Dirt Farmer LIVE! Podcast and Show Summary October 23, 2016

Did you miss the show this week?  Do you want to hear or read about the latest and greatest FarmVille News?  Well this is the place for you!  Join us as we discuss the week in Farmville in our own fashion:  with fun and frivolity, and just a little adult humor thrown in to keep it interesting.   We cover anything worth mentioning, and we also have links to our guides and groups.  Hope you enjoy, and remember to share with your friends!

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Hosted by St Locke

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 *****SHOW SUMMARY*****


And here we go...Welcome to the show...I will be your host for the next 57 minutes...My name is Locke and I am the Dirt Farmer
...I'd like to take a minute to talk about something that is so absurdly ridiculous...That you would think it would not even need mentioning...But, then I wander back onto Facebook and there it is.
...What am I talking about?...FACEBOOK FEUDS...I'm sure we all know what I'm talking about...People who troll the Internet just picking little fights...causing drama where there is none...I doubt there is a corner of ANY social media site that is immune to people who just want to spread their misery to others...And, as most of us are well aware,  the Community of Farmville Players has it's fair share...Secret groups are even started as one person gathers allies and the opposing camp does the same...Friends are lost...Feelings are hurt...and for what?...Facebook Fame? The Glory of making someone feel terrible?...Maybe one person feels they were wronged by some "faceless" person on the internet and that they MUST get revenge...on some person on the internet that called them a name...or maybe they didn't UNFRIEND one of their Facebook enemies...See how ridiculous this is sounding?...But, sadly it's true...You don't like that someone responded to you in ALL CAPS and you organize a vendetta against them...Maybe you THINK a FV neighbor is using a cheat...and you feel it is your God given right to ignite the crusade for their online destruction...The Dirt Farmer isn't immune to these actions...As you can probably understand...We try to keep our groups clean and free of abusive talk...and from time to time we have to remove posts...remove people...and the drama starts...It really amazes me how BOLD people are on the internet...5 foot 2 is suddenly 7 feet tall...I guess I have a unique perspective when it comes to CONFLICT...I'm a chef...I'm in a cut throat fast paced business...If you have ever watched Hell's Kitchen and thought "THAT'S CRAZY"...I watch it and think it's tame...But, the funny thing...No matter how crazy and loud we get...It ends when the shift ends...there's no drama...there's no revenge...There's no living your life to make someone else miserable...I really, at times, think we need a Facebook Feud Court...like the People's Court...You come...you tell your story and then I can tell you why your feud makes no sense at all...Because it's on the Internet...with someone who isn't really even in your life...If an internet friend becomes an internet enemy...WALK AWAY...Block them...Ignore them...For God's sake don't pull other people into your FEUD...Misery loves company but sooner or later your company will wise up and you'll not only be all alone in your tiny little room in real life...But you will also find yourself all alone and friendless in a fake online world as well.



As always, special thanks to Barry West for sharing his magic with us.  You can check out all of his Farmville Songs on Youtube.


We are entering into the very LAST week of ROUND TEN of the Daily Delights, it starts Sunday at midnight.  That is just over 3 hours from this live broadcast.  We will begin collecting CANDY SUSHI once again.  The candy Sushi themselves are redeemable for consumables such as FUEL, Un-Withers and InstaGrows.  In this final week of ROUND TEN, which we all know is the CHAMPIONSHIP Round, we can collect a great bonus prize:  The Dragonwings Pegacorn can be yours if you can collect all your CANDY SUSHI.


