Daily Delights Babies

Don’t you hate missing out on that Daily Delight Animal by one day?  Thought you had clicked every day, only to find out that one click didn’t stick?  Well we’ve come up with a list of the Daily Delight babies that can be found on the feed, or from a friend, and grown in the nursery or with fawn feed.  This will be a handy reference to use during our periodic Battleground challenges where we share these babies.  Please check out our post, and share it with your friends if you find it helpful.

Daily Delights Calves That Can Be Grown In The Nursery

Black Forest Calf
Cactus Calf
Floral Madness Calf Heart Patched Calf
Oktoberfest Calf Strawberry Cream Calf Tomatina Bull Calf Wafer Calf

Daily Delights Fawns That Can Be Grown With Fawn Feed

Blooming Love Fawn
Blossom Fairy Fawn
Christmas Night Fawn
Lasso Fawn
Shimmer Fawn
Spotted Colour Fawn Symphony Dream Fawn Winter's Wish Dream Fawn

Daily Delights Foals That Can Be Grown In The Nursery

American Pegacorn Foal Anemone Pegasus Foal Boyfriend Foal Butterburst Pegacorn Foal
Button Rose Unicorn Foal Candilicious Unicorn Foal Daisy Fairy Pegasus Foal Draculaura Pony Foal
Dragonwings Pegacorn Foal Fantasy Foal Fiesta Pegasus Foal Flower Fairy Foal
Frost Berries Foal Kaleidoscope Garden Unicorn Foal Orange Tulip Pegacorn Foal Oriental Princess Pony Foal
Punk Princess Pegacorn Foal Rocker Pony Foal Rose Prism Foal SantaCon Party Foal
Social Bash Pony Foal Spring Fashion Pegacorn Foal Winter Moon Pegacorn Foal  

Did you know that we at the Dirt Farmer have a video explaining how you can harvest your nursery multiple times, to increase the odds that you will receive adult animals?  Well, we do, and here’s the link on our farmvilledirt. com website that explains how to do it:

Did you know that you can craft fawn feed in the crafting building, and grow your fawns into their adult versions?  Here’s the recipe:

6 hours/360 minutes
  3 Wild Alfalfa Bushels 3 Highbush Blueberry Bushels 3 Goldenrod Flower Bushels  

Click here to join our BATTLEGROUND CHALLENGE group, if you haven’t yet.  We always have a weekly fun contest there.

That’s all we have for now, don’t forget to visit our help group ASK the Dirt Farmer for any and all questions relating to FarmVille.

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