Farmville VIP Diamond Members Update 2016

The Dirt Farmer team has found some information for the  VIP Members Diamond Level.  Below are images of  the unicorn rewards you will receive. 
To learn more about the VIP program check out: VIP Membership Guide
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The unicorns will be granted monthly in the following order listed below. You must remain a member to get your monthly unicorn.

Now for a look at VIP Diamond Unicorn Rewards
Glass Princess Unicorn Floral Unicorn Night Fire Unicorn Primadona Unicorn
Perky Unicorn Interstellar Unicorn Artic Princess Unicorn Fluffly Cloudy
Northern Jewel Unicorn Warrior Princess Unicorn Knitted Unicorn Aviator Unicorn
Thunder Stripe Unicorn Color Burst Unicorn Virgoan Unicorn Libra Unicorn
Scorpio Unicorn Sagittarius Unicorn Capricorn Unicorn Aquarian Unicorn
Piscean Unicorn Aries Unicorn Taurian Unicorn Gemini Unicorn
Cancerian Unicorn Frost Haired Unicorn Curly Locks Unicorn Spirit of Night Unicorn
Moonseeker Unicorn Royal Lavender Unicorn English Count Unicorn Starry Princess Unicorn
Image Not Available
Ethereal Blue Unicorn Budding Flower Unicorn Armored Knight Unicorn Scarlet Braided Unicorn

That's all we have for now… Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and info…

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  1. Not interested in the if they'd offer some great deco for us that would be nice.... i'd like lots more little things to decorate with..tiny flowerbeds like we used to get, not ones that are nearly as big as the buildings.

  2. You guys need to add the LEO UNICORN to the above VIP unicorns....thanks for all your hard work!


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