The Dirt Farmer's Poll Of The Week - November 11,2016

 The Dirt Farmer wants to know.... Will YOU be buying EARLY ACCESS to FarmVille Once Upon A Winter. Welcome to our newly revamped POLL OF THE WEEK. Now hosted right here on! Remember the FarmVille Studio does keep an eye on our site and groups... so this is a perfect way to have your voice heard. Vote and leave us a comment as to why you will or will not be purchasing, and please do share....

The Dirt Farmer wants to know... Will you be purchasing Early Access to FarmVille Once Upon A Winter?

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  1. I can't get on my farm so even if I wanted to buy early access I couldn't. :(

  2. Too much crashing and freezing - makes me want to stop playing.Everyone is having problems and yet Zynga still won't get things fixed so FV can be more enjoyable.They just keep rolling out more farms

  3. Joy. Another Christmas farm. *twirls finger*


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