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Did you miss the show this week? Do you want to hear or read about the latest Farmville News? Well this is the place for you!  Another week, another farm, another problem...wait many problems! Join the fun and listen or read all about it! We hope you will find this both informative, interesting and fun! Please share with your friends!

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We started the first week of the new Carnival de los Muertos Farm with the same issues that plagued us for much of the Early Access Week.  Facebook BLACKOUTS and a broken gifting Envelope.  Early efforts by the FV Studio did bring relief to some.  It appeared to come in the exact same waves that caused the disturbance. So, was it a FarmVille fix or did Facebook actually mend what they broke for once?  Either way it was a welcome relief for those who just wanted to play the new farm.  But, it was a short lived victory for some as posting issues began to creep into the game by Wednesday.  Auto-Posting seemed to be exceedingly tedious.  The auto-post feature is usually set to work for the first 25 posts daily,  I can say that I personally gave away about 200 bushels trying to break the auto post.  We had a number of players asking HOW to remove the one click posting and there isn't  a simple answer anymore.  Some Facebook Users have the old FAVORITES column on the left side and some have the new SHORTCUTS Version.  That means we have 2 different sets of instructions depending of which version of Facebook you currently have.  Facebook isn't making ANYTHING easy for us  Farmvillers.  But, these glitches seemed to correct themselves fairy quickly, while I’m sure there are some players still dealing with the aftermath,  the majority of Players seem to be steaming along.


Monday also brought WHOA FARMER issues with the current Vote Feature.  Many Players reported getting booted right out of the game while trying to ask for help with their votes.  This seems to have affected those trying to win prizes from one side of the vote.  It was a very strange glitch.  Other players reported getting WHOA FARMER when trying to place certain rewards from this feature. Thankfully for most farmers, this was corrected and fixed in an expedited fashion.


So...our gift envelope is broken.  We keep getting WHOA FARMER and we have posting issues, what else could go wrong?  Well, why not throw in TRAVEL ISSUES just to round out the FIASCO that this last week became?  Starting on Monday many players  found that they were LOCKED to one farm unable to travel from farm to farm as they would like.  Could this week get any worse for the players?  Thankfully most of the issues have been fixed for most, but I wonder what is going to go wrong next.


Last week we told you about the upcoming FREAKY CIRCUS feature.  We can now report that this feature will start tomorrow, OCT 10th and run until NOV 9th 2016.  There are 3 sets of rewards called MENAGERIES.  There are 5 prizes in the Small Menagerie, 9 different rewards in the Medium Menagerie and 16 rewards in the Large Menagerie.  There are repeating rewards in the large so be sure to check out our guide to see which set you would rather have.We will be using TRICKY TREATS and they can be crafted in increments of 1, 3 and 5.  The 5 pack will require 3 Undead Grapes Bushels, 3 Chrysanthemum Bushels and 2 Spider Skullberries Bushels, and that recipe will take 4 hours
The small menagerie will require 305 Tricky Treats, for the medium you will need 705 Tricky Treats and the large menageries will require a whopping 1045 Tricky Treats, so choose your MENAGERIE wisely.  Rewards include a Rola Bola Clown, a Torch Unicyclist gnome, a Devil Stick Meerkat, a Tight Rope Duck, Boom Snare Drummer (elephant) a Muscleman Cow and many many more

******* LEADERBOARDS *******
Wednesday is HUMPDAY and that means it's time for a new set of LEADERBOARD Challenges.  Our LIMITED EDITION CROP Challenge this week will require us to harvest 6000 Fiddleheads.  The Fiddleheads Crop will take 23 hours to grow.  It can be planted on any farm and should be in the market at the regular update time roughly 13 hours before the LEADERBOARDS begin.  Our LOCKED FARM CROP Challenge will see us harvesting 300 Bone Flower in Carnaval de los Muertos.  Bone Flower is a 6 hour Carnaval De Los Muertos Farm crop.  Our CRAFTY Challenge will see us making 12 Hombre Bigotes in Carnaval de los Muertos.  Hombre Bigote is a 8 hour Level 1 Brewing Wagon Recipe for which you will need 3 Bone Flower, 3 Ruby Moon and 3 Toxoids bushels per recipe (Ruby Moon is a water crop).

