Dirt Farmer LIVE! Show Summary November 20, 2016

Did you miss the show this week because real life interfered with all your FarmVille fun?  Don’t you hate it when that happens?  Well, don’t worry, we have the a complete summary of everything that you’d ever want to know about FarmVille, Zynga and Facebook as it relates to FarmVille compressed into one hour of the funniest podcast summary that you would ever want to read!  You can also listen to the podcast as you read  our summary. We also have all sorts of bonus features and information included for you in our show summary.  Please share with your friends, you know you want to!

Here’s the link to this week’s podcast, because don’t you really want to listen to all of it while reading the summary?
Click here for an hour of entertaining farmville news!


 For our listening pleasure, Barry West, the Bard of FarmVille and a special Dirt Farmer friend, has provided us with his latest Farmville treasure.  “Snowflakes Keep Falling on My Head”  sung to the music of “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head”   We’d like to thank Barry and Mz. Wizard for providing us with this song! (one of the things this reporter looks forward to with every new farm release!)

For our complete guide to all of Barry’s songs, please click here


Once Upon a Winter went LIVE! this past Monday at about midnight, but, THEY FOOLED YOU!!!.  There was a premature pop up for the new farm but it was an error, the new farm did however go live, FOR REAL, just after 3am Eastern Time here on the east coast.  We expect GENERAL ACCESS, also known by some as FREE ACCESS to start in just a few hours.  In case you had not yet heard, this will be a 2 part farm.  This first half of ONCE UPON A WINTER is called SNOWYVILLE, and the second half THE ICEY TARN will be available to Early Access buyers on December the 5th, with free access a week later.  You can find the Wishmaker's Post Office and Noel's Castle right over the LANDING for the new farm.  For those of you who always craft the 5-pack of the Un-Wither Ring thingy part, you will be surprised to find that not one, but two of the bushels needed are water crops...soooo, you better start planting as soon as you land.  Both the single and the 3-pack of the Season's Greetings only require land crops, so, it may actually be better to go 3-pack if you have limited water crop space.  Be sure to check out the Dirt Farmer's Complete Guide to ONCE UPON A WINTER on our website...farmvilledirt.com...you're here right now


The Daily Delights keep moving along, With or Without You (incidentally, one of this reporter’s all time favorite songs by her favorite group U2!).  This week is slowly coming to a close, so collect all those CANDY SUSHI to get your GOAT.  An Angora Goat.  Starting Monday we will be collecting those Candy Sushi for a Pretty Holstein Cow, not to be confused with our old ugly Holstein cow!  You can also get your hands on Fuel, Un-Withers and Insta-Grows.


As with each new farm, Farmville Once Upon A Winter brings with it numerous NEW ITEMS FOR COINS.
Here’s the pictorial list for this farm, and check out our Almanac link for the lists for all farms.


As usual, we saw Locke playing the first few days of the new farm, and posting and sharing Dirt Farmer articles to help players.  When he does this he always finds a way to stir up trouble.  As many of you may have seen this week when he asked you all if you would want to see the TREASURE PARTS in Free Gifts prior to the launch of the new farm.  We have seen the Farmville Studio GLITCH the treasure parts, some time ago, many many many past farms ago.  The San Francisco studio made it so that you could only collect those gifts from your friends if BOTH of you were on the same farm, not a good idea. You would send out a thousand gift requests just to get 2 or 3 parts.  The Dirt Farmer exposed this practice and it was corrected.  We even saw the FV Studio forget to put the treasure parts in the free gifts once.  Which caused all kinds of problems.  No one could get more than 10 of each part per day.  Very,  very bad.  Now, what we're proposing is this:  Just like the bushels are in the bushel swap prior to the new farm going live on Monday...Put the parts in the Free Gifts on Friday.  Help us get ready for the new farm...Build up anticipation for the new farm...We want to know if you think this is a good idea.  Please click on the link below to comment.


