Farmville Carnaval De Los Muertos Farm Animals

#Farmville will soon be releasing a brand new expansion called Carnaval De Los Muertos.  And as with every new farm expansion, Carnaval De Los Muertos will have its own unique animals fitting the theme of this holiday farm.  Check out the Dirt Farmer post for a sneak peek at the images we have found and please don’t forget to share it with your friends if you find it helpful.

For more information related to Farmville Carnaval De Los Muertos, check out The Dirt Farmer’s Carnaval De Los Muertos Complete Guide.

Circus Clown Lion Graveyard Clown Lion Ringmaster Lion Bone Eagle
Bufanda Bird Heart Crest Owl Soul Eating Vulture Witchy Owl
Cup Hat Cat La Cala Cat Muerte Cat Scared Kitty
Clown Crab Dark Clown Dog Evil Angler Fish Striped Lion Fish
Accordian Duck Cook Clown Duck Dead Revering Duck Horrid Hoola Duck
Patron Duck Ring Master Duck Mariachi Elephant Skull Balance Elephant
Webbed Trunk Elephant Mime Frog Catrina Octopus Juggling Meerkat
Mad Clown Hippocampus Muerto Seapony Skeleton Octopus Hypnotic Giraffe
Muertos Dance Giraffe Sad Jester Giraffe Senorita Giraffe Devil's Joker Goat
Evil Jester Goat Mexacali Spirit Kangaroo Numb Jester Llama Carnaval Monkey
La Reaper Monkey Slingin' Monkey Skully Patterned Peacock Bone Vaquero Pig
Dark Circus Pig Mexicano Pig Ring Master Pig Ring Mistress Pig
Spooky Jester Pig Cob Webbed Seahorse Skull Juggler Seal Fire Eater Sheep
Carousel Shell Tortoise Dead Slow Turtle Mime Turtle Soul Turtle
Muertos Dancing Giraffe Sir Real Wolf

Cows, Bulls and Calves
Skele Bull Skele Bull Calf Afterlife Calf Afterlife Cow
Clown Reaper Calf Clown Reaper Cow

Chicken and Eggs
Captain Clown Chicken Captain Clown Chicken Egg Carnivale Chicken Carnivale Chicken Egg
Fire Breather Chicken Fire Breather Chicken Egg Two Faced Chicken Two Faced Chicken Egg

Magic Deer and Fawns
Evil Puppet Deer Evil Puppet Fawn Fire Hoop Deer Fire Hoop Fawn
Nightmare Deer Nightmare Fawn Phantom Clown Deer Phantom Clown Fawn

Horse and Foals
Carved Glowing Horse Carved Glowing Foal Creepy Horse Creepy Foal
Dark Performer Horse Dark Performer Foal Devious Horse Devious Foal
Muerto Horse Muerto Foal Senorita Bone Horse Senorita Bone Foal
Spooky Crowned Horse Spooky Crowned Foal

Pegacorn and Foals
Elegante Pegacorn Elegante Pegacorn Foal Glutton Sinner Pegacorn Glutton Sinner Pegacorn Foal
Muertos Pegacorn Muertos Pegacorn Foal Mysterious Pegacorn Mysterious Pegacorn Foal
Novia Pegacorn Novia Pegacorn Foal Reina Pegacorn Reina Pegacorn Foal
Soul-less Pegacorn Soul-less Pegacorn Foal Spooky Pinata Pegacorn Spooky Pinata Pegacorn Foal

Pegasi and Foals
Crazed Pegasus Crazed Pegasus Foal Muertola Pegasus Muertola Pegasus Foal
Novia Pegasus Novia Pegasus Foal Pink Masquerade Pegasus Pink Masquerade Pegasus Foal
Wicked Princess Pegasus Wicked Princess Pegasus Foal

Pony and Foals
Carousel Monster Pony Carousel Monster Pony Foal Catrina Pony Catrina Pony Foal
Circus Performer Pony Circus Performer Pony Foal

Unicorns and Foals
Bonita Unicorn Bonita Unicorn Foal Ghost Queen Unicorn Ghost Queen Unicorn Foal
Soul Town Unicorn Soul Town Unicorn Foal

Zebra and Foals
Tricky Suit Zebra Tricky Suit Zebra Foal
That’s all we have for now… Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest FarmVille
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