The Dirt Farmer LIVE! Podcast and Show Summary October 3rd, 2016


Did you miss the show this week? Do you want to hear or read about the lastest Farmville News? Well this is the place for you!  Another week, another farm, another problem...wait many problems! Join the fun and listen or read all about it! We hope you will find this both informative, interesting and fun! Please share with your friends!


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Hosted by St Locke

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Remember folks...The GENERAL ACCESS to the new farm should go live in a just a few hours...with the gift envelope glitch it is more important than ever to help each other...And be sure to check out our complete guide for carnival de los muertos right here on FARMVILLEDIRT.COM

******* QUESTS *******

Carnaval De Los Muertos Farm Chapter 2 Quest

Will be a standard 6 stage Chapter Quest with a 1 week duration and this will be the FIRST chapter quest for those who did not go EARLY ACCESS into this new farm. Craft 3 Cursed Fruit and 3 Oscuro Somberero in the Brewing Wagon as quickly as you can to get a jump on the first two stages of the crafting. In total we will have 15 recipes to make for this quest. As far as Bushels go, The SPIDER FLOWERS Crop will take the longest to grow at 18 hours. And if you PLANT, BEG and CRAFT through all 6 stages you get a freaky red headed Showster Gnomette, a creepy Float Wing Giraffe, a Fire Baton Chicken, a Dark Jester Rabbit, a Dark Sunflower Deer in an ugly summer dress...we're not kidding...Finally there is a wicked cool "The Raven Pegasus"
For more information Click Here

Showster Gnomette Float Wing Giraffe Fire Baton Chicken Dark Jester Rabbit Dark Sunflower Deer The Raven Pegasus
Showster Gnomette Float Wing Giraffe Fire Baton Chicken Dark Jester Rabbit Dark Sunflower Deer The Raven Pegasus

Ode To Olympus Farm Chapter 9 Quest

We got a surprise this past Friday morning. The Farmville Studio coded and launched the month long re-visit quest all at once...sooooo...That means your Dirt Farmer Team didn't have a chance to get you a quest guide in advance. It took us a few minutes but we were able to post the guide shortly after the quest went live, so let's talk about the Ode to Olympus Re-Visit Quest. This quest will run for ONE MONTH. From Sept. 30th to Oct. 30th, and it will contain the customary 12 stages. You will need a 5 Star Oracle's Keep in order to complete this quest. Don't delete those Olympus Bushels just yet because you will see a lot of CRAFTING. 26 Recipes total and you will need those Olympus Bushels, especially those from the NUGGET SPROUTS AND PENTA BHAGI FLOWERS CROPS that take 23 hours to grow.
For more information Click Here

Typhon Tree Hecatonchires Statue Giant's Fist Erinnyes Gnomette Siren's Mayhem Olympian Goat
Typhon Tree Hecatonchires Statue Giant's Fist Erinnyes Gnomette Siren's Mayhem Olympian Goat
Charybdis Serpent Eris Cow Asteria Penguin Orthrus Dog Hyperion Stallion Nephele Cloud Pegasus
Charybdis Serpent Eris Cow Asteria Penguin Orthrus Dog Hyperion Stallion Nephele Cloud Pegasus

New Frontiers ALL FARM QUEST
We also have yet another ALL FARMS Quest starting next Thursday, On OCTOBER 6th to be exact. The Farmville NEW FRONTIERS Quest will Nautical Explorer vibe to it. Keep up with that Bushel inventory. We will have 21 recipes to craft in this quest. 7 from the SPA. 7 from the WINERY and 7 from the BAKERY, and some of the bushels, like PINK ROSES and LAVENDER take 46 hours to grow. Besides the usual consumables like Turbos, UnWithers, Super Fertilizer, Insta-Grows and a Book of XP, we can expect at least 4 themed rewards. There is an Explorer's Globe deco, a Columbus Shark, an Italian Sailor Goat and a World Explorer Pegasus...that has a why didn't they call it a PEGACORN?
For more information Click Here