As ROUND TEN of the Daily Delights ends, we can now tell you that it will be replaced with ROUND ELEVEN.
We expect this round to start right after Halloween and run until the Holidays.
We will still be collecting CANDY SUSHI for Fuel, Un-Withers and InstaGrows, but we will have a brand new set of 10 new bonus rewards.
We start out with a Draculaura Pony for the horse breeders.  Then we have a TUCKER TREAT, It's a Peachy Pig.  There's an Angora Goat and a Pretty Holstein Cow.   Wonder how our old Holstein Cow is going to react when she finds out she's not the pretty one???  Next we have a Glommer Duck.  Then the following week we have a Chocolates Chicken with a Valentine's Day Box of Candy. No where near Valentine's Day.  Pierre The Giraffe has a Santa Hat, we have a Red Nose Sheep with Rudolph antlers and nose.  There's a SantaCon Party Horse and finally a Glitter Penguin.   You know what I find odd?  I find it really really odd that this IS the Daily Delight round that is running during Christmas, and it's the ONLY one that hasn't had a CAROLLER Critter in it...hmmm.

Draculaura Pony Peach Pig Angora Goat Pretty Holstein Cow Glommer Duck
Draculaura Pony Peach Pig Angora Goat Pretty Holstein Cow Glommer Duck
Chocolates Chicken Pierre the Giraffe Red Nose Sheep SantaCon Party Horse Glitter Penguin
Chocolates Chicken Pierre The Giraffe Red Nose Sheep SantaCon Party Horse Glitter Penguin

***Haunted Hollow World Sale***

Early this past Monday we saw something that we haven't seen in quite a while.  A WORLD SALE.  Yes, just in time for Halloween the Farmville Studio decided to put ALL of the Haunted Hollow Farm on Sale at a 70% discount.
If you're asking "what is a world sale" ? Well, we often have LAND EXPANSION SALES for different percentages off.  But this is a WORLD SALE!  It not only includes the LAND EXPANSIONS but everything themed for that farm: Animals, Trees, Decos, the whole SHE-BANG!!!
As many of you may already know, The Haunted Hollow farm's Market is already home to a COIN STALLION.  If you need a practically free stallion for one of your newer farms, head to Haunted Hollow and pick one up for coins, and while you're there why not dooooo some spooooky decorating on this spooky farm.


It seems that this current week will be our last COMMUNITY GOAL for the Carnival de los Muertos farm.  We have a few hours to get those Land Expansions that will unlock FUEL, TURBOS, Un-Withers, Super Fertilizers and Free fuel in Carnival de los Muertos for 3 days
If anything changes and they add additional community goals we will let you know.  If this is the last one for the new farm,  then get some rest.  Because we're only 3 weeks away from the next farm.

click here


CONGRATULATIONS!!! to our WINNERS of last Week's BATTLEGROUND Double Challenge (week ending 10.16.2016): Cody Nugget for the Tricky Treats Challenge and Jocella Dalao Ascano for the Tricky Treats Crafting Challenge. The NEW Challenge for this Week is HALLOWEEN THEMED Foals, Calves, Fawns, Eggs & Trees. The Winner of this Challenge will receive a Papa Dirt Prize: your choice of ANY Unwither Ring or Double Statue from the Market. If you are not a member of the Battleground Group JOIN TODAY and invite your friends.


I want to do a side challenge in the BATTLEGROUND this week...I want to do MONSTER SURUM...and Stassi is going to explain why

Let's talk about some CHUPACABRA.  Last week Locke wanted to know why we didn't have one of these little goat suckers on the new Carnival de los Muertos Farm.  Seeing that this is basically a spooky Mexican farm and the CHUPACABRA is a Mexican cryptozoological beastie, it struck us as odd that there wasn’t one. But if you would like to set this ethnical-quandary a right., you can make your own CHUPACABRA in the MONSTER LAB.  Yes, the old Monster Lab can still be placed on any farm.  The frame can be purchased for 5 COINS and the completed Monster Lab can be yours for 35 FV Cash

