 21 days of STRAWBERRY-LICIOUS Rewards. We start out with 3 trees and a BUSH. We have a Tart Tree, Very Berry Tree, Jelly Belly Tree and a Berry Bush. We have a Picnicer Gnome. There's a Strawberry Arch and even a Picnicer Pig. We get an Outgoing Chicken, a Cake Bear, a Strawberry Recliner and a Very Berry Peacock. We have a Jelly Fountain and a Blueberry Sheep. There's a Blueberry Fields Cow, a Jelly Penguin and a Sugar Berry House. Then we get a Picnic Setting, Picnic Van, Berry Deer and finally for the horse breeders, a Berried Unicorn and a Strawberry Pegasus.
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Tart Tree Very Berry Tree Berry Bush Jelly Belly Tree Picnicer Gnome Strawberry Arch
Day 1Tart Tree Day 2Very Berry Tree Day 3
Berry Bush
Day 4Jelly Belly Tree Day 5
Picnicer Gnome
Day 6
Strawberry Arch
Picnicer Pig Outgoing Chicken Cake Bear Strawberry Recliner Very Berry Peacock Jelly Fountain
Day 7
Picnicer Pig
Day 8Outgoing Chicken Day 9Cake Bear Day 10
Strawberry Recliner
Day 11
Very Berry Peacock
Day 12
Jelly Fountain
Blueberry Sheep Blueberry Fields Cow Jelly Penguin Sugar Berry House Picnic Setting Picnic Van
Day 13
Blueberry Sheep
Day 14
Blueberry Fields Cow
Day 15
Jelly Penguin
Day 16
Sugar Berry House
Day 17
Picnic Setting
Day 18
Picnic Van
Berry Deer Berried Unicorn Strawberry Pegasus
Day 19
Berry Deer
Day 20
Berried Unicorn
Day 21
Strawberry Pegasus

Our Daily Delights keep going and going. Collect that Candy Sushi for great consumables and if you don't miss a day you get a bonus reward critter. This week was a red nose sheep, But, have no fear, if you missed this one you probably have dozens of them already, and they can still be won by simply harvesting your Polar Train Station on the Winter Wonderland Farm. Starting tomorrow we'll be collecting the Daily Delights for the SantaCon Party Horse. This was actually a market item from last year and it can be yours for free by collecting that Candy Sushi every day of this coming week. Our final reward for this round of the Daily Delights will be a Glitter Penguin. Now where have we seen this critter before, I know, It was the Winter Wonderland Chapter 6 Quest. It was the reward in Stage 3 of that quest. Then you had to ask your friends for 8 glitter jars, then harvest your popsicle tree once, the popsicle tree was the reward in the previous stage, remember when they did stuff like that? Finally you had to harvest 200 Snow Tulips, but, this week, all you have to do is click on your Candy Sushi for 7 days in a row...easy peasy
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And just as Round 11 of the Daily Delight's expires in just a couple of week's. We can expect Round 12 to start on Monday JAN 2nd of 2017. Our first item is called the Woofson. A dog from the JAN 2015 Super Sleuth Market theme. Next we get a Butterfly Kitsune which is a fox like critter from an APRIL 2016 Kabuki theme that probably went with the Sakura Farm. The Heart Patched Cow is from the Parisian Valentine theme. The Love Struck Cat is from the Crazy Cupid Love theme in 2015. The Kaleidoscope Peacock is also from 2015...from the Kaleidoscope Market Theme. Also from 2015 is the Love Potion Chicken from the Bewitched theme. The Sunset Owl is from the Dark Romance Market theme. The PingXi Bunny is from the PingXi Lantern Festival theme in 2015. The Spring Braid Duck certainly gets around...it's in the new Bob's Berry Update and it was in the March 2016 Cherry Blossom Festival theme. The Posy Baby Elephant, also from 2015. From the Spring Stars theme. The Young Rodeo Sheep from the 2015 Rodeo Market Theme. The Viking Warrior Monkey from the Vikings Market theme. Finally we have a Rocker Pony from the 2015 Rockers Market Theme. This round of Daily Delights all seem to be from early 2015 and they all appear to be past Limited edition Market Items that originally cost FV Cash
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The ever popular Bob’s Berry Farm will soon be updated with a new Spring Theme! Currently coded to release on January 1st, it will be available until February 15th. This time the FarmVille Studio appears to be treating us to a mixture of old and new items, including several decorations. 17 new rewards in all. We have a Bonnet Spring Goat, an Elf of Spring gnome, a creepy Monkey Jacuzzi, a Playful Spring Kitten. There's a Spring Awakening Bear and a Spring Blast Balloon and a Spring Blast Chicken, there's a Summer Braid Duck and a Spring Clean Cow. We have a Spring Fairy Pegasus for the horse breeders and a Spring Flora Tree for the tree farmers and we also have a Spring Flower Deer, there's a Spring Gnome Cottage, a Spring Mother Hen, a Spring Shower Tree, a Spring Whispers Tree and finally a Yellow Spring Horse
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Bob's Berry Farm update jan 2017_thumb[1]

