There are 5 new Limited edition special crafts now in your craftshop! These special will end on December 31st, 2016. While none of these items are new, it gives you a chance to get more of something you may already have or something you may have missed. This time around we will have the following recipes available to craft: Aurora Fence, Ice Maiden Dream Deer, Sledding Chicken, Winter Spell Tree, and the Winter White Pegacorn. Please share with your friends!


Aurora Fence Crimini Mushroom Bushel Clover Bushel Parsnip Bushel 24 Hours
Aurora Fence 15-Crimini Mushroom Bushel 15-Clover Bushel 15-Parsnip Bushel 45 Bushels Needed
Ice Maiden Dream Deer Ghost Chili Bushel Peanut Bushel Jamaican Choco Pepper Bushel 24 Hours
Ice Maiden Dream Deer 15-Ghost Chili Bushel 15-Peanut Bushel 15-Jamaican Choco Pepper Bushel 45 Bushels Needed
Sledding Chicken Saffron Bushel White Grape Bushel Lentil Bushel 24 Hours
Sledding Chicken 15-Saffron Bushel
15-White Grape Bushel
15-Lentil Bushel 45 Bushels Needed
Winter Spell Tree Blackberry Bushel Lemon Balm Bushel Yerba Mate 24 Hours
Winter Spell Tree 15-Blackberry Bushel 15-Lemon Balm Bushel 15-Yerba Mate Bushel 45 Bushels Needed
Winter White Pegacorn Apollo Aster Bushel White Garlic Bushel Sapodilla Bushel 24 Hours
Winter White Pegacorn 15-Apollo Aster Bushel 15-White Garlic Bushel 15-Sapodilla Bushel 45 Bushels Needed

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