FarmVille Once Upon A Winter Farm Animals

#Farmville will soon be releasing a brand new Winter expansion called Once Upon A Winter .  And as with every new farm expansion, Once Upon A Winter will have its own unique animals fitting the theme of this Winter farm.  Check out the Dirt Farmer post for a sneak peek at the images we have found and please don’t forget to share it with your friends if you find it helpful.

For more information related to Farmville Once Upon A Winter , check out The Dirt Farmer’s Once Upon A Winter  Complete Guide.

Please note that the invisible images will turn visible once the second region of Once Upon a Winter Farm becomes available.

Furry Baby Seal
Holiday Greetings Bear
Elf Bear
Excited Polar Bear
Ice Back Polar Bear
Polar Tiger
Frost Wing Lion
Holiday Ready Leopard
Leopard Cub
Misty Lion
Snow Streak Wild Cat
Snow Tiger
Ice Diamond Owl
Icy Bird
Pinecone Owl
Winter Owl
Gift Carrier Bison
Playful Kitty
Caroling Husky
Ice Paw Dog
Jumper Dog
Winter Fluffer Dog
Snowflake Dolphin
Snowflake Fish
Shard Dragon
Snow Dragon
Snow Ice Dragon
Rein Duck
Skiing Duck
Winter Mamma Duck
Wreath Duck
Gift Elephant
Gingerbread Elephant
Blooue Fox
Ice Burst Fox
Snow Tail Fox
Elf Baby Mammoth
Gingerbread Koala
Shard Seapony
Sir Meerkat
Snow Griffin
Celebratory Giraffe
Gentleman Goose
Big Foot Gorilla
Yeti Gorilla
Jolly Moose
Christmas Sea Otter
Baker Panda
Flake Peacock
Winter Peacock
Cloaked Penguin
Gingerbread Penguin
Hot Choco Penguin
Slavic Priest Penguin
Uggy Pig
Arctic Christmas Hare
Elven Rabbit
Snow Fairy Hare
Caroling Rooster
Eskimo Seal
Night Sky Christmas Seal
Chilly Ram
Frost Wing Dall Sheep
Snowy Swan
Christmas Beanie Turtle
Giftbox Turtle
Glowing Lights Turtle
Ski Turtle
Snow Globe Turtle
Star Light Turtle
Noel Walrus
Gifting Whale
Spikey Whale
Spotted Narwhal
Antler Wolf
Arctic Stag Wolf
Fluffy Wolf
Winter Warmth Wolf

Cows and Calves
Frost Sigil Cow
Frost Sigil Calf
Peppermint Cow
Peppermint Calf
Elf Yak
Elf Yak Calf
Jolly Yak
Jolly Yak Calf

Chicken and Eggs
Caroller Chicken
Caroller Egg
Warm Chicken
Warm Egg

Magic Deer and Fawns
Antler Deer
Antler Fawn
Caped Deer
Caped Fawn
Christmas Bells Reindeer
Christmas Bells Reindeer Fawn
Elf Reindeer
Elf Reindeer Fawn
Fluffy Glow Deer
Fluffy Glow Fawn
Ice Soul Deer
Ice Soul Fawn
Jingle Bell Deer
Jingle Bell Fawn
Mistletoe Deer
Mistletoe Fawn
Snowflake Gazelle
Snowflake Gazelle Fawn
Winter Bringer Deer
Winter Bringer Fawn
Winter Hood Deer
Winter Hood Fawn

Horse and Foals
Celebratory Horse
Celebratory Foal
Christmas Traveller Horse
Christmas Traveller Foal
Glitter Snow Horse
Glitter Snow Foal
Icy Horse
Icy Foal
Power Horse
Power Foal
Snow Queen’s Horse
Snow Queen’s Foal
Winter Gift Horse
Winter Gift Foal
Winter Spirit Horse
Winter Spirit Foal
Winter Wise Horse
Winter Wise Foal

Pegacorn and Foals
Crystal Winged Pegacorn
Crystal Winged Pegacorn Foal
Fairy Holiday Pegacorn
Fairy Holiday Pegacorn Foal
Frozen Queen Pegacorn
Frozen Queen Pegacorn Foal
Royal Pegacorn
Royal Pegacorn Foal
Snowflake Pegacorn
Snowflake Pegacorn Foal
Winter Solstice Pegacorn
Winter Solstice Pegacorn Foal

Pegasi and Foals
Candycane Pegasus
Candycane Pegasus Foal
Candy Stripe Pegasus
Candy Stripe Pegasus Foal
Frost Fruit Pegasus
Frost Fruit Pegasus Foal
Holiday Angel Pegasus
Holiday Angel Pegasus Foal
Ice Dragon Pegasus
Ice Dragon Pegasus Foal
Winter Scarf Pegasus
Winter Scarf Pegasus Foal

Ponies and Foals
Elven Pony
Elven Pony Foal
Hairy Pony
Hairy Pony Foal

Unicorns and Foals
Crystal Horn Unicorn
Crystal Horn Unicorn Foal
Gift Bearing Unicorn
Gift Bearing Unicorn Foal
Icicle Unicorn
Icicle Unicorn Foal
Tailed Unicorn
Tailed Unicorn Foal

That's all we have for now... Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest FarmVille news and info...

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