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Were you not able to make it to the show this week? Are you excited for the arrival of Once Upon A Winter?  Want to read about the new farm, or to listen to all the exciting things that happened this week in farmville? Well this is the place for you. It’s your one stop Dirt Farmer shop! Where we tell you all about the news of Farmville as well as tips and quest guides! Hope you enjoy, and remember to share with your friends!


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***** ONCE UPON A WINTER *****



Early Access for this year's Winter Farm will be here in just a matter of hours. Are you going to cough up 45FVCash to get a jump on your fellow farmers? This farm is a 172 FV$ value for only 45 FV$, and we are going to tell you exactly what you will get for your hard earned money. Besides being able to start the fun a week earlier than GENERAL ACCESS Players you will get 3 exclusive crops, the Blue Lotus, Crystal Corn and Snowflake Flower. You will receive 18 Noel’s Castle Parts, 32 Treasure Parts and 400 Snowy Points, that's always a good perk to get the new farm started. For the guys out there. We can tell you that if you have ever wanted to dress like an ELF and go farming, this is your chance. There is an ELF costume for your AVATAR. We do hope all the ladies out there like looking like Santa's Little Slut, because the female ELF costume is a wee bit skanky. You will get your COMBINE for jumping in with Early Access. That's always one of the better perks. There is also a short list of exclusive animals that come with Early Access. There is a Winter Gift Horse, Frost Wing Dall Sheep and a Night Sky Christmas Seal, for the tree farmers, we have a First Winter Tree. And don't forget about those free power-ups. We can expect FREE FUEL and DOUBLE BUSHELS for the Early Access week


The amazing Barry West, the one and only King of the FarmVille parody has an all new song to help whet your appetite for Once Upon A Winter. "Snowflakes Keep Falling On My Farm" is just right for laughing at our frustrations and getting ready for the wintry magic to come!

For those that had not yet heard. This ONCE UPON A WINTER farm is a two-parter. The ICEY TARN will release on DEC 5th. 3 weeks from now. Another hint tells us that we will be seeing new interactive decos in the Icy Tarn. There will also be some additional early access gifts for region 2. It currently appears that there will only be an Early Access charge for the first region, and the second early access period is part of the package. We shall update this post if that should change. The gifts that come with the second early access period for the Icy Tarn currently seem to include an additional small starter pack, and there is a reference to additional early access crops, but no indication of what they are so we are unsure if this will come to fruition.

Starting with the Lighthouse Cove we have had a CENTERPIECE or MAIN BUILDABLE with every new EXPANSION FARM. And ONCE UPON A WINTER is no exception. We will be placing our efforts to build the Noel’s Castle ...We will need 424 parts in total. That's 111 of the Santa's Shovels, 111 Candy Cane Hammers and 202 Holiday Light Strings, oh no, holiday light strings, you just know some of your neighbors are gonna leave those up until July. There will be a total of 9 level up rewards. There is a Crystal Lily Tree, Holiday Ornament Balloon, oh joy, another balloon, there is an Elven Holiday Cave that looks like a broken down RV trailer. We have a Snow Fairy Hare with a gnomette riding it. There's an Ice Lotus Fountain and a creepy scary Noel Walrus a Christmas Bells Reindeer, a Celebratory Horse and a Crystal Winged Pegacorn. For the guide please see chart below

The first thing most farmer's try to KNOCK OUT on any new farm is the UNWITHER RING THINGY. This time around it will be called the WishMaker's Post Office. We expect this building to again be located off farm instead of taking up valuable space. Season's Greetings will be the item we craft to redeem for all the prizes in this building. The season's Greetings can be crafted in sets of 1, 3 and 5. 5 Holiday Bell Flower Bushels, 5 Star Cut Apple Bushels and 5 Frosted Flower Bushels will be needed to craft the 5-pack. That will take 12 hours to craft. There will be a total of 31 gifts including a lot of consumables as well as a few new rewards including a Pine Snowicle Tree, a Snow Griffin, a Snow Streak Wildcat, a Snow Dragon, a Gift Bearing Unicorn and many others. For the guide please see chart below