You may want to check your CRAFT SHOP soon, because we are expecting some limited edition items to start on DEC 31st. We will have the chance to craft the Bradford Pear Tree. Which is a level 2 tree that is grown from the Autumn Cherry Tree. Not to be confused with the Bradford Pear Tree 2 from 2013 which is grown from the Sparkling Twilight Willow Tree. We have a Smitten Cow which we first saw in the 2012 Cupid's Garden feature. This was a buildable that we used LOVE ARROWS, CUPID BOWS and PAIRS OF WINGS and it redeemed for items like the SMITTEN STALLION, SMITTEN SHEEP and this item. THE SMITTEN COW. We have a Good Neighbors Fence was last in the game in 2013. We also have a Pink Penguin from 2015. And finally we have the Loving Pegacorn. It was originally released on February 6th, 2013 as a reward for upgrading Tree of Love to final stage.
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It looks like we're back on schedule with our Earned Land Expansions. In just a few hours we will receive the little kid on the Christmas Story who got his tongue stuck on the frozen pole's permission to expand the SNOWFLAKE MEADOW region of the Once Upon a Winter Farm. And all you have to do is reach level 46 of the Once Upon A Winter Farm
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The ICY VEHICLES are here for coins. You can now buy the ICE TRACTOR for 10,000 coins. The ICE HARVESTER for 30,000 coins and the ICE SEEDER for 30,000 coins as well. As far as the images for the new ICE VEHICLES. They appear to look exactly like the Snow Vehicles with the exception of the snowflake above the item. Just like every item that can be placed on the ICE TERRAIN, better late than never at all I guess

Ice Tractor Ice Seeder Ice Harvester

We learned the name of the next new farm earlier this week. We had told you all a few weeks ago that the theme for the new farm would be a HIPPY HIPPY BANG BANG farm. This week we learned the name of the new farm. Our next farm will be bright and colorful and we will call it HIPPIE HILLS, no, just kidding. It's going to be GROOVY HILLS and we expect Early Access on or about JAN 9th of 2017


CONGRATULATIONS! to our WINNERS of last Week's BATTLEGROUND Double Challenge (week ending 12.18.2016). Linda Johnston for the Celebrate The Holidays Challenge and Terry Richkus Thibault for the Holiday Wrappers Challenge. This Week's DOUBLE Challenge is FARMHANDS & ARBORISTS. The reward for the winner of this Challenge will be Papa Dirt Prizes: your choice of ANY Unwither Ring or Double Statue from the Market. If you are not a member of the Battleground Group JOIN TODAY and invite your friends.


***** GROUPS *****

FARMER'S SHOWCASE is an OPEN GROUP where you can show off your farm ONLY Farm Pic posts. Cool, Funny or AWESOME. Show your MAD decorating skills or something unique and funny you see on your farm.


Check out this AMAZING Farm art by Farmer Linda!!

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Get into “The Spirit of Christmas” and check out the wonderful CAUSES and CAMPAIGNS The Dirt Farmer Foundation has shared throughout the years. HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR! Click Here to share with your friends!


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***** PODCAST *****


Here’s the link to this week’s podcast, because don’t you really want to listen to all of it after reading the summary?
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That's all we have right now, remember to always visit Ask the Dirt Farmer for up to date information and help, and enjoy the rest of your week!
Reporting live from the Dirt Farmer Studio in beautiful downtown Farmville, Dirt Farmers Michele and Karen

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