New Frontiers Explorer's Globe Book Of XP 3 pack of Turbo Chargers Columbus Shark
Explorer's Globe Book Of XP 3 pack of Turbo Chargers Columbus Shark
Unwither Super Fertilizer Italian Sailor Goat Instagrow Potion World Explorer Pegasus
Unwither Super Fertilizer Italian Sailor Goat Instagrow Potion World Explorer Pegasus

******* FARMSTAND *******

When have a new Farm Stand heading our way. This coming Tuesday will see the start of the Animal Home FARM STAND. We will have 21 days to collect 21 new Animals, and in a welcomed twist, these all seem to be real animals, no goofy gimmicks, no silly hats, no gnomes!

Animal Home

Hawksbill Sea Turtle Monarch Butterfly Drill Monkey Giant Brown Panda Fishing Cat Uakari Umbrella Bird
Day 1
Hawksbill Sea Turtle
Day 2
Monarch Butterfly
Day 3
Drill Monkey
Day 4
Giant Brown Panda
Day 5
Fishing Cat
Day 6
Day 7
Umbrella Bird
Sumatran Rhino Stellers Sea Cow Orange Cassowary Amur Leopard Baby Sea Otter Vaquita Wild Dodo
Day 8
Sumatran Rhino
Day 9
Stellers Sea Cow
Day 10
Orange Cassowary
Day 11
Amur Leopard
Day 12
Baby Sea Otter
Day 13
Day 14
Wild Dodo
Red Panda Cub White Manta Ray Spotted Fin Whale Saola White Striped Tiger Spotted Zebra Shark Striped Bongo
Day 15
Red Panda Cub
Day 16
White Manta Ray
Day 17
Spotted Fin Whale
Day 18
Day 19
White Striped Tiger
Day 20
Spotted Zebra Shark
Day 21
Striped Bongo

****** LEADERBOARDS ******


Wednesday will bring an all new set of LEADERBOARD Challenges. Always a great way to earn Insta-Grows, UnWithers and Super Fertilizers. This week's LIMITED EDITION CROP Challenge will have us harvesting 6000 Triangular Poppies. The Triangular Poppy crop can be planted on ANY farm. It takes 23 hours to grow and will be in the market at the normal update time roughly 13 hours before the leaderboard begins. The LOCKED CROP Challenge will be set on the new Carnival de los Muertos Farm. We will need to harvest 300 Flowers of The Dead which is only a 4 hour crop. Our CRAFTY Challenge will have us making 12 Festive Maracas. Festive Maracas is a 4 hour Level 1 Brewing Wagon Recipe for which you will need 3 Bleeding Drupe, 3 Grapeyard Tombs and 3 Poppy Capsule bushels per recipe
For more information Click Here

Festive Maracas
Triangular Poppy Flowers of The Dead Festive Maracas



Tomorrow, With the launch of GENERAL ACCESS we will see a brand new COMMUNITY GOAL challenge. UnWithers, Fuel, Super Fertilizers and Turbos can be earned by collecting those MUERTO COINS on the new farm. MUERTO COINS are used to open prizes in the Ferris Wheel Silo and can be crafted as well as awarded as you plant and harvest on the Carnival de los Muerto Farm. Our collective goal will be 8 Million MUERTO COINS and the individual requirement will be 130 MUERTO COINS. This is the minimum number you will need to become eligible for the grand prize which is NO FUEL for 3 days on the new farm
For more information Click Here


Farmville will continue our receiving a FREE TREE when we build an Orchard on Carnaval de los Muertos! NICE.  Build your CARNAVAL ORCHARD, then EXPAND it all the way out. Upon completion of the FULL EXPANSION you will receive a really cute SKULL HAT TREE.