We have some bad news. YES. There will be self contained crafting. The Frosty Grange will host our horrors for this new ONCE UPON A WINTER FARM. The visible image of THE FROSTY GRANGE is actually very cool. It's a snow covered red stables and red barn with a fence that encloses the yard. Even if you don't play play the self contained crafting, it's a very nice deco. Some stations that we can expect include the Berry Bush (drink) the Flour Grinder, the Juice Cart and the Snow Maker that looks like a snow blower. These are just a few of the 14 stations. We have 40 recipes in total, and some of these include Christmas Pudding, Gingerbread, Holiday Brownie, Misletoe Jello, Snow Balls and a Wooden Toy. There are 15 Animals in total that can be made in the Snowy Grange. A few of them include a Winter Owl, a Snow Ice Dragon, a Tailed Unicorn, a Fairy Holiday Pegacorn and a Christmas Yeti Gorilla. When you complete the collection by crafting all of the animals in the Frosty Grange, you will receive a bonus prize.  This time it is the Royal Blue Pegacorn. For the guide please see chart below

The SNOWY TOY SHOP will be our customized crafting cottage for the new ONCE UPON A WINTER FARM. Remember folks, you can use the Craft Level Up Trick to level that craftshop up to 5-stars as quickly as possible. We have 20 new recipes in total including an Elven Xylophone, Grandpa's Top, Toy Jacks and Ball and a Wooden Ring Stacker that looks creepily phallic. Playing and leveling up this crafting cottage is necessary in order to do the Chapter Quests as well as being able to BEAT the new farm. For the guide please see chart below

We have 40 brand spankin new crops for this new farm. They are all themed for the winter season. To name just a few. Aurora Grapefruit, Christmas Grapes, Elf Lettuce, Holiday Bell Flower and Snowball Sprouts. Keep in mind, we will need to master these crops to beat ONCE UPON A WINTER. For the guide please see chart below

We know we can expect a new barrage of themed animal pens, each with it's own freebie animal. Building the Aquarium will earn you a Star Light Turtle that looks like he crashed into a white TRASH Christmas. The Aviary gets you a Flake peaCOCK. The Play Pen earns you a Winter Scarf Pegasus Foal. Build that Livestock Pen and get an Uggy Pig, as in, it looks to be wearing UggWear. Completing that Orchard gets you a Blocky Ice Tree. The Paddock will get you a Snowfall Pegacorn. No cow in the pasture this farm. Completing the Pasture will earn you an Elf Yak, yakkity yak, don't talk back. The Pet Run gets you a Winter Fluffy Dog. The Wildlife Habitat gets you a Snow Tail Fox. Finally. Build the Zoo and get a Hot Choco Penguin.  For the guide please see chart below

There are 33 total Land Sections of this farm. That does include the landing area you get when you first enter the ONCE UPON A WINTER FARM. Obtaining each expansion also brings with it a reward. You will get an Antler Wolf just for setting foot on the new farm. Some other rewards include a Holiday Cookiette Gnome, a Snow pit deco, a Candy Strip Pegasus, an Elven Pony, an Icy Horse and a Crystal horn Unicorn, just to name a few. For complete list on our Land Guide see chart below

What do we all do right after we enter a new farm. We start clearing those treasure. This farm will see 8 different types of treasures. 4 for the Land. Small Fallen Snowman, Medium Broken Tree, Large Abandoned Subway and X-Large Old Clock Tower. The same 4 treasures can also be found on the WATER areas as well. The PARTS that we will all need for the ONCE UPON A WINTER FARM are the Sledge Hammer and Snowy Shovel, and I just have to ask, just in case the FV Studio is listening. WHY is it always a hammer, we must have 20 dang hammers in our gift box, it's getting a wee bit frustrating just trying to keep up with which hammer goes to what farm. Be sure to check out our Treasure Part Guide and chart to see exactly how many you will need in each section of the new farm. Here's a hint, you will need 74 Sledge Hammers and 84 Snowy Shovels to clear the new farm LANDING, if you expand early them you will need a lot more. Even if you do not go early access be sure to gift those parts back and forth. Click here for the guide.

