Farmville Unreleased items August 17 - 19 - 23 2016

We have found some unreleased images that Zynga #Farmville will soon release into the game as Quest Rewards.  Check out TheDirtFarmer post for more info and a sneak peak at the images we have found for you and please don’t forget to share it with your #Farmville Friends if you find it helpful.



August 17th

Ornamental Cat Ceryneian Hind Deer Arcade Pegacorn Tropical Flower Pegasus
Game Over Hippo Fire Safety Raccoon Pixel Crop Apple Cider Fountain
Fantasy Gazebo Video Game Gnome Z Arcade Canvas Canopy Tree
Giant Canvas Canopy Tree Jungle Tent Tree Giant Jungle Tent Tree Colonel Chaos Cow
Gun Top Cow Punk Biker Rasta Cow Super Hero Cow
The King Cow Boombox Dancer Duck Karate Duck Lawman Duck
Muskateer Duck Stylist Duck Vietvet Duck Belle Villainess Horse
Fire Fighter Horse Noirepi Horse Shemer Foal Slick Dancer
Soul Star Horse Space Princess Templar Horse FV Studio
Crystal Mangosteen Crop Odollam Seeds Crop Red Star Squash  

August 19th 2016

Spirit Autumn Cow Autumn Excited Chicken Autumn Playful Dog Fall Dragon
Flora Winged Pegacorn Autumn Leaves Fox Earthly Hydra Autumn Season Peacock
Stymphalian Birds Autumn Brown Tree Giant Autumn Brown Tree Hesperides Apple
Giant Hesperides Apple Monarch Butterfly Tree Giant Monarch
Butterfly Tree


August 23rd

Zeus Manticore Adorned Gryphon Holy Pegasus Winged Wolf Cub
  FV Star Trailer Ascended Harypette Gnome  

And a sneak peek at the offspring

Ceryneian Hind Fawn Arcade Pegacorn Foal Tropical Flower
Pegasus Foal
Colonel Chaos Calf
Gun Top Calf Punk Biker Calf Rasta Calf Super Hero Calf
The King Calf Bella Villaness Foal Firefighter Foal Noirepi Foal
Schemer Dancer Foal Slick Dancer Foal Soul Star Foal Space Princess
Templar Foal Spirit Autumn Calf Flora Winged
Pegacorn Foal
Holy Pegasus Foal


That’s all we have for new ….. Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest #Farmville news and Info ……………

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