Dirt Farmer LIVE! Show Summary December 18, 2016

Did you miss the show this week because real life interfered with all your FarmVille fun?  Don’t you hate it when that happens?  Well, don’t worry, we have the a complete summary of everything that you’d ever want to know about FarmVille, Zynga and Facebook as it relates to FarmVille compressed into one hour of the funniest podcast summary that you would ever want to read!  You can also listen to the podcast as you read  our summary. We also have all sorts of bonus features and information included for you in our show summary.  Please share with your friends, you know you want to!

 Here’s a wonderful interpretation of The 12 Days of Farmville Christmas
sung by Barry West, the bard of FarmVille, with lyrics by Papa Dirt himself.

Hopefully you stayed up on your Daily Delights this week and you are well on your way to earning that Pierre The Giraffe.  You may remember him from the DISCOVER CARD Quest way back in late 2012.  Next week we get a chance to earn a Red Nose Sheep.  You may remember this reward from your Polar Train Station on the Winter Wonderland Farm.  The week starting DEC 26 we get a shot at last year's SantaCon Party Horse, which was a Market Item in December of 2015.


With the NEW Once Upon A Winter ICY TARN Region, we have also NEW ITEMS FOR COINS available in the market. Buy a cool Starry Fox, a Cozy Sweater Horse, a beautiful Aurora Ice Tree, a Sow Playtime, Icicle Picket Fences and Mistletoe Haybales for only 10,000 coins each! Remember that items that have a "star halo" can only be placed in the ICY TARN Region.


The Once Upon a Winter BEAT Feature is now LIVE, even though I am sure many players have already met all the requirements.  We still had to wait for the event to be activated before we can reap the rewards from BEATING the new farm.  In order to BEAT the SNOT outta the new farm you will need to Master all 36 Crops to 3-star status.  Then you will need to Make all 15 animals in the Frosty Grange, yes, That is the much dreaded self contained crafting, and the reason why some players simply BUY the shipping license.  We also need to Improve the Snowy Toy Shop to level 5, Which is fairly easy.  Finally you will need to Expand Noel’s Castle through level 10, also very easy.  Once you have completed all 4 of these tasks you will get your BEAT TROPHY and your Shipping License for the Once Upon a Winter Farm


This Tuesday we see the start of a brand SPANKIN' new Countdown.  The Christmas Lights Countdown will start on DEC 20th and run until JAN 10th with 16 days of prizes as well as a bonus rewards.  Rewards include the following: We have a Candy Porcupine, I'll bet he's STICKY!  On day 2 we get a Bright Tails Tree, then we have a Polar Gift Master that's really just a polar bear, and a sled.  There’s a Gifting Seal.  There is a Winter Bird House deco and a Winter Fox.  The Goblin Kid reward looks like a grinch gnome, it's just plain creepy.  Candy Cane Street Lamps are a cool deco for any winter farm.  We have 2 more trees:  There's a Santa Hat Tree and a Boon Fairy Tree, not really sure what a BOON FAIRY is though. There is a Christmas Star Fountain deco and a set of a snow people called the Christmas Snow Couple.  More decos for your Christmas farms include a Santa Gift Pile and then we get a King Lemur to throw in an animal pen and completely forget about.  Next we get a Christmas Reindeer for our Reindeer collection and finally there is an Ice Skating Penguin.  If you are able to collect all  16 of these rewards in the time allowed you will receive a Missy Christmas Unicorn

Candy Porcupine Bright Tails Tree Polar Gift Master Gifting Seal
Winter Bird House Winter Fox Goblin Kid Candy Cane Street Lamps
Santa Hat Tree Boon Fairy Tree Christmas Star Fountain Xmas Snow Couple
Santa Gift Pile King Lemur Xmas Reindeer Ice Skating Penguin



I want to add something to this story.  I actually refused to type out the real name for 3 of the rewards to this countdown.  The CHRISTMAS SNOW COUPLE...CHRISTMAS REINDEER and MISSY CHRISTMAS UNICORN are actually named and coded in the game as XMAS Snow Couple...XMAS Reindeer and Missy XMAS Unicorn...I'm not really sure how you all feel about the use of XMAS in place of CHRISTMAS but personally I find it truly offensive and I would hope that the FV studio decides not to continue this policy in the future!


We have some good news for players.  ICY TARN will soon have it's own coin vehicles.  We'll let you know when they release.