There will be a dual terrain on this farm, as we have seen for the past several farms we will have a water area, and at least 15 Amphibious Items that we know of so far. They include a cute Christmas Sea Otter, a Furry Baby Seal, a Snowy Swan and an Ice Blossom Tree. For a complete list Click here

In our first GIFTING EVENT for the new farm It appears we will be gifting the Frozen Queen Pegacorn to our Farmville friends to celebrate Once Upon A Winter Farm for 5 Farm Cash. As of right now there is no indication exactly what we will receive as a gift when we do so...soooo it looks like somebody at the studio was late getting their homework done. Click here for more information

Here we go again, another new farm and another set of COMMUNITY GOALS. They will start with Early Access. Our first challenge will be to clear 280,000 treasures on the new farm. Each player will need to clear 9 in order to qualify for all the rewards which include UnWithers, Fuel, Super Fertilizers, Turbos and NO WITHER for 3 days on the new farm. For more information Click Here

Your Dirt Farmer Team will be playing the new farm, starting with Early Access, and we will be posting on any issues that may arise, reporting these issues to the Studio and developing any workarounds that we can find. Hopefully it will be a smooth glitch free new farm, y'know, like a Christmas Miracle

******* QUESTS *******

Once Upon A Winter Farm Chapter 1 Quest
If you decide to buy the early access to the new farm you will have the option to play the Chapter 1 quest for ONCE UPON A WINTER. Upgrade that Crafting Cottage. You will need it at level 2 in order to complete this first quest. Holiday Bell flowers take 18 hours to grow and you will need those bushels for crafting. Craft 3 Handmade Carousels and 3 Toy Treehouses in the Snowy Toy Shop, as soon as you hit the new farm in order to get ahead on the first 2 stages of this quest. Your rewards include a Snow Feather Wolf, a Winter Green Owl, a Winter Caster Fairy, there is a Frost Tail Genki, if you're wonder exactly what a GENKI is, well, it looks like a wolf or a fox, and google has no idea what it is, sooooo, we're not sure. But, we are sure there is a Winter Feather Deer in this quest and a Snow Traveller Horse with a Wende gnommette riding on it. For more information on this quest Click Here 

Snow Feather Wolf Winter Green Owl Winter Caster Fairy Frost Tail Genki Winter Feather Deer Snow Traveller Horse
Snow Feather Wolf Winter Green Owl Winter Caster Fairy Frost Tail Genki Winter Feather Deer Snow Traveller Horse

Carnival De Los Muertos Farm Chapter 8

Carnival de los Muertos is not gone yet. We still have CHAPTER 8 that will start in just a few hours. Craft 3 Oscuro Sombereros and 2 Cursed Fruit in the Brewing Wagon to get a jump on the first 2 stages of crafting. I can suspect that Cotton Candy Bushels will be in HIGH DEMAND for this Quest. It is a Water Crop that takes 23 hours to grow. So if you want your FV Neighbors to LOVE you. Plant that Cotton Candy so you can share those bushels in your MARKET. Your rewards for this quest include a Sad Clown Tree, a Rabbit Hat Dance, a Fiesta Boat deco. There is a Knife Thrower Meerkat, awesome, and just for BEA we have a Cotton Candy Llama, and finally there is a very simple and elegant Candle Vigil Pegacorn. For all the bushels needed for this quest Click here

Sad Clown Tree Rabbit Hat Dance Fiesta Boat Knife Thrower Meerkat Cotton Candy Llama Candle Vigil Pegacorn
Sad Clown Tree Rabbit Hat Dance Fiesta Boat Knife Thrower Meerkat Cotton Candy Llama Candle Vigil Pegacorn

Thanksgiving Quest

This Thursday we will get a brand new ALL FARMS Quest. The Thanksgiving Quest is a 2 week long quest, it may not start on Thanksgiving but it will be running during the Turkey-licious Holiday. Nothing says Thanksgiving like PEANUTS. I guess. But we will see a Thanksgiving Peanut Crop in Stages 5 and 7. We will also see Thanksgiving Flowers in Stage 3. I think I would have went with a CRANBERRY crop. We will see 8 Winery, 7 Bakery and 6 Spa recipes that we will need to craft in order to complete this quest. Be sure to stay ahead on crafting bushels, not just for you but to share with your neighbors as well. COFFEE CROPS TAKES 18 HOURS TO GROW. BUCKWHEAT, LILY AND PEPPERMINT CROPS TAKES 23 HOURS TO GROW. DAFFODIL CROPS TAKES 46 HOURS TO GROW. Besides the usual array of consumables that always includes a Book of XP. We can expect a few unique rewards. We have a Thanksgiving dessert Tree, a Thanksgiving Street Lamp, a Thanksgiving dinner Bear, and a Turkey Disguise Pegasus. For the complete guide with the alternative crops and bushels needed Click here

