The Dirt Farmer LIVE! Podcast and Show Summary October 16th, 2016


Did you miss the show this week? Do you want to hear or read about the lastest Farmville News? Well this is the place for you!  Another week, another farm, another problem...wait many problems! Join the fun and listen or read all about it! We hope you will find this both informative, interesting and fun! Please share with your friends!

******* PODCAST *******


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Hosted by St Locke

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******* QUESTS *******

Carnival de los Muertos Chapter 4

It's hard to believe, but we are getting ready to enter the Chapter 4 week of the Carnival de los Muertos Farm. YES! That means we are half way through this new farm. Craft 3 Cursed Fruits and 2 Oscuro Sombereros in the Brewing Wagon in order to get a jump on the first 2 stages of crafting. Speaking of Crafting for this Chapter Quest. Be sure to store SOUR PUMPKIN, BLEEDING DRUPE AND TOXOIDS BUSHELS that take 16 hours to grow and those SPIDER FLOWERS that take 18 hours to grow. The crafting will stay at LEVEL 2 or lower but there will be a total of 14 recipes needed in total for all 6 Stages of this quest. What do we get for all of our begging, crafting and planting? We get 6 unique rewards. There's a Caramel Skull Tree...mmmm...CARAMEL...there is a deco named the Clown Trailer but I don't see a clown. I hope he doesn't POP OUT...the horror! We have a Rosa Fox, and there is a Veiled Giraffe. The Voodoo Bear is exceptionally creepy and finally we have a Muertos Caballeria Pegasus. I wonder why we don't have any CHUPACABRE'S in this new farm...hmmm?
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Caramel Skull Tree Clown Trailer Rosa Fox Veiled Giraffe Voodoo Bear Muertos Caballeria Pegasus
Caramel Skull Tree Clown Trailer Rosa Fox Veiled Giraffe Voodoo Bear Muertos Caballeria Pegasus


Trick or Treat Quest

Trick or Treat...SMELL MY FEET...Give me quest that's easy to BEAT!!! Just in time for Halloween we have the Trick or Treat Quest starting Thursday OCT 20th and it will run through Halloween until NOV 3rd. As far as crafting there will be a total of 7 Winery Recipes, 7 Spa recipes and 6 Bakery recipes needed for this Quest. Stockpile those bushels. BUCKWHEAT AND RED TULIP CROPS TAKES 23 HOURS TO GROW and ARTICHOKE CROP THAT YOU WILL NEED BUSHELS FROM TO THIS RECIPE TAKES 4 DAYS TO GROW. Besides the usual consumables that always include a Book of XP we can expect to earn a few chilling rewards. There is a colorful Spider Tree for the Tree Farmers. A Trickster Gnome is wearing a sheet and carrying a trick or trick basket. We have a Mummy Zombie Chicken, and I'm going to guess it was a MUMMY CHICKEN that got bit by a ZOMBIE, because if you got bit by a Mummy you're just some SCHMUCK that got bit by a mummy, and finally we have a Spider Bat Pegasus.
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Trick or Treat! Spider Tree Book Of XP 3 pack of Turbo Chargers Trickster Gnome
Spider Tree Book Of XP 3 pack of Turbo Chargers Trickster Gnome
Unwither Super Fertilizer Mummy Zombie Chicken Instagrow Potion Spider Bat Pegasus
Unwither Super Fertilizer Mummy Zombie Chicken Instagrow Potion Spider Bat Pegasus

******* COUNTDOWN *******

The GRAVE DANGER COUNTDOWN starts this coming Tuesday, and with it we will see 16 days of awesome spooky rewards and a 17th bonus prize that can be earned. An Apple Poison Tree we have. I guess because there already is a POISON APPLE tree in the game and they had to name it something different, or because YODA wrote this countdown he did. We also have a Googly Eyed Tree and it will actually follow you, yes it will, try this, once you place the Googly Eyed Tree on your farm, stand up and move from left to right, the eyes will follow you. We have a Wraith Lantern Family because haunting just isn't fun alone. There is a Spooky Cat Hut deco if you want your farm to look like it was decorated by TiM Burton. We also have a Gargoyle Clock Tower for decorating. We have a Shrouded Wraith Cat and a kinky looking red headed gnome in a Pumpkin Hot Tub, because let's face it, Halloween is now 50% scary and 50% sexy, except at my house. We have a Button Eyed Dog with a lobotomy scar. We have a Rock Star Skelly which is one of those things that we don't actually know what it is, soooo I'm just gonna guess DECO. There's a Pumpkin Chain Owl for Heather, and we have a Samain Raccoon...COOOOOONS!!! We love the coons. There's a Cobwebbed Hyena, that sounds nasty. I have a Grave Dancer peaCOCK, and we have a Well Witcher Cow, of course there's a deer that I don't think anyone wants, but if you do it's a Autumn Scared Deer and the 16th reward is a Scythe Tail Uncorn, and we did mention a BONUS REWARD? For this countdown, if you collect all 16 of the daily stamps you will be awarded a Dark Knight Unicorn, and spoiler, it's NOT Batman!