click here for monster lab information


It's gonna be HUMP DAY sooner that we expect, and that means a fresh set of Leaderboard challenges are coming your way.  They'll be right in your face before you know it...on HUMP DAY.
This week's LIMITED EDITION CROP Challenge will see us harvesting 6000 Jelly Fusia.  The Jelly Fusia can be planted on any Farm.  It is a 23 hour crop and will be in the market at the normal update time roughly 13 hours before the leaderboard begins.
Our LOCKED FARM CROP Challenge will have us harvesting 300 Coffeen Pods.  Get it...coffee/coffin pods...punny!  The Coffeen Pods are an 8 hour crop that is LOCKED to the new Carnival de los Muertos Farm.
And yes, we need to get CRAFTY and we have a CHALLENGE for that as well.  You will need to make 12 Flor Headdress.   The Flor Headdress is a 2 hour Level 1 Brewing Wagon Recipe for which you will need 3 Abandoned Lotus Pods , 3 Flowers of The Dead and 3 Bleeding Drupe bushels per recipe.  And WHY do we do what we do?  Why do we do the LEADERBOARDS?  Because we all want those Insta Grows, UnWithers and Super Fertilizers

Harvest Coffeen Pods in Carnaval de los Muertos! Harvest Jelly Fusia! Make Flor Headdress in Carnaval de los Muertos!
Coffeen Pods Jelly Fusia Flor Headdress

click here



Wednesday saw another sale this past week.  It was just a 50% Sale and it was only for LAND EXPANSIONS on the NAMASTE INDIA Farm, and we believe this sale may still active.
But if spending Farm Cash at any discount just isn't how you roll, the Farmville Studio did release a COIN EXPANSION later that same day.

The 24x24 PUMPKIN VALLEY can now be yours, and NOT for 100 FV Cash but for only 1, 500,000 Coins!
If you ever want to know, at a glance, which farms can be expanded for what amount check out our Land Expansion Guide on our website farmvilledirt.com 


Next week, right here on this very show, we will be talking about Farmville.  But, it's one of those light weeks that may not give us a lot of FV news.  That happens every so often especially when we get to week 6 of a new farm.  The lull before the storm that comes with the next new farm. So, since next Monday is HALLOWEEN, We are going to tell Ghost Stories.. YES,  we are.  I want you all to know this is Wende's idea, so you pretty much know this isn't going to end well.

Speaking of HAUNTED, many farmers thought their farms were haunted this past Thursday.  Craft times were all GOBBLELY GOO'D and CROPS were all out of TIMEYWHIMEY.  It was pure SHENANIGANS I tell you, pure SHENANIGANS.  Maybe this was the Studio's attempt to give us a truly HAUNTED FARM. Sadly this didn't stay on the farm and soon spread to the Gift Envelope as well. It's GONE...then it's back and poof...it’s gone again!

If the weirdness wasn't just SPOOKTACULAR enough, many farmers found themselves STUCK on the Story of Sakura Farm with no way to escape.  THE HORROR ( and this reporter adds flash backs to the ridiculous throttling of that farm) at least it wasn't CLESTIAL PASTURES!
I wonder what HOKUS POKUS next week will bring us.


The closer we get to the WITCHING HOUR, the closer we get to the new LAND EXPANSION on the Carnival de los Muertos Farm.  Upgrade Carousel of Souls to Level 3, unwrap 10 Mystery Presents in the Ferris Wheel Silo, and reach Carnival De Los Muertos level 33 and you will receive THE GREAT PUMPKIN'S consent to expand the Waters Of Tears expansion. YES, it is a WATER SECTION and great news for those that need more water plots.  It is plot number 3 in the picture below.