Thanksgiving dessert Tree Book Of XP 3 pack of Turbo Chargers Thanksgiving Street Lamp
Thanksgiving dessert Tree Book Of XP 3 pack of Turbo Chargers Thanksgiving Street Lamp
Unwither Super Fertilizer Thanksgiving dinner Bear Instagrow Potion Turkey Disguise Pegasus
Unwither Super Fertilizer Thanksgiving dinner Bear Instagrow Potion Turkey Disguise Pegasus

***** FARMSTAND *****

Tuesday will bring us a brand new Farmstand to keep us busy. The DollHouse FarmStand will have 21 days of easy peasy free rewards.
(REWARDS) We have a Palm Toy Tree, that sounds kinky, we have Dice Stacks, and I'm thinking they meant to do toy blocks and not insinuate that kids shoot craps. There is a Toy Windmill Tree and a Pull Along Turtle, this is beginning to look like that found a lot of left overs from MAGICAL TOY TOWN. We have a Patchy Kitty, Aviator Panda and a Toy Master Chicken, we always need chickens. We have a Plushie Plush Rabbit, and yes, it's NOT just a plush rabbit, it's a Plushie Plush Rabbit. There's a Toy Uniform Dog and a Crocodile Cave deco, we have a Toy Balloon, a Rocking Toy Cow, a Car Model deco. I guess we already have a MODEL CAR in the game so this has to be a Car Model. We have our first NOT CREEPY Monkey in years. It's the Wind Up Monkey, and it's actually cute. There's a Toy Ship, an RC Toy Plane gmone, a Toy Block Giraffe, Pulley Elephant, Kirov Goat, a Summer Whale Pool that looks like a deco, but it's hard to tell with this farmstand, and finally we have a Rocking Toy Horse

Palm Toy Tree Dice Stacks Toy Windmill Tree Pull Along Turtle Patchy Kitty Aviator Panda
Day 1
Palm Toy Tree
Day 2Dice Stacks Day 3
Toy Windmill Tree
Day 4
Pull Along Turtle
Day 5
Patchy Kitty
Day 6
Aviator Panda
Toy Master Chicken Plushie Plush Rabbit Toy Uniform Dog Crocodile Cave Toy Balloon Rocking Toy Cow
Day 7 
Toy Master Chicken
Day 8
Plushie Plush Rabbit
Day 9
Toy Uniform Dog
Day 10
Crocodile Cave
Day 11
Toy Balloon
Day 12
Rocking Toy Cow
Car Model Wind Up Monkey Toy Ship RC Toy Plane Toy Block Giraffe Pulley Elephant
Day 13
Car Model
Day 14
Wind Up Monkey
Day 15
Toy Ship
Day 16
RC Toy Plane
Day 17
Toy Block Giraffe
Day 18
Pulley Elephant
Kirov Goat Summer Whale Pool Rocking Toy Horse
Day 19
Kirov Goat
Day 20 
Summer Whale Pool
Day 21
Rocking Toy Horse

***** LEADERBOARD *****


Starts November 16th Who doesn’t LOVE FREE Super Fertilizer, Unwithers and Instagrows? It’s time to learn about the next set of LEADERBOARDS, a weekly FarmVille feature with 3 steps that grant you two of EACH of the above consumables for EACH STEP! That’s a total of SIX of EACH! Better yet, you get one to share with a friend for each step you complete! Your Dirt Farmer team has the scoop for you on the Leaderboards for the week of November 16th… Read below for details of what we need to do to earn these awesome rewards and please do share! For more information Click Here

Harvest Abandoned Lotus Pods in Carnaval de los Muertos! Harvest Flower Cones! Make Voodooed Doll in Carnaval de los Muertos!
Abandoned Lotus Pods Flower Cones Make Voodooed Doll