CARNAVAL De Los MUERTOS brings with it numerous NEW ITEMS FOR COINS.
Patron Duck...... 160,000
Carnaval Monkey...... 200,000
Spooky Jester Pig...... 160,000
Mime Turtle...... 120,000
Carnaval Coop...... 5,000
Skully Hot Air Balloon...... 140,000
Patron Arch...... 5,000
Skeleton Fence...... 10,000
Spikey Vine Fence...... 5,000
Skully Fence...... 15,000
Floating Picnic...... 30,000
Craneo Haybale...... 5,000
Los Muertos Tree...... 120,000
Carnaval Bi-plane...... 30,000
If you are like most Farmers who are hoarding BILLIONS of Coins then this should not even put a dent in your COIN PIGGY BANK...But, it is nice to see Coin Items from time!


Are you already thinking about BEATING the SNOT out of the new Carnival de los Muertos Farm and getting that BEAT TROPHY and SHIPPING LICENSE? If so we already have all the details in our post that's already in our COMPLETE GUIDE to the Carnival de los MUERTOS and you can find that right here on FARMVILLEDIRT.COM
Expand Carousel of Souls through level 10 for 2000 LIMBO POINTS
MASTER all of the Carnival de los Muerto Crops to 3 Star for two Insta Grow Potions
Make all 15 animals in the Carnaval Theatre for 5 UnWithers
Improve the Brewing Wagon to level 5 for 4000 Limbo points
Once you have completed all 4 of these tasks you will receive your shipping license and a shiny new BEAT TROPHY
For more information Click Here


If you are clearing off those pesky treasures using CLOWN HAMMERS and CLOWN AXES we have a post that shows you all of the rewards you can expect to find. There are way to many to name them all but some of the cooler ones include a Happy Clown Pig and a Crazed Clown Cow that has to be the scariest COW that FV has ever drawn. We have a Phantasm Unicorn and a Checkered Clown Zebra, as well as a Circus Girl Pegasus and a Daredevil on Horse which is a gnome horse combo. There is a Reaper By The Sea that's a GRIM REAPER floating over water and a very creepy Chomper Head deco. Be sure to
click here to see all 50 Treasure rewards.


Brace yourself Farmers. Soon we will be collecting TRICKY TREATS in the FREAKY CIRCUS in order to get one of 3 MENAGERIES. That may really sound weird but it's true. Our EXTRACURRICULAR Feature from last month.The MOVIE MANIA ended this past week and our next one will be called the FREAKY CIRCUS. Once again the prizes come in sets. This go round they will be called MENAGERIES. The small will have 5 prizes. The medium has 9 rewards and there are 15 in the large, you may want to consult our guide before starting this feature. Some of the prizes appear in more than one set. Some of the rewards include a Stilt Archer Monkey using it's feet to shoot an arrow. A Lord of Puppets Gnome with a monkey puppet. Caged Contortionist gnomette and she is jammed in that cage TIGHT. An Eater of Swords gnommete swallowing a sword, and please, don't let your gnomes try that at home. We have a Hula Hooping Horse. I hope the hulu hoops move because that would be cool, it would eat up your FLASH but it would be cool. We have a Cardistry Gorilla, yes it's a gorilla doing a card trick. There's a Devil’s Breath Chicken that needs a tic tac and a Flipper Unicorn, no, it doesn't have FLIPPERS it has a gnome on it's back that is suppose to FLIP I guess, and there are about another ten thousand gnomes in here. At least it seems like it. Check out the guide to see the rest of the rewards and details.
For more information Click Here