Apple Poison Tree Googly Eyed Tree Wraith Lantern Family Spooky Cat Hut Gargoyle Clock Tower Shrouded Wraith Cat
Pumpkin Hot Tub Button Eyed Dog Rock Star Skelly Pumpkin Chain Owl Samain Raccoon Cobwebbed Hyena
Grave Dancer Peacock Well Witcher Cow Autumn Scared Deer Scythe Tail Uncorn Dark Knight Unicorn

***** LEADERBOARDS *****


Oh, boy. I don't know about you, but I can hardly wait until Wednesday. Because I get a brand new set of LEADERBOARD challenges to play. The Leaderboards give you a way to easily earn those much needed InstaGrows, UnWithers and Super Fertilizers. This week's LIMITED EDITION CROP Challenge will see us harvesting 6000 Criss Cross Flowers. We can plant the Criss Cross Flowers Crop on any one of our 30 odd farms. The Criss Cross Flowers Crop is a 23 hours crop and will be in the market at the normal update time roughly 13 hours before the leaderboard begins. Our LOCKED CROP Challenge will have us harvesting 300 Grapeyard Tombs ion Carnaval de los Muertos Farm. The Grapeyard Tombs is a 6 hour Carnival De Los Muertos Farm crop. Finally, Our third challenge this week will see us getting CRAFTY on the new farm. Make 12 Catrina Gingerbread recipes in the Brewing Wagon. Catrina Gingerbread is a 4 hour Level 1 Recipe for which you will need 3 Ghost Blooms, 3 Flowers of The Dead and 2 Itchy Beans bushels per recipe
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Harvest Grapeyard Tombs in Carnaval de los Muertos!
Harvest Criss Cross Flowers!
Make Catrina Gingerbread in Carnaval de los Muertos!
Grapeyard Tombs
Criss Cross Flowers
Catrina Gingerbread

***** Other Farmville News *****


Would you like to Own 170,000 New Land Expansions in Carnaval De Los Muertos. That's what we will need COLLECTIVELY in order to fulfill next week's COMMUNITY GOAL requirements. The Individual goal is only 2 NEW land expansions. If you didn't expand last week for free and you claim both of the 2 new land expansions this week, then this goal will easily be met. If not then you may need to shell out some FVCash for the rewards which include Fuel, Turbos, UnWithers, Super Fertilizers and the grand prize of Free fuel in Carnaval de los Muertos for 3 days. For more information related to Farmville Carnaval De Los Muertos Farm, check out The Dirt Farmer's


In just a couple of hours from now we will be given the Phylia's Consent to open the final land expansion in the Ode to Olympus farm. The Lake of Wisdom square is yours and all that is required is to have reached Ode to Olympus Level 87


We also have a Carnival de los Muertos expansion this week as well. Our 2nd Expansion on Carnaval De Los Muertos is Spooky Plains, and to get the Carnaval's Consent, here are your tasks. Upgrade Carousel of Souls to Level 1, Unwrap 5 Mystery Presents in Ferris Wheel Silo, and Reach Carnaval Level 24


CONGRATULATIONS!!! to our WINNER of last Week's BATTLEGROUND Carnaval De Los Muertos Building & Treasure Parts Challenge (week ending 10.09.2016) Erwin Young. This Week we have a DOUBLE Challenge: #1. Tricky Treats and #2. Bushels for Tricky Treats. The rewards for the winners of these Challenges will be Papa Dirt Prizes: your choice of ANY Unwither Ring or Double Statue from the Market. If you are not a member of the Battleground Group JOIN TODAY and invite your friends.


