Dirt Farmer Guide to Using Lightshot to capture and share images

Do you want to learn how to use Lightshot to capture and share images?  This ability will come in handy when we ask for screen shots to help trouble shoot any problems that you are having with FarmVille or your computer in general.  You can also use this program to share funny cartoons or cute pictures with your friends.  Just follow our easy directions listed below.

First you will need to download and install the Lightshot program.  Remember to ALWAYS choose the custom install option so that you can decline any unwanted programs and toolbars that are offered.  The Dirt Farmer recommends always choosing this option no matter what software you are installing.   There is a version for both Windows and Macs.  Click here to choose either Windows or Mac, and download the program.

After you accept the license agreement, and install the program, an icon of a purple feather will appear towards the right on your taskbar (the long bar at the bottom of your computer screen).  Clicking on this purple feather will allow you to outline the portion of the image that you want to capture.  You can also use the PrtScr (print screen)  key on your keyboard.  The location of the PrtScr key will vary depending on your keyboard.

Image result for print screen keyboard image

 You can now start to capture images, and share them with others.  Simply start to outline the image that you want to capture, and you will see a box outlining the image.  You will also see a row of icons at the bottom of the outline box that allow you to choose what action you want to perform.  Let’s say that you want to only screen shot the top half of an image.  You would click on the Lightshot icon, and outline the portion of the image that you want.   Here is a picture of the row of icons:

Clicking on the cloud icon gives you a link to share with others.

Clicking on this icon allows you to share your screen shot with social media.
Clicking on this icon allows you to search google for similar images.

Clicking on this icon allows you to print your screen shot.

Clicking on this icon allows you to copy your screen shot.  We use this one the most.

Clicking on this icon allows you to save the screen shot to your computer. 

 To choose which action you want to perform, simply click on the corresponding icon. You can hover over each icon to see what action it performs. 

For our purposes, we are going to discuss the copy icon, which is the 5th icon from the left on the picture located above.   This is the icon that we suggest using whenever we ask you to post a screen shot of an issue with your game or computer.

In the example depicted below, let’s assume that someone wanted to share a picture of some FarmVille inhabitants, without letting people know how she  truly feels about them.  All she would need to do is outline the part of the image that she wanted to capture, left click on the copy icon, and the portion of the image shown below would be saved.



Then all she would need to do is right click to paste the image where ever she wanted it to be placed.

That's all for now, stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and information.

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