The top story this past week should have been the release of the all new Carnival de los Muertos Farm's Early Access...Unfortunately that event was overshadowed by the glitch that is now affecting many players...It started early with past week when we began seeing reports of players losing their GIFT ENVELOPE. To be more accurate, The Envelope is still there but it only shows ONE gift and no new gifts can make it into your GIFT BOX. We did alert the FV STUDIO as soon as the reports began rolling in. They have in fact been working on a fix since then with no positive results. The Dirt Farmer has posted at least 2 possible workarounds with mixed results. The first involves clearing your GB by using your FACEBOOK activity link. This has helped some but not others. The second requires collecting those gifts by using FV EXPRESS on your mobile device. Neither of these workarounds proved 100% successful and we continued to pressure the FV STUDIO for answers that were not readily forthcoming. know what that means. The Dirt Farmer had to play detective. Although we cannot say with any certainty as to what the root cause of the glitch is. We did notice that the issue began affecting more and more players during the week. And, that each new wave of reports started right after a massive Facebook PUSH. We've mentioned problems caused by the new Facebook format upgrades in the past, and those upgrades are still underway and seem to be the prime suspect once again. Since each PUSH is limited to a certain number of players, it comes in waves, and any FIX before the WAVE is complete may negatively affect those who do not have the issue. What does that mean? That means we have to wait for FACEBOOK to BREAK everyone's Gift Box before Farmville can implement any type of fix, and by FIX we mean they have to program FV to communicate with the NEW version of Facebook. What does this mean for players, especially those who are going into the new farm tomorrow? If your envelope is broken already you will not be able to GIFT Treasure parts or ASK FOR Building parts. If your ENVELOPE and GIFTING System is still working. We highly recommend that you get these parts from gifting as soon as you possibly can, because we don't know how much further this issue may spread or how long it will take for a fix


Farmville has had a number of odd issues this week. The least of which seems to be the fact that when we loaded our farms we find ourselves mysteriously back on the home farm, and not the farm we left the game set on. Maybe our Farmville is haunted and the farm ghosts keep going back to the home farm OH NO!! In any case it is a ROYAL PAIN for those of us with overloaded HOME FARMS. This farm usually takes longer to load and we cannot travel off the farm until it does load, Dirt Farmer Michele posted a helpful workaround that makes this just a wee bit easier. Simply move over to the upper left of your farm and find the Sunflower Meadow shadow dot and click on it. You will instantly travel to that farm for faster loading time. Then travel to the farm you want to work on!


OH NO!!! They stole my sheep, at least one of them. That's what you get from the DAILY DELIGHTS this upcoming week. Besides the FUEL, UNWITHERS and INSTA GROWS you can get an ABDUCTED SHEEP, and it's one of those FLOATERS. Attached to a balloon it seems to be drifting away, and we have good news for those gnome lovers, the following week we can earn a ZOMBIE COUPLE of gnomes. Keep collecting that CANDY SUSHI
For more information Click Here


Just a reminder farmers! On Monday, October 3, you will be granted the Phylia's consent to unlock the SEVENTH EXPANSION "Underworld Valley" on the Ode to Olympus farm providing you have already met the other requirements - Upgrade the Naval Theatre to Level 9, Unwrap 30 Mystery Presents in the Ambrosia Fountain, and Reach Ode to Olympus Level 69.


This past Friday saw the release of a new theme for the popular BOB'S BERRY FARM...Nine new rewards have been added to the feature...a Dark Night Lion, Creepy Canvas, Wicked Cat, Evil Devil Hut, Ghostly Bunny, Pumpkin Owl, Haunted Gazebo, Night Queen Pegasus and a Dark Shadow Tree.
For more information Click Here


CONGRATULATIONS!!! to our WINNER of last Week's BATTLEGROUND Carnaval Coupons Challenge (week ending 09.25.2016) Kim Osborn. This Week's NEW Challenge is Carnaval De Los Muertos BUSHELS. The reward for the winner of this Challenge will be a Papa Dirt Prize: your choice of ANY Unwither Ring or Double Statue from the Market. If you are not a member of the Battleground Group JOIN TODAY and invite your friends.


