We all see the pretty little pictures of the pretty little farms that get posted here in SHOWCASE every day...But, we all know what our farms really look like...And, it's about time we showed just what a HOT MESS of a Farmville we really have...Take a pic of that over cluttered Farm or just the very very worst section...We promise we won't call hoarders on you...Show us your MESS...Extra points for humor and originality...Just like those MESSY FARMS the rules to this contest will also be a HOT MESS
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You will the find the Contest Rules and see how you can enter
We will be giving away Papa Dirt Prizes which are your choice of any UnWither Ring or Double Bonus Statue

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  1. Whatever happened with this contest? I never saw any winners announced. I recruited a lot of friends to vote on my entries, and as far as I know had the most "likes" so I was hoping I might be one of the winners, but it seemed that the contest kept going on and on, without any winners announced. Now I see that the comments are gone, and wonder if they did announce winners. Thanks


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