Dirt Farmer LIVE! Show Summary September 25, 2016


Have you ever wanted to listen to the podcast, but you are unable to do so? Do you want to know what's happening in the world of Farmville? Do you need a quick reference for your quests, leaderboards, farmstands and more?  Well do we have a treat for you!! Here it is this week's EXCITING new addition of The Dirt Farmer LIVE! Show Summary!  If you enjoy reading it, please remember to share with your fellow farmers!


 For our listening pleasure, here is Barry West singing Carnaval (Ghost Buster’s Parody)
Many thanks to Barry and Mz. Wizard for sharing their talent with us.

*****Are We There Yet?  Are We There Yet?*****

In just a few short hours from now we will see the launch of EARLY ACCESS week for the new Carnival De Los Muertos Farm.  We already know what Early Access Exclusive Crops will be.  The first will be the Ghostberry that looks like MR BILL from Saturday Night Live.  We also have a Muertos Water Lily so, it's a good guess that we will see WATER CROPS, and finally we have a very creepy Skully Pear.

Ghostberry Muertos Water Lily Skully Pear

*****Early Access Rewards*****

This EARLY ACCESS will be a 158 FV$ VALUE and will include more than a few prizes. The STARTER PACK included with EA purchase will include 18 parts for the main buildable. 32 Treasure Parts. 400 points for the new farm, a very decorative Reina Pegacorn, a colorful Candela Tree, and let's just face it, as far as looks, this for will be very vibrant and exuberant to say the least. We doubt we will see anything that isn't over the top as far as the artistic aspect of this farm. We also have a glowing Carnivale Chicken in the STARTER PACK that comes with your EARLY ACCESS purchase. Besides the Starter Pack there will be a Carnival De Los Muertos Costume that, besides being a flamboyant Mexican themed outfit, your avatar will get the traditional face painting that is indicative of this theme. There is also a Spooky Pinata Pegacorn and a themed COMBINE included with Early ACCESS.
You can find all the creepy looking rewards, and they are really cool! by

clicking here.

Also...according to the signage for the new farm...we will also see a NO FUEL and DOUBLE BUSHEL bonus period for the entire Early Access Week...and you get all this and the joy of being the first to get busy on the new farm for just 45 FV$ 

click here

*****Poll of the Week***** 


The Dirt Farmer wants to know.  Will you be purchasing EARLY ACCESS to the all-new Carnaval De Los Muertos farm when it goes LIVE on Monday, September 26?.  This has become somewhat of a tradition here at The Dirt Farmer. We’ve seen this poll shift all over the place in recent years, BUT, For this new Carnival de los Muertos farm it appears that 61% of you have already decided to BUY into Early Access.  While 28% have declared that they will sit out that first week and jump into the General FREE Access the following week on October 3rd.  Still, there are 11% that simply cannot make up their minds, maybe they will go early or maybe they won't. We'll see tomorrow.

*****Carnival De Los Muertos Community Goals*****

With the start of a NEW farm, we get a fresh start at a brand new set of COMMUNITY GOALS.  The Carnival de los Muertos is no different, and ready or not, our COMMUNITY GOALS start tomorrow.  In this first round we will need to Clear 280k Treasures in Carnival de los Muertos. Wow, that's a lot of treasures! But, fear not intrepid farmers.  You will only need to clear 9 to be eligible for the prizes which include 2 Un-Withers, 3 Large Cans of Fuel, 3 turbo Chargers, 3 Super Fertilizers and finally our grand prize: WITHER will be turned off on the new farm for 3 days

*****Riddle Me This*****

As if Farming isn't already a strain on our brain,  we got an unexpected treat this week.  A precursor to our new Carnival de los Muertos Farm came with riddles. Riddles you say? YES.  Riddles and a chance to win FVCASH from Zynga.  In an interesting and welcome twist, the FarmVille Studio is holding a CONTEST in the CARNIVAL DE LOS MUERTOS EVENT, featuring FARM CASH prizes. Three winners per riddle will receive a prize of 45 farm cash.  One riddle read:  "I am a secret plan, the heart of a tale, the patch of land that's up for sale", and of course the answer was "A Mr.  SEXY PLOT" (DF’s own Luca!)