We are also able to report that the Mystery Babies will soon be updated.  We are expecting FarmVille Mystery Babies to be updated with all new contents, immediately after the first of the year, 2017. This round will last until December 31, 2017 so you will have plenty of time to collect all you wish.  Now, what do we mean by Mystery Babies? As many of you may already know...When you harvest your own pens, you will always get a clone or copy of an animal inside that pen.  The only way to obtain these random mystery babies is to collect babies from your friends on the feed, so please consider posting the babies as you harvest your pens. There will likely be a very high demand for them, I’m sure that everyone is going to be excited to collect all that they can. Remember that the feed tab at the top of the game is an excellent way to collect these babies as well..  We currently have 199 new mystery animals that seem to be spread across various seasons of 2017.  We suggest that you all check out our post for more details


It does look like this week's Community Goals Challenge of collecting 200,000 Expansion will be met.  It was standing at 96% just a few hours ago.  That means we can expect to see all the rewards from this past week.  It does appear that this will be the last set of Community Goals for the current Once Upon a Winter Farm.  If the FV Studio changes their mind and decides to code a new one in the next few hours, we will be sure to let you you know.  But, As it appears right now, we probably will not see another Community Goal until the next new farm. The HIPPIE HIPPIE BANG BANG Farm


It seems we had a very rare MID WEEK Earned Land Expansion.  We usually get these on Monday mornings at 12AM,  Or, Sunday night at midnight depending on your perspective.  But this Thursday, Locke's drunk uncle Larry got into the Christmas Rum early and granted consent to release the FAIRY FARM expansion of the new Farm.  You will still need to meet all the requirements, Upgrade Noel's Castle to Level 3, Unwrap 10 Mystery Presents in the Wishmakers Post Office, And Reach Once Upon A Winter Level 33.  We already know the importance of this plot.  It holds the second deco you need to harvest in order to complete the SISTERS of JOY feature.  The Fun Frolic Rink will harvest for Shiny Ornaments.  We do have a second earned land expansion at the usual time this week.  In just a few short hours from now, The Abominable Snowman that tried to eat Rudolph will grant his consent to unlock The SNOWY FIELDS expansion.  This plot contains the final deco required to collect for the SISTERS of JOY feature.  In this plot you will get the WINTER MANOR that harvests for Mistletoe Ribbon.  Requirements for this expansion include Upgrade Noel's Castle to Level 4, Unwrap 15 Mystery Presents in Wishmaker's Post Office, and Reach Once Upon A Winter Level 42.

***What’s Hump Day Without Leaderboards?***

Once again this Wednesday we will get a brand new set of Leaderboard Challenges.  The leaderboards are a great way to earn Insta-Grows, Un-Withers and Super Fertilizers.  This week's LIMITED EDITION CROP CHALLENGE will require us to harvest 6000 Layer Flowers.  This is a 12 hour crop that can be planted on any farm, and it should be in the market at the regular update time roughly 13 hours before the re-set of the leaderboards.  Our LOCKED CROP CHALLENGE will see us harvesting 300 Snowball Sprouts, Snowball Sprouts are a 12 hour Once Upon a Winter crop.  This week's CRAFTY CHALLENGE will see us making 12 Grandpa Tops.  Grandpas Top is a 2 hour Level 2 Snowy Toy Shop Recipe for which you will need 3 Christmas Grapes (6 hours), 3 Holiday Bell Flower (Water crop, 17 hours 54 minutes) and 3 Peppermint Flower (Water crop, 12 hours) bushels per recipe. 


Image may contain: 1 person, text

 CONGRATULATIONS!!! to our WINNER of last Week's BATTLEGROUND Holiday Trees Challenge (week ending 12.11.2016) Kerstin Hofmann-Kern. This Week's DOUBLE Challenge is CELEBRATE THE HOLIDAYS & HOLIDAY WRAPPERS. The rewards for the winners of these Challenges will be Papa Dirt Prizes: your choice of ANY Unwither Ring or Double Statue from the Market. If you are not a member of the Battleground Group JOIN TODAY and invite your friends.

It seems that a lot of players got a wee bit of a shock from Facebook this week.  When trying to log on to the social media platform many of you got a notice that your account was temporarily locked.  This seems to be nothing more than an automated PUSH intended to force you to change your password.  Which you should do every few months.  Fear not, simply change that password and get back into Facebook.


Just as we predicted last week, we got our third and final Gifting Event from Farmville for the new Once Upon a Winter Farm.  Send a Holiday Elf Unicorn to your friends and receive in return an exclusive Twinkly Nose Horse that will look so cute on your Once Upon A Winter Farm!


We saw a nasty array of issues this week on the farm.  Many Players reported mid-week posting issues and a large number of players do not have access to the North Pole Toy Works due to the missing RIGHT SIDE icon for that feature.  Hopefully your week on the farm was uneventful and stress free.  But, in case these issues affected you, you were not alone in your plight and strife.


