Farmville Carnaval De Los Muertos Farm Beat Carnival De Los Muertos

We will have the opportunity to BEAT FarmVille Carnaval De Los Muertos and win our shipping license. Just like Ode To Olympus, the event is already coded and we can plan our strategy and begin working on it from day one. Your Dirt Farmer team has all the details for you. Read below for the info and please share…

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A look at the loading screen

A look at the event pop up showing our goals to BEAT Carnaval De Los Muertos

A look at the statue we will receive for beating Carnaval De Los Muertos

We will be sharing Limbo Points as we complete each stage

As usual we will be rewarded with the shipping license when we complete the BEAT event

If you do not wish to complete the BEAT event, the license will also be available to purchase in your cellar, most likely for 150 Farm Cash

Finally a look at the steps we will need to complete to BEAT  Carnaval De Los Muertos
Expand Carousel of Souls through level 10
2000 Limbo Points
Master the following crops to level 3
Cornivale, Ferris Wheat,
Chocolate Cosmos,
Upside Down Shades,
Hairy Clown Nose,
Mexican Skullflower,
Flowers Of The Dead,
Bone Flower Dog,
Grapeyard Tombs,
Coffeen Pods,
Purple Blades,
Dried Ghost Pepper,
Abandoned Lotus Pods,
Ruby Moon,
Cursed Cluster,
Itchy Beans,
Poppy Capsule,
Sour Pumpkin,
Bleeding Drupe,
Ghost Blooms,
Spider Flower,
Datura Seed Pod,
Cotton Candy,
Toxic Pumpkin,
Prickly Pear,
Glowing Moon Rocks,

2X Insta Grow Potions
Make all 15 animals in the Carnaval Theatre
X5 Unwither
Improve the Brewing Wagon to level 5
4000 Limbo points
All 4 tasks (Carousel of Souls, Crop Mastery, Carnaval Theatre, and Brewing Wagon)
Carnaval De Los Muertos Shipping License and Carnaval De Los Muertos Beat Trophy

That’s all for now, stay tuned to The Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and information

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