Click here for further information

*****Carousel of Souls, Main Buildable*****

The Question everyone is asking, YES, EVERYONE is:  "What is our CENTERPIECE or MAIN BUILDABLE for the new Farm?  And we have an answer for you!
Our CENTERPIECE MAIN BUILDABLE will be called the Carousel of Souls.
The 10 Stages of this BUILDING will require a total of
111 Canvases
111 Bone Ladders
and 202 Streamers

Bone Ladder

Stage 1

Stage 10

As you progress through the 10 stages you will receive a BONUS reward for each level. 
These include a Cook Clown Duck, Heart Crest Owl, a Slingin Monkey and you
really don't want to know what a monkey is a slingin'.
We have a Bone Eagle and a Bone Vaquero Pig which basically means a boney cowboy pig.
We have a Captain Clown Chicken and a Mexa Cali Spirit Kangaroo.
there are way too many creepy clowns in this new farm!  Finally we have a Phantom Clown Deer

*****Unwither Ring Thingy*****

We all want to know how we can play our way through that THINGY that gives us our FREE UNWITHER RING.
We like to call it the UNWITHER RING THINGY.
For this farm we can also call it the FERRIS WHEEL SILO.
We can redeem Muertos Coins in exchange for 31 GIFTS in the Ferris Wheel Silo,
ending with the Carnival de los Muertos UnWither Ring.
Muertos Coins can be crafted in denominations of ONE, THREE and FIVE PACKS. 
Some of the other prizes include an assortment of consumables
as well as an Abandoned Circus Wagon, a Dead Slow Turtle,
a really freaky Co-joined Sisters gnome or gnomes?
a Ring Master Lion and a Muertos Pegacorn.

Stage 0 Stage 6 Muertos Coins

*****Self Contained Crafting*****

How fitting is it that a HORROR themed farmed should have SELF CONTAINED CRAFTING?  The horror!
  The Carnaval Theatre will be our torturous self contained endeavor for this farm, the horror!
Fourteen stations including several coffins as well as a Carnival Wagon, Dark Theatre and more.
Recipes include the Cannon Rockets, Clown Wigs and a variety of DEADLY SINS among many many many others.The horror!
Trust me, the thought of the self contained crafting is just too horrible to think about, so instead here are some cute pictures as an interlude.

Image result for cute puppy pic

Image result for cute kitten pictures

*****Crafting Cottage*****

Crafting is a really big part of any farm.  Our UNIQUE Crafting Cottage for the CARNIVAL de los MUERTOS will be called the Brewing Wagon.Recipes include the CLOWN HAMMER, hopefully for killin' clowns, Muerto Masks, Patron Guitarras and Voodooed Dolls.Be sure to LEVEL UP that Brewing Wagon as quickly as possible, you can search for our LEVEL UP Trick on   farmvilledirt.com

*****Level Up Gifts and Double Statues*****

LIMBO POINTS will be used to keep track of our progress on this new farm. 
Level up your Carnival de los Muertos with LIMBO POINTS and as you level up you will receive special prizes.
Prizes this go round will be limited to CONSUMABLES including InstaGrows, Un-Withers, Super Fertilizers and parts that you will need for the new farm.

*****Farm Treasures (land mines) and Parts*****

We've already told you about the 3 new parts we need for the main buildable,  but, what other parts do we need?  Hmmm, what's going to be littered all over our shiny new farm, preventing us from getting it set up?  Hmmm, maybe it's those pesky TREASURES?  Yes, it is, and we will need TREASURE PARTS, lots and lots of them.  For the new CARNIVAL de los MUERTOS farm we will be collecting Clown Mallets and Clown Axes to open both the LAND and WATER Treasures.
The Small Medium Large and Extra Large Treasures include the Mound of Skulls, Empty Graves, Pile of Caskets and Dilapidated Carousels.
You can check out a complete schedule of all the treasures right here on our website:

Clown Mallet Clown Axe

There will be lots more to talk about once the new farm is OUT...and we will be playing all day tomorrow...keeping track of any glitches and reminding you about the same thingies we see stump people at the start of each and every new farm...Like the MARKET STALLS...if you can't buy a market stall for coins...simply refresh...and the Animal Pens...if you can't get the pens to accept animals...go into the pen and click expand to open the pen for use...We'll also be posting reminders about the crafting cottage level up trick and just about anything else we can think of to post in order to make your farming easier


CONGRATULATIONS!!! to our WINNER of last Week's BATTLEGROUND Autumn Themed
Animals & Trees Challenge (week ending 09.18.2016) Joseph Walker Scott.
This Week's NEW Challenge is CARNAVAL COUPONS.
The reward for the winner of this Challenge will be a Papa Dirt Prize:
your choice of ANY Unwither Ring or Double Statue from the Market.
If you are not a member of the Battleground Group JOIN TODAY and invite your friends.


