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Starts October 10th With Movie Mania recently coming to an end, your Dirt Farmer team has found a preview for you of the next limited edition feature the FarmVille Studio has in Store. In FarmVille Freaky Circus, we will help El Payaso Triste gather performers to save El Carnaval, after Orozco steals the bag of coins he is paid to put it on to pay the ferryman. It appears that this feature will be in the vein of Ghoul Ball, with your choice of difficulty level and varying animal and deco rewards. Read below for details and please do share….
The FarmVille Freaky Circus feature is currently scheduled to go live on our farms on October 10th, 2016 and end on November 9th, 2016.
A look at the preview loading screen that hints at the feature…
A look at the loading screen when the feature goes live.
A look at the popup that we will get when the feature goes live on our farms
We will be collecting and crafting TRICKY TREATS to redeem for prizes in the feature.
A look at the recipes to craft Tricky Treats, as usual we will be able to craft them in increments of one, three and five.
Please note that the recipes will not be available in the craft shop and the new crops (Skelly Cactus, Sugar Skull Rose,  ) will not be available in the market, until the regular update time prior to the launch of the feature.
Recipe Name Bushel 1 Bushel 2 Bushel 3 Crafting Time Tricky Treat Yield
Red Cabbage Bushel Electric Roses Bushel Alarm Clock
Witches Grub Table 1 Red Cabbage Bushel 2 Skelly Cactus Bushel 2 Electric Roses Bushel 1 Hour 1 Tricky Treat
Halloween Dust Bushel Poison Apple Bushel Alarm Clock
Monster Food Cart 2 Halloween Dust Bushels 3 Sugar Skull Rose Bushels 2 Poison Apple Bushels 2 Hours 3 Tricky Treats
Undead Grapes Bushel Chrysanthemum Bushel Alarm Clock
Ghastly Chow Booth 3 Undead Grapes Bushels 3 Chrysanthemum Bushels 2 Spider Skullberries Bushels 4 Hours 5 Tricky Treats
You will be able to choose between a small, medium and large menagerie to play for. The Small and Medium menageries are unique, the Large contains some duplicates. If you are going to try to complete all 3, we recommend doing the Large LAST so you will already have your bonus prize and be able to skip redeeming duplicates if you so choose.
El Payaso Triste will make a recommendation for you, based on your history of success in completing similar features, but you will be able to choose a different one if you wish.
Once again, if you change your mind mid-completion, you will be able to switch your menagerie ONE time, through the duration of the feature.
If you complete your menagerie by redeeming all rewards within the allotted time, you will win a grand prize.
That grand prize will be the Marionette Pegacorn.
If you complete your menagerie with time remaining in the feature, you will be able to replay it and earn the same rewards again, or play for one of the other two menageries. If you do opt to replay the same one, El Payaso Triste will ask you if you are sure…
Now for a look at the rewards for each menagerie. Each one will have the same Marionette Pegacorn bonus reward.
Small Menagerie – 5 Rewards
You will need 305 Tricky Treats to redeem each reward once.
Lord Of Puppets Tight Rope Duck Risley Dog
30 Tricky Treats 45 Tricky Treats 60 Tricky Treats
Stilt Archer Monkey Handstand Deer  
70 Tricky Treats 100 Tricky Treats  
Medium Menagerie – 9 Rewards
You will need 705 Tricky Treats to redeem each reward once.
This one has a good balance of deco and animals, something for everyone. Though most of the decorations are gnomes – they must have been thinking of Dirt Farmer Karen when they created this menagerie.
Caged Contortionist Rola Bola Clown Eater of Swords
35 Tricky Treats 45 Tricky Treats 65 Tricky Treats
Torch Unicyclist Devil Stick Meerkat Clowning Around Seal
65 Tricky Treats 85 Tricky Treats 95 Tricky Treats

Indian Rope Trick
The Reverse Roller Hula Hooping Horse
95 Tricky Treats 110 Tricky Treats 110 Tricky Treats
Large Menagerie – 16 Rewards
You will need 1,045 Tricky Treats to redeem each reward once.
Undead Sharpshooter Acrobatic  Juggler Lord Of Puppets
30 Tricky Treats 30 Tricky Treats 30 Tricky Treats
Caged Contortionist Bulbhead Plate Spinner Rola Bola Clown
35 Tricky Treats 40 Tricky Treats 45 Tricky Treats
Tight Rope Duck Eater of Swords Torch Unicyclist
45  Tricky Treats 65 Tricky Treats 65 Tricky Treats
Valdez Acro Dancer Boom Snare Drummer Floating Harlequin
65 Tricky Treats 75 Tricky Treats 90 Tricky Treats
Cardistry Gorilla Devils Breath Chicken Muscleman Cow
95 Tricky Treats 100 Tricky Treats 115 Tricky Treats
  Flipper Unicorn  
  120 Tricky Treats  
Finally a look at the offspring from the rewards for this feature.
Handstand Deer Fawn Devils Breath Egg Hula Hooping Foal
Flipper Unicorn Foal Marionette Pegacorn Foal Muscleman Calf
That’s all for now, stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest FarmVille news and information.


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  1. I played the last game and never got the carnival coupon gifts that were to come with the early access. :( no such key and no help. :(


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