Harvest Bone Flower in Carnaval de los Muertos! Harvest Fiddleheads! Make Hombre Bigote in Carnaval de los Muertos!
Bone Flower Fiddleheads Hombre Bigote

Color Versus Monochrome Voting Feature
Left Side
(Color Side)
(You will receive when you have more left votes than right ones on the first time you complete the 12 stages)
Right Side (Monochrome)
(You will receive when you have more right votes than left ones on the first time you complete the 12 stages

Farmers...You had better hurry...You have until Wednesday to claim the prizes in the current SPACE vs STEAMPUNK VOTE Feature.  Because on Wednesday we will be starting the all new COLOR vs. MONOCHROME Voting Feature.  Some may be asking why our post on this vote says it starts on FRIDAY OCT 21st, and there is a good darn reason for that!  It's because the Farmville studio goofed,  Apparently they got confused when they were coding it and got their 12 (which is the start date) and their 21 (which is not the start date) switched up.  So...You may also ask:  Dear Dirt Farmer, why haven't you told them about this so they can fix it?  Well, we have, and well, they forgot, so we have FOR A SECOND TIME told them and we really really hope they get around to it before Wednesday.  Now, another question (gee this VOTE has a lot of questions) What is MONOCHROME? And we know this one too:  It is a photograph or picture developed or executed in black and white or in varying tones of only one color.  So it's a very fancy way to say BLACK and WHITE.  That means we can either have rewards that have COLOR or rewards that are BLACK and WHITE.  Maybe the budget is getting tight at Zynga and they could only afford to color half of this VOTE!  

Now let's take a look at the rewards we can earn

Sprightly Cow that looks like she fell into a batch of SKITTLES and a Streaked Cow that looks like her father may have been a ZEBRA.
We have a couple of decos:  A Color Burst Fountain or a Turquoise Waterfall.
For the tree farmers there's a Jelly Crown Tree or a Winged Crown Tree.
And I'm calling FOUL.  These black and white or MONOCHROME rewards have color...false advertising!
There's a Porcelain Gazebo and a White Marble Gazebo.
We have a Pretty Colors Gnomette (Wende) and a Mime Gnomette.
We have 2 peaCOCKS, because we all know 2 peaCOCKS are better than one!  There's a Vivacious and an Ombre peaCOCK to chose from.
More good news for the tree farmers:  two more trees, a Crystal Color Tree and a Red Bark Tree.
We get additions to our CARRIAGE COLLECTIONS this week with a choice between a Decorative Carriage and a Pink Carriage
There is a Dazzling Parrot and a bird on a stick called the Monochrome Parrot.
We have a Tri-Tone Fox and a Purple Fox.
There is a Pretty Carousel and a Shadow Carousel.
Finally, we get our HORSE in the last stage of this vote:  A choice between a Showy Pegasus and a Pinto Pegasus.

Sprightly Cow Streaked Cow
Sprightly Cow Stage 1 Streaked Cow
Color Burst Fountain Turquoise Waterfall
Color Burst Fountain Stage 2 Turquoise Waterfall
Jelly Crown Tree Winged Crown Tree
Jelly Crown Tree Stage 3 Winged Crown Tree
Porcelain Gazebo White Marble Gazebo
Porcelain Gazebo Stage 4 White Marble Gazebo
Pretty Colors Gnomette Mime Gnomette
Pretty Colors Gnomette Stage 5 Mime Gnomette
Vivacious Peacock Ombre Peacock
Vivacious Peacock Stage 6 Ombre Peacock
Crystal Color Tree Red Bark tree
Crystal Color Tree Stage 7 Red Bark Tree
Decorative Carriage Pink Carriage
Decorative Carriage Stage 8 Pink Carriage
Dazzling Parrot Monochrome Parrot
Dazzling Parrot Stage 9 Monochrome Parrot
Tri-Tone Fox Purple Fox
Tri-Tone Fox Stage 10 Purple Fox
Pretty Carousel Shadow Carousel
Pretty Carousel Stage 11 Shadow Carousel
Showy Pegasus Pinto Pegasus
Showy Pegasus Stage 12 Pinto Pegasus

 *****Land Expansions*****
*****Carnivale de los Muertos Farm Land Expansions*****

For those of you that have found the land expansions on the new Carnivale de los Muertos Farm a wee bit confusing, we have a handy dandy map to make it easier.  We will drop it in the Dirt Box and you can also find it on our Facebook Page.  The first 2 are right under the Starting Patch for this farm.  Then the 3rd jumps up OVER the starting patch to the WATER area.  The  4th is back to land just to the right side of the starting patch then back to the WATER with the 5th free expansion.  The  remaining 4 are in the land area back under the starting patch.  This is a handy bit of info to have whether you are waiting to EARN these for free or whether you are buying a few squares to start.  Our 1st Expansion for the new farm is set for tonight at Midnight, eastern time.  In just under 4 hours from now.  This is our first one for Carnivale De Los Muertos. It's called Gates Of Life. Now To get the Carnivale's Consent, we have 1 Task. That is to Reach Carnivale De Los Muertos Level 15. 

