How To Enable & Disable Autoposting

How can I enable & disable Farmville from (autoposting) auto-publishing posts in Facebook?

Here's how to prevent Facebook from auto-publishing (autoposting) your posts:

 1. Click on the gear icon found at the top right of your Facebook page and select  Settings.
2. Click the Apps
tab on the left side
of the page.

3. Click on  Edit Settings link for FarmVille. 

4. Under the "This App
Can" section, disable
the setting to post on
your behalf by removing
the check-mark from
the circle.

Don't forget to hit Save if you've made any changes!

***WARNING*** If you do not have the above Facebook settings, the only way to Enable Autoposting right now is to remove the Farmville App and reinstall it and when it asks for the permission on do you want it to post on your behalf click yes. PLEASE NOTE that when you remove the Game App you may need to contact Zynga Customer Support to re-activate your VIP membership.

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  1. post do not Appears on my sittings

  2. hello i had the same problem you have to do this click on this link and click then on the OK button then log out of fb restart you computer and it will be back to auto postings this is the link

  3. the link takes me to a blank page :(


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