We had a Dirt farmer Birthday this past Tuesday
RED HOT MOMA herself
The Queen of Farmville Mary Beth celebrated her special day
Help us wish Mary Beth a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

******* LEADERBOARDS *******

Hump Day is right around the corner and with the HUMP comes a new set of LEADERBOARD Challenges with a chance to earn InstaGrows, UnWithers and Super Fertilizers.  Our LIMITED EDITION CROP Challenge will see us harvesting 6000 Rose Grapes.  The Rose Grape can be planted on ANY Farm and it will take 23 hours to fully grow without help.  This new crop should be in the Market roughly 13 hours before the Leaderboards go live.  Our LOCKED CROP Challenge will see us harvesting 300 Transparent Lilies on our CURRENT farm, Ode to Olympus.  The Transparent Lily is a 16 hour crop that is LOCKED to the Ode to Olympus Farm.  Our CRAFTY Challenge this week will require us to make 12 Golden Goblets.  The Golden Goblet is a 3 hour Level 2 Oracle's Keep Recipe for which you will need 3 Spartan Cabbage, 3 Silver Carnival and 3 Hermes Avacado bushels per recipe.

Harvest Rose Grape! Harvest Transparent Lily in Ode to Olympus! Make Golden Goblet in Ode to Olympus!
Rose Grape Transparent Lily Golden Goblet

*****Land Expansion*****

Just a reminder farmers! On Monday, September 26, you will be granted the Phylia's consent to unlock the SIXTH EXPANSION "Underworld Citadel" on the Ode to Olympus farm providing you have already met the other requirements :   Upgrade the Naval Theatre to Level 7, Unwrap 25 Mystery Presents in the Ambrosia Fountain, and Reach Ode to Olympus Level 60.


This coming Tuesday will see the launch of a brand new COUNTDOWN.  The CAMPFIRE COUNTDOWN will give us 16 days of rewards plus a 17th bonus prize for completing ALL 16 days.
The rewards include:  A Canvas Canopy Tree, a Pie Iron Campfire, a Camping Grill, a Back Packing Beaver (DRINK) a Bubble Tent, Sleeping Bag Tiger, Kangaroo Scout, a Happy Campers birdbath deco, a Jungle Tent Tree, a Smore Bear, but it's a polar bear so it looks more like a KLONDIKE BAR.  We also have a Campfire Mac n Cheese, a Fire Safety Racoon, a Tent Truck, a Lake Shore Hippocampus that was just a left over from Ode to Olympus.  We have a gnome family telling Campfire Spooky Stories and a Sandwich Loving Rabbit.  If you collect all of these rewards then we will be awarded a Campfire Counselor Unicorn.  If we're really really fortunate then Jason Voorhies may come out of the lake and kill all these prizes!

Canvas Canopy Tree Pie Iron Campfire Camping Grill Back Packing Beaver
Bubble Tent Sleeping Bag Tiger Kangaroo Scout Happy Campers
Jungle Tent Tree Smore Bear Campfire Mac n Cheese Fire Safety Racoon
Tent Truck Lake Shore Hippocampus Campfire Spooky Stories Sandwich Loving Rabbit

*****Farmville Real Estate For Sale*****

Just in time to expand those Halloween Farms for decorating this year.  This past Thursday saw a 70% OFF Land Sale for the Horseman's Hollow Farm. 
It was a short lived 24 hour sale. Hopefully you were able to take advantage of this sale if you needed more space.

******* Other Farmville News *******

*****Ode to Olympus Farm Quest Chapter 8*****
Before we say HOLA to the new Carnival de los Muertos Farm we must say ADIOS to Ode to Olympus in style. We still have at least one more regular Chapter Quest on the Ode to Olympus Farm, Chapter 8 will release at some time tomorrow with 6 stages and a 1 week duration.
  If you are not going into the Early Access for the new farm this this wee bitty chapter quest should keep you a wee bitty busy.
You will need a 3 star Oracle's Keep in order to get through the crafting in this quest, and be sure to stock up on those much needed bushels as well.
Our rewards begin with a Yggdrasil Tree.  In NORSE mythology Yggdrasil is an immense mythical tree that connects the nine worlds in the Norse cosmology.  So we've already LOST THE PLOT with this quest.  We also have a deco called the Hestia's Hearth which is a cement statue of a gnome and a fire.  In Ancient Greek religion, Hestia is a virgin goddess of the hearth, architecture, and the right ordering of domesticity, the family, and the state.  So at least they have the right mythology this time.  We have a Boreas Crane and Boreas was the Greek God of the north wind.  Who I guess looses his powers when the wind blows south or east or west...sooooo not a very powerful God.  The Hephaestus Gorilla is carrying a big old hammer and for some reason it's on fire.  Hephaestus is the Greek god of blacksmiths, craftsmen, artisans, sculptors, metals, metallurgy, fire and volcanoes, so that's why his hammer is on fire.  We have a very freaky looking Hippalectryon Horse.  A hippalectryon is a type of fantastic hybrid creature of Ancient Greek folklore, half-horse (front) and half-rooster (hind), so is it a horse of a chicken??? Looks like a horse and that means we have TWO horses in this quest as the last prize is a Steed Of Dionysus.  Dionysus is mostly known for being the wine god.

