FarmVille VIP Membership UPGRADES 2016

Just over two years ago, the FarmVille Studio launched the VIP subscription program, offering a monthly recurring charge for a 50% discount on Farm Cash, with increasing benefits by duration of membership. Last year, they introduced additional benefits for diamond tier members Today a revised version of the program was launched, upgrading the benefits for all tiers at no additional cost. Your Dirt Farmer team has found some images that will help you determine what to expect. Check out the details below and please do share....

If you are not yet a VIP member, and would like to be the program is still available to join.

It appears that the two weeks free trial is still available for new subscribers.

If you opt to subscribe, you will be able to jump to silver tier in just two weeks , with your first paid month instead of waiting another full month for the first renewal.

If you are a former VIP member, the studio is running a special offer that will allow you to regain your former tier with no waiting if you rejoin.

This is a limited time offer, and will only be available through November 7, 2016

So instead of beginning again with bronze, if you were Diamond before, you can rejoin at diamond again. 

Now for a look at the upgraded benefits - in addition to the weekly farm cash drop and additional bushel storage that you are used to they include....

Weekly VIP only Sales, , VIP enhanced customer support, The ability to get bushels from friends faster.

Let's break that down , by level.

Please note, the vehicle upgrades referenced in the below images have been pulled on player request. This is the current package. 

Level Name Benefit Package

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  1. They should still offer the vehicle upgrade AS A CHOICE - as in, if I want the 5x5 combine, I can click something but if I do not then I can click "Do not show again" and opt out of the upgrade; I'd even be happy if all our vehicles could be upgraded to 5x5 with Vehicle Parts (Which again allows the choice - if I want a 5x5 combine on Savannah I CHOOSE to upgrade it - but if I do NOT want it on Jade (Where it would be useless due to the layout) then I do not upgrade it. I have my current Jade combine at 3x4 because it fits the long narrow shape of the plantable areas.

  2. how do I unsubscribe the vip membership

  3. how do I unsubscribe the vip membership in farmville


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