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Papa Dirt called an emergency meeting of Ask the Dirt Farmer administrators to address Farmageddon 2016.  Broadcasting with him from the super secret Dirt Farmer fallout shelter were Dirt Farmers Heather, Wendy, Michele, and Karen.  They were joined by Ratheesh from the Zynga Studio to discuss the issues of farms rolling back to level one.

Transcript by Dirt Farmer Karen

Locke:  Ok, everybody, this is a special podcast`brought to you by the Dirt Farmer.  We seem to be having some really,  really big problems in Farmville today.  It appears that when a lot of people went onto their farms today to play Farmville, and you know that's what people do the day of a new farm, they go and they want to spend that 45 FC and they want to get early access and get a jump start on everything.  But  a lot of players discovered they didn't have a Farmville anymore.  Their Farmville was gone.  We actually had one of the Dirt Farmers, Michele Shaffer is here with us tonight, she's going to tell us exactly what happened with her farm.  1:18
Resume transcript:
Locke:  We are actually going live to Ratheesh. He's not connected yet.  What does Ratheesh do?
Heather:  Ratheesh is a production lead at Farmville, he's basically responsible for all aspects of the game.
Ratheesh:  Hey Heather. 
Locke: Ratheesh is with us.
Ratheesh:  Hi Locke.
Locke:  Hi. We're actually recording right now, we're telling all the players to try and stay calm, with the recent issue where farms have reverted back to basically the beginning. Have you got any new information that you can share with us because we are going to be posting this in just a few minutes.
Ratheesh:  We have managed to find the reasons for this. Unfortunately, is some server side problem. We have identified and fixed that. So players should now be able to load the game without issues. But players who loaded and faced the issue of reverting to Level 1`, we will need some time to restore their boards (farms).
Locke:  How difficult is that going to be?  The progress is stored somewhere on Zynga's servers, correct?
Ratheesh:  Correct, that is right.
Locke:  It's just a matter of reconnecting the player to the proper game board.
Ratheesh:  Yep, that's right.  So at the moment we are estimating for us to do that, we are looking at the backups that we have.  So what has happened is that due to server side problem, a few of the players when they tried to load, the server did not respond and hence they were put back to a default board (farm), which was a level one farm, which is like a new install. But  we have backups somewhere in the servers, we need to go see for each players. It  is going to be a daunting task but we will give you an update on that.  So it's going to be a hard task , but we are doing other studies so it will be fixed as soon as possible.
Locke:  All right, so what we are doing, just to let you know, on our end.  We've got a notice up and we've got players who are affected putting their Farmville game ID and their Facebook ID's in comments.   I know you and your team are in ASK the Dirt Farmer quite often so feel free to check on those, if there's anything we can do to help, just let us know.
Ratheesh:  So Heather,  tell players that it is not a problem now, so all the issues for the players going forward will be fixed so they should be able to load the game and play freely now.  But players who have been affected in the last few hours, so this problem started possibly about 5 pm Pacific time and has been there for a couple of hours.  So a few players, not all of them, a few of them, those players will require some time to restore their boards (farm).
Heather: Ratheesh, that last statement broke up is there anyway you can repeat that and do you have a time frame for us, how long it will take?
Locke: Yeah do you have a guesstimate right now, whether it is going to be days, weeks, months?
Ratheesh:  No, definitely not weeks or months, it's going to be days.  We will be able to give you an update in a few hours. Let's see how it goes.  My estimate, in my mind is going to take maybe 3 or 4 days but I will get back to you with more clarity on that.
Locke:  All right, and that is our update for tonight, we want to thank Ratheesh for joining us directly from the Farmville Studio where he is actively working to correct this problem.  He did let us know that anyone who wants to go into the game right now feel free to go into the game.  You know it's early access week, go in there, get your early access.   If you have a farm, and it's there, you're basically not looking at any problems. For those of you who did revert to level one, they do have the ability to get your farms back and they are working frantically on that, to get you back in the game.  That is everything from the Dirt Farmer at this point.  Again, we want to thank Ratheesh for joining us, Wendy Maris, Karen Felder, and Michele Shaffer, and as always Heather Quattrone, this is the Dirt Farmer.  Thank you very much and good night everybody!

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