This coming Tuesday will bring us a brand spankin new totally rebuilt FARMSTAND.  The Farmstand is an easy and quick way to earn 21 days of farmTASTIC prizes.  We start out with a Scary Lion that looks like that big white thing that attacked CAPTAIN KIRK on that stinky planet.  There's a Zombie Cub teddy bear, a Bat Winged Tree with hanging bats. We have a Pumpkin Glow Arch for you folks that are trying to circle your 50x50 home farms with arches.  We have a Spooky Eyes Trees..  I'll bet Locke is going to tell us that the eyes follow you around!  We also have a Moonlit Tree, the Spooky Eye Sheep looks like she needs fumigating and an Arachnid Dog.  The Hollow Butler may be a deco, who knows?  W e also have a Spooky Spirit Gnome and he can ride in your Pumpkin Boat (not really).  Great news for you scarecrow collectors:  there's a Haunted Scarecrow, and we have a floating table, yes, that's right.  It’s a table, that floats, that you can put on your farm.  Really.  There’s a Ghosty Cow that gives 0% milk, because it's a ghost.  We have a Spooky Carriage in case you needed another carriage in your storage.   The Haunted Bandmates are a GANG of skeleton gnomes playing a guitar, trumpet and bass.  We know our next reward is called the Hollow Jester, we just have no freakin idea what it is.  If your new chicken coop needs chickens, we have a Dracula Chicken which is the female vampire version of the CHICKENPIRE that can be easily made in the MONSTER LAB.  Then we can earn a Mossy Fountain, just in case you are sick and tired of looking at the other 10 million fountains we have in the game.  The Skuly Horn Deer looks like some creepy alien venison, and finally we have a Bewitched Unicorn

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4
Scary Lion Zombie Cub Bat Winged Tree Pumpkin Glow Arch
Scary Lion Zombie Cub Bat Winged Tree Pumpkin Glow Arch
Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8
Spooky Eyes Trees Moonlit Tree Spooky Eye Sheep Arachnid Dog
Spooky Eyes Trees Moonlit Tree Spooky Eye Sheep Arachnid Dog
Day 9 Day 10 Day 11 Day 12
Hollow Butler Spooky Spirit Gnome Pumpkin Boat Haunted Scarecrow
Hollow Butler Spooky Spirit Gnome Pumpkin Boat Haunted Scarecrow
Day 13 Day 14 Day 15 Day 16
Spooky Floaty Table Ghosty Cow Spooky Carriage Haunted Bandmates
Spooky Floaty Table Ghosty Cow Spooky Carriage Haunted Bandmates
Day 17 Day 18 Day 19 Day 20
Hollow Jester Dracula Chicken Mossy Fountain Skuly Horn Deer
Hollow Jester Dracula Chicken Mossy Fountain Skuly Horn Deer
Day 21
Bewitched Unicorn
Bewitched Unicorn

WOW!!! That means we had ANOTHER sale? Yes and it is current so if you didn't know, LISTEN UP!  We have a 70% OFF WORLD SALE on our EMERALD VALLEY Farm.  This is another Sale that we can get pretty excited about.
There are lions, and tigers, and bears! .........OH MY!
That would be the Red Ribbon Lion, the Rainbow Ribbon Tiger, and the Big Bow Bear. (all only 4 Farm Cash each)
The Emerald Scottie Dog (also known as Toto!) is only 3 Farm Cash. There's a HUGE Emerald Town Deco (6FC), the very cool and spooky looking Wicked Witch's Western Castle for 4FC, and I counted a total of 34 TREES on sale.
And much, much more!...Hurry before it ends.

Red Ribbon Lion Rainbow Ribbon Tiger Big Bow Bear Emerald Scottie Dog Emerald Town Western Castle
Red Ribbon Lion Rainbow Ribbon Tiger Big Bow Bear Emerald Scottie Dog Emerald Town Western Castle


I can hardly believe it's already WEEK FIVE for the Carnival de los Muertos Farm.  Yes, Chapter 5 starts in just a few hours.  Plant ahead for those crafting bushels.  SOUR PUMPKIN and  TOXOIDS BUSHELS take 16 hours to grow.  SPIDER FLOWER BUSHELS take 18 hours to grow, and remember it is a water crop.  .Craft 3 Enchanted Rings and 2 Patron Guitarras in the Brewing Wagon and you will be able to breeze through the first 2 stages of this quest.  Now, for all of our begging, planting and crafty crafting-ness,  what can we expect?
We have a Smiling Skull Tree to give your orchard the heeby jeebies.  There's a Clownfish Hoop Act, and no, it's not a creepy clown.  It is a clown fish jumping through a fiery hoop.  Next we have a creepy creepy creepy Clown Koala.  Cute or creepy? I say CREEPY.  Our next reward is called the Waking Ghost, but all it is is a tombstone with skulls.  So maybe it's a shy ghost.  The Festive Fossil Triceratops must have been leftover from CAVEMAN CLUB.  Finally we have a Vigilante Muertos Stallion.