*****Ode to Olympus Land Expansion*****

This is a TWO-FER Week with land expansions.  You can also earn a new land expansion on the Ode to Olympus farm as well.  Get the Phylia's consent to unlock the CITADEL of MAN, and all you need to achieve this goal is to reach LEVEL 78 on the Ode to Olympus farm.  Just as with the Carnival de los Muertos expansion, this one will also unlock in just a few hours.

*****Hot Tip*****

As we mentioned earlier in the show, there was some problems with AUTO-POSTING earlier this week.  This led to many farmers wanting to disable their auto post instead of just running out the usual 25 auto posts at the beginning of each day.  This is actually very easy to do.  Just CLICK you upside down triangle in the upper right hand side of your Facebook homepage, it is the icon furthest to the right.  Then scroll down to APPS which will bring up a full list of all of your apps.  This may also be a good time to clean out any UNWANTED APPS while you are there.  Click on FARMVILLE and scroll down to where it says "THIS APP CAN" and the first item should be "POST", this is the auto post, simply UNCLICK it and you are done. If you ever change your mind and you want it back, just go back in and re-click it, it’s that easy.

*****Gifting Event*****

The NEW Farmville Gifting Event is NOW LIVE!!!!.   Send your friends a Mysterious Pegacorn and receive and exclusive Bonita Unicorn in return.  The Mysterious Pegacorn will cost you 5FC  for each one that you send and you will receive in return the colorful Bonita Unicorn, as well as that warm mooshy feeling you get from sending a gift to a FV Friend.

Mysterious Pegacorn Bonita Unicorn

    *****Farmville Carnival De Los Muertos Chapter 3 Quest Guide*****
Eternal Circus
The Carnival de los Muertos Chapter 3 will begin in just a few hours from now.  The third week of the current new farm will have us Crafting, Planting and Begging to get through 6 Stages of spooky fun. Be sue to stock up on SPIDER FLOWER bushels because they take 18 hours to grow.  The GHOST BLOOMS and TOXOIDS bushels also take 16 hours to harvest.  If you have the slots in your crafting cottage you can Craft 3 Oscuro Sombereros and 2 Enchanted Rings in the Brewing Wagon in order to get a jump on the first 2 stages of this quest.  And for all of our hard work what will you earn:  For starters we get a Monster Trunk deco,  and that's TRUNK not a big ole honkin MONSTER TRUCK, which would be much cooler now that I think about it.  There is a Spooky Circus Carriage and a Skull Juggler Meerkat, for those that thought meerkat's couldn't get any creepier.  We also have a Sad Clown Elephant painted up like he's out on the town.   We have a Lion Flaming Loop, there isn't a loop but the lion is on fire.  Finally we have a Muertos Carnival Horse for all of those horse breeders.

Monster Trunk Spooky Circus Carriage Skull Juggler Meerkat Sad Clown Elephant Lion Flaming Loop Muertos Carnival Horse
Monster Trunk Spooky Circus Carriage Skull Juggler Meerkat Sad Clown Elephant Lion Flaming Loop Muertos Carnival Horse


***Thimpu Tshechu Quest***
Thimpu Tshechu
Most of us are still working on the NEW FRONTIERS Quest.  But, this coming Thursday we will have yet another ALL FARMS Quest thrust upon us.  The Thimpu Tshechu Quest will give us 9 fun filled stages to keep us entertained.  Be aware that the winery names may vary from player to player.  ICE GRAPE BLASTS may appear as ICE WINE, FRUIT PUNCH may appear as FRUIT WINE., and the BLACKBERRY EXPLOSION may appear as BLACKBERRY WINE.  Keep an eye on those bushels.  You will need FROZEN GRAPE, IRIS AND RED TULIP Bushels and those crops take 23 hours to grow.  Besides the usual consumables we can expect a few unique rewards from this quest.  We have some BULL, a Festive Bull to be more precise.  We have a Monk Monkey, what's next a DONK DONKEY?  We have a Thimpu Drummer that's either the ugliest gnome ever or an EWOK from Star Wars.  Finally we have a Tshechu Horse and it's wearing traditional Bhutanese robes and headdress. Speaking of Bhutan, that’s where the FV Studio got the inspiration for this quest.  It is a Bhutanese festival, Bhutan is a sovereign state landlocked in the Eastern Himalayas in South Asia, right between China and India.
The Thimpu Tshechu occurs at different times in different regions of Bhutan.  This is because the festival is linked to a lunar calendar that differs from region to region.  The festival itself is designed to encourage social bonding between small outlying villages.  Which sounds like a really long winded way to say it's a good old fashion COUNTY FAIR.

