I Got 401 Problems and Facebook is ALL of Them


Many Farmers may have noticed that you are once again being asked to CONFIRM a gift request you are accenting from a long time Friend. We say “once again” because we all click the POP UP that clearly says “Don’t ask again before sending requests to [persons name] from this app
It seems we go through this every few months. This time it does seem to be affecting a lot of Players but, at this time, we cannot confirm that is is universal.
We do know that it is not just affecting Farmville. It’s not limited to Zynga games either. We can confirm that it is being seen on all Facebook games that offer this feature for sending and receiving gifts.
As for Farmville…We usually see 401 Gifts on our Gift Envelope. So that’s why I titled this post my 401 problems.
Apparently Facebook did a total sweep of all or at least a majority of it’s users…In the past this would have disconnected your ability to share with Friends and Neighbors for up to 48 hours.
Thankfully…after months of nagging from The Dirt Farmer…The Farmville Studio removed the “Friend Requirement” from the game. Thanks to this one small change we saw very little disruption from this Facebook Sweep. That is, besides having to make a few extra clicks while receiving gifts for the next few days.
We do know this “sweep” may not have hit you yet…But, like most Facebook “upgrades” they tend to hit in waves. So, even if you haven’t had this happen to you yet…You soon will.

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  1. My farms (many) all disappeared a few days ago. Nothing has helped get them back. Any suggestions?

  2. Hey! You're not alone. My farms too vanished!


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