Smiling Skull Tree Clownfish Hoop Act Clown Koala Waking Ghost Festive Fossil Triceratops Vigilante Muertos Stallion
Smiling Skull Tree
Clownfish Hoop Act
Clown Koala
Waking Ghost
Festive Fossil Triceratops
Vigilante Muertos Stallion


***Farmville Let There Be Light Quest***

LET THERE BE LIGHT.  That is the name of our next all new all farms quest.  We get 2 weeks to complete the 9 stages of this fun filled frenzy of a quest.  BEGONIA , KALE AND RED TULIP CROPS take23 hours to grow,  so get a jump on those crops that you will need for bushels.  We have a new 4 hour crop with this quest and we will need Lamp Flowers in stages 1 and 3.  Besides the usual consumables, that include a Book of XP, we can expect at least 4 new prizes.  There is a Lamp Lotus and I have absolutely positively NO IDEA what the heck it is...soooo...I'm just gonna say DECO...maybe.  We have a Lamp Light peaCOCK, it looks like a leftover from NAMASTE INDIA.  Then we have a Lights Elephant and finally a Diya Light Pegacorn, so, let's face it, this whole quest is a NAMASTE INDIA leftover.

Lamp Lotus Lamp Light Peacock Lights Elephant Diya Light Pegacorn
Lamp Lotus Lamp Light Peacock Lights Elephant Diya Light Pegacorn

This week, Dirt Farmer Katy our video tutorial guru and ASK the Dirt Farmer and   Farmer's Showcase admin, brings us a spooky yet adorable tutorial on how to make SKELETON ANIMALS ! Just right for El Carnival or any of the Halloween Farms really!   Please do share with friends so they may learn as well.
To see Katy's other videos click here  for The Dirt Farmer’s Almanac and scroll to the bottom. To join Farmer’s Showcase and show off your farm, and view other awesome designs by Farmer Katy and many others, click here.


*****Farmer’s Showcase*****

FARMER'S SHOWCASE is an OPEN GROUP where you can show off your farm
ONLY Farm Pic posts. Cool, Funny or AWESOME. Show your MAD decorating skills or something unique and funny you see on your farm.

This beautiful pagoda was created by Farmer Lu.

*****The Dirt Farmer Foundation*****

The Dirt Farmer Foundation was created in an attempt to harness the social media influence
of the Dirt Farmer's fan base into a unified force that can be used to help others in need.


***HALLOWEEN SAFETY CAMPAIGN*** Halloween is just around the corner and The Dirt Farmer Foundation would like to share a few safety tips for parents to help children have a fun and be safe on this special day. Join this Campaign, Spread the word, Share this message with your friends and have a HAPPY SAFE HALLOWEEN!

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month, a chance to spread awareness. During this month, we celebrate people with Down syndrome and make people aware of their abilities and accomplishments. It's not about celebrating disabilities, it's about celebrating abilities.


We want to thank you all for joining us this evening...It's a good thing...that when we first picked this time slot many many years ago...We did so knowing that our show would end right when THE WALKING DEAD starts...and tonight is the season premier of the WALKING DEAD...In just minutes here on the right side of the country we will discover who NAGAN kills...While the left side of the country will see the broadcast an hour or so later...So if you don't like SPOILERS...Stay off the internet until you see the show
(LOCKE) And be sure to join CB SNOW, WENDE KING and MYSELF in exactly 24 hours...right here for our WALKING DEAD FAN TALK SHOW...Tomorrows show will not only be a review show...but it will most likely be a THERAPY SHOW...join us

...And be sure to join us next week...as we have our very first HALLOWEEN on HALLOWEEN SHOW...GOOD NIGHT!!!



Desert Rose

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Reporting live from the Dirt Farmer Studio in beautiful downtown Farmville, Dirt Farmers Michele and Karen

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