Round TEN of the Daily Delight Feature is quickly coming to an end. Keep collecting those Candy Sushi and you may have already earned yourself a Couple of Zombie Gnomes this week. This next eek, besides the Fuel, UnWithers and InstaGrows we can earn a HALLOWEEN GLORY CUP. It sounds really really dirty but it looks like a topiary deco made out of digital pumpkins..."whoopie"...The following week is our last week in this round. We can earn a Dragonwings Pegacorn.
For more information Click here


Free is good. In fact FREE is great, and when you can get something free and it's easy. That's even better. Farmville offers a free gift to everyone everyday, but, you have to CLICK on the link, and we have that link for you right on the slider bar of our website. It can be found in the HELPFUL INFO tab and can earn yourself much needed consumables, and a few that just suck, either way be sure to comment what you got. Bookmark that link for even easier access
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This past Monday saw the release of the Carnival de los Muertos DOUBLE POINTS Statue. This 225FV Cash game enhancer allows you to earn double the LIMBO Points on the Carnival de los Muertos farm. There are a total of 150 levels consisting of alternating consumables. Including parts for the new farm, Super Fertilizers, Fuel, Turbo Chargers and InstaGrows.


 This past Thursday the Carnival de los Muertos BEAT EVENT went LIVE! Finally! I'm sure most Players have already met all the Beat requirements and were just waiting for this feature to go live in order to claim the BEAT Trophy and the Shipping License. In order to BEAT the SNOT out of this farm you will need to Expand Carousel of Souls through level 10. Then you will need to 3-Start Master all of the Carnival de los Muertos Crops. After that Make all 15 animals in the Carnaval Theatre and finally Improve the Brewing Wagon to level 5. After all of these tasks are completed you will have BEATEN the new farm and will have your trophy and shipping license.
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Does it drive you crazy selling multiple haybales, fences or mastered animals out on the farm? Dirt Farmer Katy would like a SELL BUTTON in the SEARCH DOG FEATURE to let you sell all or at least several at a time. Would you like this too? Help us let the FV Studio know your thoughts on this subject by commenting on our PAGE POST Click Here

******* Other News *******

It turns out ZYNGA won't be selling it's Headquarters after all. Gaming giant Zynga is shelving a plan to sell its lavish headquarters in San Francisco. After exploring a possible sale of its corporate home for months — a deal that could have fetched more than $500 million — the struggling creator of games like Farmville and Words With Friends has found that the cost of leasing it back would be too high. In other words THE RENT IS TOO DAMN HIGH!!! Zynga — whose founder Mark Pincus stepped down as chief executive in March, just days after announcing his intent to put the Design District building on the block — bought the building in 2012 for $228 million. At the time, the deal was tagged as a symbol of Silicon Valley decadence, as Zynga decked out its offices with a gourmet cafeteria, a gym, a bar and an acupuncture clinic...really? It does make me feel good to know someone was STICKING it to them while they were STICKING it to us. But while Zynga has grappled with a slew of flopped gaming titles, the building has doubled in value. Zynga’s about-face comes as San Francisco’s tech-fueled real estate boom tumbles into correction territory, in other words, they have crashed, or in farmville terms, the chickens have come home to roost. While demand from overseas buyers may continue to prop up sale prices, many expect office rents will drop in the coming months. Zynga itself has searched for tenants to occupy excess space in the seven-story, 670,000-square-foot building at rates north of $60 per square foot. Hey y'all, let's all chip in a few dollars a month and rent a few square feet from Zynga just so we can get in the building and punch 'em in the forehead.

***** GROUPS *****

FARMER'S SHOWCASE is an OPEN GROUP where you can show off your farm.
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Check out this AMAZING Haybale art by our very own DF Admin Katy Ward!

*** The Dirt Farmer Foundation ***

go fund me ss

On this week's "FUND ME FRIDAY" we want to share the heartbreaking story of a family in need. Ajay King is an adopted 14 year old kid diagnosed with a very fast moving progressive form of bone cancer. He also has Kawasaki Disease and Asperger Syndrome. Ajay NEEDS HELP. Family and friends are asking for support to HELP Ajay with his medical expenses and HELP cover his treatment to battle and survive this terrible disease. Any SUPPORT will be greatly appreciated. To learn more click here and please share with your friends. Thanks!

*NOTE Even if you can’t help Ajay’s family at least please share this post and get his story out there. This is very near and dear to one of our DF team members*

breast cancer ss

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
It’s a chance to raise awareness about the importance of early detection of breast cancer.
The Dirt Farmer Foundation would like to invite you to join this Important Cause and SAVE LIVES.
#GoPink Make a difference Get involved and Spread the word. Please Share.

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Desert Rose

That's all we have right now, remember to always visit Ask the Dirt Farmer for up to date information and help, and enjoy the rest of your week!
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Dirt Farmers Michele and Karen

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