As always. The Dirt Farmer asks you all if you will be going in on Early Access or not in our POLL of the WEEK. This is the first poll since we have switched from using Facebook Polls to our own embedded site poll. We hope you all took time to visit and vote. It seems that 71% of you will be going in Early Access while 18% will sit out the first week. 10% were undecided...or simply didn't understand the question


Let's not forget about the Carnival de los Muertos farm. We have the opportunity to earn a new land expansion in just a few hours. You can get the GREAT PUMPKINS consent to unlock the DARKEST DESERT section of this farm. All you need to do is Upgrade Carousel of Souls to Level 7, Have Unwraped 25 Mystery Presents in the Ferris Wheel Silo, and Reach Carnaval De Los Muertos Level 60.

We couldn't even get 2 hours into this week before we saw our first issue. The New Puppy Come Home feature went LIVE at midnight Monday morning, and well, The puppy really did go missing. Peggy the Puppy, who had been patiently waiting the start of the PUPPY COME HOME Feature suddenly vanished at or about 2am. Just 2 after after the feature went LIVE


CONGRATULATIONS!!! to our WINNER of last Week's BATTLEGROUND Daily Delights Babies Challenge (week ending 11.6.2016) Patti Mitchell. This Week's NEW Challenge is STRIPED CANDIES. The reward for the winner of this Challenge will be a Papa Dirt Prize: your choice of ANY Unwither Ring or Double Statue from the Market. If you are not a member of the Battleground Group JOIN TODAY and invite your friends.

The Farmville Daily Delights feature can earn you Fuel, UnWithers and InstaGrows and this coming week it can GET YOUR GOAT, or rather Get you a goat. The bonus reward is an Angora Goat. So keep collecting those CANDY SUSHI, and you can see what the upcoming rewards are by checking out our Daily Delights Round 11 Guide Click Here

******* GROUPS *******


FARMER'S SHOWCASE is an OPEN GROUP where you can show off your farm. ONLY Farm Pic posts. Cool, Funny or AWESOME. Show your MAD decorating skills or something unique and funny you see on your farm.
Click Here to join!

farmer lu

Check out this AWESOME Farm Art by Farmer Lu!

The Amazing DF Admin Katy Ward is helping us again! Check out her how to make a turkey video! For a list of all of Katy’s videos Click Here.



HONORING OUR HEROES. Today we Honor and Remember all the men and women, the HEROES who have sacrificed serving our country protecting our freedom. Those who serve today deserve our gratitude, those who are returning from the battlefield deserve our open arms, and those who will never return deserve our thoughts, tributes and remembrance. Click Here


Go Purple with a Purpose for NATIONAL ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE AWARENESS AND CAREGIVERS MONTH. The Dirt Farmer Foundation invites you to get involved and join our Campaign to HELP all those who are battling Alzheimer's, raise awareness and honor/support the millions of Caregivers who are helping patients living with this horrible disease. Please Share. Click Here


Today we are celebrating our fourth birthday and we would like to thank you for having us in your hearts throughout these past years. Thank you for supporting our causes and campaigns, for helping us promote amazing worthwhile charities and nonprofit organizations, and for spreading the word of kindness and love by sharing our good news stories. Thank You and God Bless You.
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We all know that playing Farmville isn't getting any easier these days. Whether Farmville is throttling  access to your friends or the  Facebook newsfeed is hiding them from you it's hard to find help links on the newsfeed.  Add that to the fact that a lot of fellow players have quit and it becomes very challenging to  find help.  That's why you should join one or all of the Dirt Farmers SHARE Groups. Mam-Maw's Trading Post, Quest Help and More, The VOTE HELP Group and GOT SHEEP are link sharing groups where you can find neat items and even get help with common FV activities.  We also have several helpful groups such as The Dirt Farmer, Farmville News Network and others! Be sure to ASK to JOIN today and please tell your FV friends about these helpful resources.



Desert Rose

That's all we have right now, remember to always visit Ask the Dirt Farmer for up to date information and help, and enjoy the rest of your week!
Reporting live from the Dirt Farmer Studio in beautiful downtown Farmville,
Dirt Farmers Michele and Karen

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