Yggdrasil Tree Hestia's Hearth Boreas Crane Hephaestus Gorilla Hippalectryon Horse Steed Of Dionysus
Yggdrasil Tree Hestia's Hearth Boreas Crane Hephaestus Gorilla Hippalectryon Horse Steed Of Dionysus

*****All Farm Two Week Quest (or as I like to think of it, time to earn some more  instant grows)*****
***Party Time Quest***

Ut Oh.  It's party party party time y'all.
  This coming Thursday will see the start of a brand new All Farms Quest.
  The PARTY TIME QUEST will see us trying to BEG, CRAFT and PLANT our way through 9 stages of fun and whacky rewards.
If you're planning on doing this quest be sure to beef up on those crafting bushels.
For those Farmers who take pride in being a GOOD NEIGHBOR then it's a great idea to plant all of those crops needed for quests and special features, just sayin'!
Besides much needed consumables, we get a chance to earn a
A Party Time Tree, a Dancing Party Gnomes that is going to look great in my GNOME GANG collection somewhere deep in the pits of my storage.
  We also have a Party Cap Dog and finally a Party Ready Pegacorn

Party Time Tree Dancing Party Gnomes Party Cap Dog Party Ready Pegacorn
Party Time Tree Dancing Party Gnomes Party Cap Dog Party Ready Pegacorn

    *****Farmville Carnival De Los Muertos Chapter 1 Quest Guide*****

If you are planning on heading into the new Carnival de los Muertos farm during Early Access Week, Then you can expect to have access to the WEEK ONE Quest.
If you are waiting for General Access, well...then...NO SOUP, I MEAN NO QUEST FOR YOU!
Level it up quick because you will need 5 slots to get through the first 2 rounds. 
But, that's better than 6.  Pre-make 3 Enchanted Rings and 2 Muerto Masks
Start gathering those bushels for crafting:  TOXOIDS, BLEEDING DRUPE AND GHOST BLOOMS BUSHELS TAKE 16 HOURS TO GROW. Rewards include the Skull Myst Tree, a Spooky Cueva, and yes it is a spooky Skull Cave! We have a Craneo Arch made of a lot of skulls, maybe it's the skulls of all the people who have QUIT Farmville.  We have a Hermosa Peacock which translates to BEAUTIFUL PEACOCK.  The Contento Mariachis are riding a bike and have skull masks, and finally we have an Arana Unicorn or as we say NORTH of the border:  a SPIDER UNICORN.

Skull Myst Tree Spooky Cueva Craneo Arch Hermosa Peacock Contento Mariachis Arana Unicorn
Skull Myst Tree Spooky Cueva Craneo Arch Hermosa Peacock Contento Mariachis Arana Unicorn

*****Special Thanks to DF Michele for the following table with links to all of the farm information.  Muchas gracias, Michele!*****

*****Farmer’s Showcase*****

FARMER'S SHOWCASE is an OPEN GROUP where you can show off your farm
ONLY Farm Pic posts. Cool, Funny or AWESOME. Show your MAD decorating skills or something unique and funny you see on your farm.


This beautiful picture was created by Farmer Galq, it is truly amazing!

*****The Dirt Farmer Foundation*****

The Dirt Farmer Foundation was created in an attempt to harness the social media influence
of the Dirt Farmer's fan base into a unified force that can be used to help others in need.

HELP us SUPPORT all the brave little heroes battling cancer and fighting for their lives.

We invite you to check out the wonderful MONTH CAUSES & CAMPAIGNS
The Dirt Farmer Foundation has shared each month throughout the years and
OPEN YOUR HEART & GIVE Support & Help these non-profit organizations,
spread the word and please share with your Friends! Click Here




Desert Rose

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Reporting live from the Dirt Farmer Studio in beautiful downtown Farmville, Dirt Farmers Michele and Karen

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