Hello Farmers! IF your favorite Farmville Farm is HOME you won't want to miss the HOME FARM SURVEY DECEMBER 2016. Here are some of the questions you will be able to answer:
1. Do you enjoy playing on the Home Farm?
2. Pick top THREE activities that you enjoy the most on your Home Farm
Planting and Harvesting
Organizing your Animal Pens
Working on Breeding Stations
Voting Events
3. Would you like to see new features exclusively designed for your Home Farm?
4. What do you like about your Home Farm?


HO HO HO...OH NO!!! It's already time to jump into Chapter 6 of the Once Upon a Winter Farm.  With the recent expansion of the ICY TARN, we cannot say for sure how long this current farm will run.  At this point we may suspect that it may go longer than 8 weeks but we have no definite confirmation.  We do know that week 6 starts in just a few short hours with 6 stages and a one week duration.  Craft 3 Animal Trains and 3 Handmade Carousels in the Snowy Toy Shop in order to get that much needed JUMP on the crafting aspect of this quest.  Be sure to plant some Tangy Turnips and Gift Watermelons and save some of those bushels.  They take 16 hours to grow.  Also make some room for Patterned Corn Bushels because they take 18 hours to grow.  REWARDS: Winter Lover Gnomette...the Wild Snow Bunny looks like something out of STAR TREK...we have a Northern Lights Leopard...and a Snowmane Lion...We also have a Snowglow Deer and a Winter Ready Pegasus

Winter Lover Gnomette Wild Snow Bunny Northern Lights Leopard Snowmane Lion Snowglow Deer Winter Ready Pegasus
Winter Lover Gnomette Wild Snow Bunny Northern Lights Leopard Snowmane Lion Snowglow Deer Winter Ready Pegasus


Thursday DEC 22nd will see the start of the new Farmville New Year's Party Quest.  As usual it will have 9 stages and run for 2 weeks until JAN 5th.  Be sure to check out the HOT CROP Cheat Sheet in order to be able to plant those bushels that your neighbors will need for this quest.  The BIG'UNS for this quest will be the IRIS, LILY, PEPPERMINT,LICORICE PLANT AND ZINFANDEL CROPS that take 23 hours to harvest. The HORNY PARTS FLOWER is our new limited edition crop for this quest and it will be needed in stages 2 and 4.  Besides the usual consumables we are awarded for every ALL FARMS Quest we will see 4 unique rewards.  We have a New Year Wisher Gnome, a 2017 Party Light Cow, a Ribbon Wrapped Horse and a Party Horn Pegacorn


Dirt Farmer Showcase and Ask Admin Katy Ward shows us how to decorate on the Icy Tarn section of FarmVille’s Once Upon A Winter Farm with help from fellow Showcase members.


FARMER'S SHOWCASE is an OPEN GROUP where you can show off your farm
ONLY Farm Pic posts. Cool, Funny or AWESOME. Show your MAD decorating skills or something unique and funny you see on your farm.
Click Here to join!

Submitted by our Dirt  Farmer Showcase Admin Mary Beth


The Dirt Farmer Foundation CAUSE it’s DECEMBER is The Marine Toys for Tots Foundation. Help our HEROES collect new, unwrapped toys so they can distribute them as Christmas gifts to less fortunate children. JOIN us and SUPPORT this wonderful Cause and please share with your friends.

***Remember Our Troops this Holiday Season***

With many service members and veterans separated from their families this holiday season, The Dirt Farmer Foundation invites you to show our troops how much you care and send a care package or a message of gratitude and support, wishing all our HEROES a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Please Share.

This Christmas, help The Salvation Army change lives in your community.


Here’s the link to this week’s podcast, because don’t you really want to listen to all of it after reading the summary?

We all know that playing Farmville isn't getting any easier these days. Whether Farmville is throttling  access to your friends or the  Facebook newsfeed is hiding them from you it's hard to find help links on the newsfeed.  Add that to the fact that a lot of fellow players have quit and it becomes very challenging to  find help.  That's why you should join one or all of the Dirt Farmers SHARE Groups. Mam-Maw's Trading Post, Quest Help and More, The VOTE HELP Group and GOT SHEEP are link sharing groups where you can find neat items and even get help with common FV activities.  We also have several helpful groups such as The Dirt Farmer, Farmville News Network and others! Be sure to ASK to JOIN today and please tell your FV friends about these helpful resources.

In the meantime, we hope you will visit our website as often as possible.  Your support and your clicks on that website is what enables us to provide our services to all the players. Share those posts from our Facebook page so we can reach even more players, so we can help them manage their game and stay in the game. Without YOUR support there is no Dirt Farmer.  Thanks to each and every one of you!



Desert Rose

That's all we have right now, remember to always visit Ask the Dirt Farmer for up to date information and help, and enjoy the rest of your week!

Reporting live from the Dirt Farmer Studio in beautiful downtown Farmville, Dirt Farmers Michele and Karen

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