The ICEY TARN region of the ONCE UPON A WINTER Farm is giving us an unexpected TWIST to our EARNED LAND EXPANSIONS.  Our first freebie expansion will be directly to the right of the landing area, while our second will be a water square.  THEN, and here's the twist, the third will be on the ICEY TARN, which we cannot see until DEC 5th.  Our 4th square will also be on the ICEY TARN.  We will get another Snowyville Expansion as our 5th earned square, 6 and 7 will also be Snowyville land with the 8th being Snowyville water and the 9th being back on the Icey Tarn.  Confused yet?  Here’s a map, we really don’t know where parts 3 , 4 and 9 are yet, but we will let you know as soon as we find out.


This past Wednesday saw our traditional 40% Off Farm cash Sale. For about 24 hours, starting mid day on Wednesday, Any Game Cards redeemed or credit card purchases of FV MOOLAH earned you an additional 40%.  The Dirt Farmer posted a poll to see approximately how many were taking advantage of this sale, 47 % say they would be buying FVCash.  While 41% say they would not.  Another 11% just couldn't decide.  The sale isn't as exciting to as many players as it once was.  Mainly due to the new VIP Subscriptions.  Buying FV Cash on any day gets you 55FV$ for $10.  During the sale you get 77FV$ for $10.  But, if you're on the VIP program you get 120 FV$ every month for only $10, plus an array of extra perks.


Speaking of the TREASURES, we have a list of all the hidden prizes you can earn on the Once Upon A Winter farm, there are a total of 34.  We have a Candy Postbox as an addition to your mailbox collection.  There's Gift Balloon for your balloon collection and even a Holiday Arch for your arch collection.  Oh, boy, I'm gonna need more shovels to expand my storage.  We have a Shard Dragon and a Gift Carrier Bison.  There's an Elf Baby Mammoth that was probably left over from Caveman Club.  We have a Glitter Snow Horse,  a Hairy Pony and a Winter Solstice Pegacorn just to name a few.  For the complete list you can check out our post in our complete guide.

Shard Dragon
Gift Carrier Bison
Elf Baby Mammoth
Glitter Snow Horse
Hairy Pony
Winter Solstice Pegacorn


We did see at least one annoying glitch with this new farm.  A lot of Farmers were reporting getting thrown OUT of SYNC...or...as we call call it WHOA FARMER'd,  when they tried to harvest their Snowy Pasture.  And breed their ELF YAK.  We were aware of this glitch very early Tuesday morning and it was soon corrected.  We also saw that Players were having a problem collecting parts for the MAIN BUILDABLE.  This too was reported to the studio and corrected.  We can report more good news.  The Un-Wither Ring is now working properly for both the land and water plots.


CONGRATULATIONS!!! to our WINNER of last Week's BATTLEGROUND Striped Candies Challenge (week ending 11.13.2016) Doreen Stevens. This Week's NEW Challenge is ONCE UPON A WINTER BUSHELS. The reward for the winner of this Challenge will be a Papa Dirt Prize: your choice of ANY Unwither Ring or Double Statue from the Market. If you are not a member of the Battleground Group JOIN TODAY and invite your friends.


Thursday saw another GHOST NEIGHBOR sweep by Farmville.  This time we got the addition of a tab that is capable of clearing the ghost neighbors on command.  But, many players noticed that active and very close friends and neighbors were on this list, people that we wouldn’t want to remove from the game.  There seemed to be issues with the new tab and it was quickly rolled back the same day.  I'm sure the FV Studio is working on getting it right and we may see it very very soon.  We will be taking a closer look at this in the near future.  Once it's been released again.

