FarmVille Carnival De Los Muertos Farm Teaser

Howdy Farmers! We can now tell you that the name of the next farm is FarmVille Carnival De Los Muertos! Your Dirt Farmer team has found a few unreleased images for you to preview a bit of how it will look. The Facebook Event will begin soon. Read below for details and please share....

For more information related to FarmVille Carnival De Los Muertos Farm, check out The Dirt Farmer's Carnival De Los Muertos Complete Guide

The teaser that will be popping up on our farms soon to let us know that it will be here soon.

Countdown to the New Farm 
6 Days

5 Days

4 Days

3 days

2 Days

 1 Day to go .....  Are you Ready to go?

and now a look at a few of the characters we will be finding at the Carnival De Los Muertos

Thats all we have for now ......  Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest news and info,......

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  1. I'm going to live on this farm lol

  2. Another shitty cartoonish farm! I'm quitting my farm and heading over to SuperCity.

  3. Cartoonish? Duh...they are all cartoon-like. Some people just love to complain.

  4. In the beginning of FV, they made an effort to draw somewhat realistic, naturally colored animals. Look closely at the Cremello Stallion, watch how he rears and prances. Look at the beautiful Rocky Mountain horse from the dart game several years ago. Now look at any of the recent "horses". Bright neon crayon colors, human clothing, etc. NOT what we "oldtimers" fell in love with!


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