Festive Bull Monk Monkey Thimpu Drummer Tshechu Horse
Festive Bull Monk Monkey Thimpu Drummer Tshechu Horse

*****Battleground Challenge*****

As many of you may know, The Dirt Farmer has a CHALLENGE GROUP where we ask you to post very specific items each week.  As an added benefit to players these are usually MUCH NEEDED items that are currently in demand.  We pick one player, who posted for that week, to win a PAPA DIRT Prize, which is your choice of any Un-Wither Ring or Statue in the market.  The winner for this past week was Lorraine A. Sisneros.  Lorraine chose a DOUBLE POINTS Statue for the new Carnival de los Muertos farm, which should be available soon.  It's not too late to post in this week's challenge,  which is building and treasure parts for the new farm.  That challenge will end in a few hours and our challenge for next week will be TRICKY TREATS in the FREAKY CIRCUS. 

With the impact of Hurricane Matthew we saw the Facebook Emergency Alert System light up for each state along the right after the other...We should all keep in mind that our Facebook Friends may not know exactly where we live and how we are...It's always a nice sentiment to take a minute to CHECK IN to the safety alert to let that FV Friend in Lithuania know you're okay...You may have just got a wee little drizzle...but others may be worried about you.

*****Daily Delights*****

It looks like ROUND 10 of the Daily Delights are coming to an end soon.  This past week we collected CANDY SUSHI for Fuel, Un-WIthers and InstaGrows , as well as an ABDUCTED SHEEP (I MISSED ONE DAY) .  In just a few hours we will start playing for the ZOMBIE COUPLE of gnomes.  After that we can win a HALLOWEEN GLORY CUP, and finally a week later the last reward is a Dragonwings Pegacorn.

Abducted Sheep
Zombie Couple
Halloween Glory Cup
Dragonwings Pegacorn
Abducted Sheep
Zombie Couple
Halloween Glory Cup
Dragonwings Pegacorn

*****Just Because We Love Barry West and his Incredible FarmVille Songs*****

For our listening pleasure, here is Barry West singing Spooky FarmVille  (Spooky by Dusty Springfield parody)
Many thanks to Barry and Mz. Wizard for sharing their talent with us!

 *****Just In Time For Halloween*****

Here is a wonderful video from Dirt Farmer Katy showing how to make a ghost for Halloween.

*****Farmer’s Showcase*****

FARMER'S SHOWCASE is an OPEN GROUP where you can show off your farm
ONLY Farm Pic posts. Cool, Funny or AWESOME. Show your MAD decorating skills or something unique and funny you see on your farm.

This picture was created by our very own Dirt Farmer Mary Beth.  

*****The Dirt Farmer Foundation*****

The Dirt Farmer Foundation was created in an attempt to harness the social media influence
of the Dirt Farmer's fan base into a unified force that can be used to help others in need.


HOW TO HELP HAITI - PLEASE SHARE. Death toll in Hurricane Matthew jumps to over 840. Here is How You Can Help:


On this week's "FUND ME FRIDAY" we want to share the heartbreaking story of a family in need. Ajay King is an adopted 14 year old kid diagnosed with a very fast moving progressive form of bone cancer. He also has Kawasaki Disease and Asperger Syndrome. Ajay NEEDS HELP. Family and friends are asking for support to HELP Ajay with his medical expenses and HELP cover his treatment to battle and survive this terrible disease. Any SUPPORT will be greatly appreciated. To learn more click the link below and please share with your friends. Thanks!

***BREAST CANCER AWARENESS CAMPAIGN*** October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 
It’s a chance to raise awareness about the importance of early detection of breast cancer.
The Dirt Farmer Foundation would like to invite you to join this Important Cause and SAVE LIVES.
#GoPink Make a difference Get involved and Spread the word. Please Share.


Desert Rose

WE hope you will visit our website as often as possible.  Your
support and your clicks on that website is what enables us to provide our services to
all the players. Share those posts from our Facebook page so we can reach even
more players, so we can help them manage their game and stay in the game.
Without YOUR support there is no Dirt Farmer.  Thanks to each and every one of you!

That's all we have right now, remember to always visit Ask the Dirt Farmer for up to date information and help, and enjoy the rest of your week!
Reporting live from the Dirt Farmer Studio in beautiful downtown Farmville, Dirt Farmers Michele and Karen

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