*****VOTE EVENT*****

This coming Wednesday we will see the start of a new VOTE EVENT.  The Farmville Circus Vs. Theater Voting Event will tell us if we LOVE the circus, or if  we just like to act up.  We have 12 stages and a chance to earn 24 new prizes.  We have a Circus Clown Tree or a Theater Mask Tree of comedy and tragedy.  There's a Lemur Tightrope Walker or a Lemur Actor.  A Squirrels Trapeze or a Squirrels Romeo Juliet play set.  oh, what NUT shines through yonder window?  There's a Lion Tamer Panda or a Knight Panda, is that left over from Avalon???  There's a Tiger Fire Loop or a Theater Puppet Tiger leftover from Toy Town.  We have an Exotic Dancer Penguin or a Theater Ballet Penguin.  There's a Fire Juggler Monkey or a Theater Musical Monkey.  We have a Magician Bear or a MIME BEAR...wait...I've never seen a magician at a circus...wassup?  The Coloured Afro Duck is a clown duck,  or you can get a Theater Play Duck holding a sword with a 1940's hairdoo.  I have no idea what they were going for there. There's a Circus Dog Gymnast or a Mob Drama Dog that escaped from Mafia Wars,  We have 2 more monkeys, oh, joy!  You can choose between a Fire Play Chimp or a Fisher Drama Chimp, which I think was supposed to be a reference to the fisher king, but it's really a fisherman, or fisher monkey.  Maybe he uses banana's for bait, maybe he'll catch MONK fish...or MONKeee fish.  Finally, we get to choose between a Ring Mistress Pegasus or a Protagonist Pegasus.

Ring Mistress Pegasus Protagonist Pegasus

This next Wednesday will once again see a new set of LEADERBOARD Challenges.  The Leaderboards are a quick and easy way to earn Insta-Grows, Un-Withers and Super Fertilizers.  Our LIMITED EDITION CROP Challenge will require us to harvest 6000 Spiny Gourd Kakruls.  This is a 23 hour crop and will be in the market at the normal update time roughly 13 hours before the leaderboard begins.  Our LOCKED FARM CROP Challenge will have us harvest 300 Icy Tulips on the new ONCE UPON A WINTER Farm.  This is a quick and easy 4 hour crop.  For our CRAFTY Challenge we will need to Make 12 Toy Treehouses in Once Upon A Winter.  Toy Treehouse is a 2 hour Level 1 Snowy Toy Shop Recipe for which you will need 3 Neon Starfruit, 3 Elf Lettuce and 3 Celebratory Tomatoes bushels per recipe.

Spiny Gourd Kakrul Icy Tulips Toy Treehouse


Oh, No! It looks like we will need to collect 8 Million Seasons Greetings in the  Wishmakers Post Office.  That's our COMMUNITY GOAL requirement for next week.  But, fear not, intrepid farmers.  You will only need 140 in order to qualify for the Fuel, Super Fertilizers, Turbos, Un-Withers and the grand prize, Free Fuel for 3 days on the new Once Upon a Winter Farm.

We have a new Earned Land Expansion opening up on Carnival de los Muertos.  The HELL'S HOLLOW Square can be yours once you get the GREAT PUMPKINS consent.  Upgrade Carousel of Souls to Level 9, Unwrap 30 Mystery Presents in the Ferris Wheel Silo, and reach Carnival De Los Muertos Level 69
For our complete guide to Carnival de los Muertos, click here



The Carnival De Los Muertos Farm No Biz Like Showbiz Chapter 9 Quest started with very little warning this past Friday.  Yes, this is our MONTH LONG 12 Stage RE-VISIT Quest for the Carnival de los Muertos Farm.  We hope you didn't throw out all of your spooky bushels in case you want to do this quest.  COTTON CANDY (Water Crop), DATURA SEED POD AND TOXIC PUMPKIN BUSHELS TAKE 23 HOURS TO GROW.  You will need to make 26 BREWING WAGON recipes in total for this quest.  The total number of plots needed to plant and harvest for this quest total 8700 without SMART CREDIT...and 870 with that much needed short cut.
Now, let's see if the rewards are worth the effort:  We have a spooky Rocking Ghoul, a freaky Skull Flame.  There’s a Flying Skull Cave, but I don't see any flying skulls.  There is a Dead Set Bull and a Bone Matador Monkey, we have a Dead Mutt Dog and a Scarlett Beast tiger-bird-horned thingy.  We have a Man Plant Gnomette, which is just odd.  There is a pink haired Gnomette Spinx and a Soul Goblin Dog. YIKES!!!!!!  There is a Roach Horse, yes, it's really a cockroach horse.  Finally we have a Pink Pumpkin Unicorn.  It's PINK, and it has a pumpkin tramp stamp.  We really cannot make this crap up, but Farmville did, and for that we THANK THEM!

