Frustrated By The New Facebook Shortcuts? Can't Find Your Bookmarks? Read This!

Has your FACEBOOK home page been converted to the new SHORTCUTS MENU? Can't find your FARMVILLE GAME or GROUP BOOKMARKS? Driving you nuts that you can't edit it and show the links you want? Your Dirt Farmer Team has a workaround for you. We have found a series of LINKS that you can bookmark in your browser (or simply bookmark this post) and they will take you back to the traditional views of groups by membership, games you play and more. Read below for details and please do share so we may help your friends as well.

Simply click the relevant pic or word below to take you to the link on that topic with groups you are a member of, games you play, events you are attending and more...


You can also hover to the right of the shortcuts menu then click on edit.

and choose items to pin to top and then click save - there is no guarantee that Facebook won't change the order on you, but at least they will be on the list.

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  1. The problem is, that even clicking the link.. it takes you to a blank page. Like my friends lists. ALL the lists are gone of lists I made of friends.


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