Once again we got our 40% off FV CASH Sale this past Wednesday. This is an expected tradition for many players who buy FV Cash. It's a NO BRAINER...If you are going to buy FV CASH then why not wait until you can get 40% more for nothing. This was also the QUESTION in The Dirt Farmer's POLL of the WEEK. We want to know just how many of you still take advantage of this sale
62% say they will not be buying FV cash during the sale while
36% say they would be grabbing the CASH this past Wednesday
2% say they just cannot decide, and we hope they made up their mind because the sale only lasted for one day and ended early Thursday morning. But there should be another 40% off sale in 8 weeks


The Dirt Farmer has begun getting CLUES as to the theme of the next new farm. Yes...We know. This NEW FARM just started but the Farmville Studio has already started designing the next new farm. It is difficult to pinpoint the exact dates of farms toward the end of the year. Since this is when they usually extend farms to match up to the HOLIDAYS. But, considering we have already an extended farm this year, it may be a good guess that our NEXT farm will run from NOV 14th to JAN 2nd, and it is no big surprise that we are seeing a lot of Winter and Christmas themed assets. What our TWIST will be for this WINTER FARM is unclear. But Heather said there are at least a few SASQUATCHES...YAY!!!


If you love breeding those animals in the MYSTERY BABIES we have some good news for you. The current batch of MYSTERY BABIES have been extended. Originally coded to end in late November they will now expire December 31st unless we get another extension. Hopefully we may see an upgrade to this feature for the first of the year.
To see the list of current list Click Here


There is a new version of an old SCAM making the rounds again...If you recieve a Facebook Message from a known friend with a link to a VIDEO with your name on it...DO NOT CLICK THIS...It is BAD MOJO...If you have clicked it...change your password immediatly

14479583_1223969747663656_880933082521914462_n         14572227_1225991004128197_5752251643584299469_n

We have not one but 2 Dirt Farmer Birthdays this week! Friday was Martina's Birthday! Martina admins our share group, Mam Maw's Trading Post, and today is Michele's birthday. Michele helps admin ASK the Dirt Farmer as well as creating posts on the Facebook Page and Help us wish them a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

FARMER'S SHOWCASE is an OPEN GROUP where you can show off your farm
ONLY Farm Pic posts. Cool, Funny or AWESOME. Show your MAD decorating skills or something unique and funny you see on your farm.

katy picture

Check out this AMAZING Farm art from our own DF Admin Katy Ward!

Check out Katy’s new HOW TO video for decorating your farm!

For all of Katy’s HOW TO Video’s Click Here


The Dirt Farmer Foundation CAUSE it’s OCTOBER is Starlight Children's Foundation, a national non-profit organization that seeks to improve hospital experiences for children and chronically ill teenagers. Its programs support hospitals that serve over 60 million children around the world. We invite you to JOIN and SUPPORT this wonderful Cause, spread the word and share with your friends.

In the meantime, we hope you will visit our website as often as possible.  Your support and your clicks on that website is what enables us to provide our services to all the players. Share those posts from our Facebook page so we can reach even more players, so we can help them manage their game and stay in the game. Without YOUR support there is no Dirt Farmer.  Thanks to each and every one of you!

We all know that playing Farmville isn't getting any easier these days. Whether Farmville is throttling  access to your friends or the  Facebook newsfeed is hiding them from you it's hard to find help links on the newsfeed.  Add that to the fact that a lot of fellow players have quit and it becomes very challenging to  find help.  That's why you should join one or all of the Dirt Farmers SHARE Groups. Mam-Maw's Trading Post, Quest Help and More, The VOTE HELP Group and GOT SHEEP are link sharing groups where you can find neat items and even get help with common FV activities.  We also have several helpful groups such as The Dirt Farmer, Farmville News Network and others! Be sure to ASK to JOIN today and please tell your FV friends about these helpful resources.



Desert Rose

That's all we have right now, remember to always visit Ask the Dirt Farmer for up to date information and help, and enjoy the rest of your week!
Reporting live from the Dirt Farmer Studio in beautiful downtown Farmville, Dirt Farmers Michele and Karen

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