Rocking Ghoul Skull Flame Flying Skull Cave Dead Set Bull Bone Matador Monkey Dead Mutt
Rocking Ghoul Skull Flame Flying Skull Cave Dead Set Bull Bone Matador Monkey Dead Mutt
Scarlett Beast Man Plant Gnomette Gnomette Spinx Soul Goblin Dog Roach Horse Pink Pumpkin Unicorn
Scarlett Beast Man Plant Gnomette Gnomette Spinx Soul Goblin Dog Roach Horse Pink Pumpkin Unicorn

Not everyone went into Early Access.  WE will all have access to the CHAPTER 2 Quest of Once Upon a Winter.  This week long quest will start sometime tomorrow with it's 6 stages.  If you can, get a jump on that crafting by making 3 Animal Trains and 3 Toy Jacks and Balls in the Snowy Toy Shop.  This will get you through the first 2 stages of the quest.  YOU WILL NEED A 2 STAR SNOWY TOY SHOP IN ORDER TO COMPLETE THIS QUEST.  Plant ahead for those crafting bushels, BUSH FLOWER, TANGY TURNIP AND ICY CARROT BUSHELS WILL TAKE 16 HOURS TO GROW.  Our rewards include a Great Ice Shark, and a Winter Winged Cat.  We have an Ice Core Elephant and a Winter Rooster Wolf.  We can also earn an Ice Fire Bear and an Ice Mane Horse.

Great Ice Shark Winter Winged Cat Ice Core Elepthant Winter Rooster Wolf Ice Fire Bear Ice Mane Horse
Great Ice Shark Winter Winged Cat Ice Core Elepthant Winter Rooster Wolf Ice Fire Bear Ice Mane Horse



This week's new ALL FARMS QUEST will be here Thursday.  The Go to the Moon Quest will have 9 Stages and a 2 week duration.  YOU WILL NEED A 3 STAR WINERY for the 7 winery recipes,  A  3 STAR BAKERY for the 7 Bakery recipes, AND A 3 STAR SPA for the 6 Spa recipes.  Some of the HOT CROPS you will need for bushels in this quest include:  Sunflowers, Frozen Grapes, Kidney Beans, Ghost Chilli, Pattypan Squash and Green Tea,  to name a few.  You can find a complete list on our guide.  This quest has a total of 1440 plots needed to harvest.  That's 144 with smart quest credit.  Besides the usual consumables that includes a BOOK of XP, you can expect at least 4 unique rewards:  There is a Yellow Moon Tree, a Moon Rabbit, a Fuzzy Cow...yes...it's FUZZY and it's PURPLE.  Finally there is a Astro Horse in a space suit no less.  All of these rewards look like they would go on the CELESTIAL PASTURES FARM.

Yellow Moon Tree Moon Rabbit Fuzzy Cow Astro Horse
Yellow Moon Tree Moon Rabbit Fuzzy Cow Astro Horse


If you play the Farmville Quests and find yourself needing help to get through each quest...You should check out our QUEST HELP and MORE Group.  Not only can you find helpful clicks from other players...We also post and pin the current quests in the group...and we encourage you to pop in and help other players in need as well.
Click here to join our Quest Help and More Group, and please tell your friends.



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