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Howdy Farmers!  Have you ever wished that you could listen to the Dirt Farmer Radio show, but you couldn't?  Maybe you were out plowing the back 40, or milking the cows, or even sowing some wild oats.  Maybe you haven't figured out how to join that new fangled contraption, the dirt box.  Maybe it's just a little to hard to hear the show.  Maybe you just want a handy reference of some of the important game links that we share during the show.  If so, we hope you enjoy this week’s written summary of the Dirt Farmer Live.  Please remember to share with your friends!




**********BREAKING NEWS********** 
Farmageddon 2016, the gameboard reset



Yes we have to put the year on them, because we have so many


We had a very turbulent first week for the new ODE to OLYMPUS Farm, to say the least

Your Dirt Farmer Team was right there in the thick of it to keep you as informed as we could.

It seems that at some point in the early evening of Monday's NEW FARM Day there was a "server side malfunction"

that cut the ties from some players who were online at the time to the Zynga Game Boards.

This disconnection caused a good many players to find themselves with their farm history completely wiped out, or so it seemed.

What had actually occurred was a disconnection that we usually take for granted.

We load farmville and we're connected to OUR farm.

But, if you were affected by this server malfunction,

you found yourself severed from this link.

Without this link the Zynga Gameboards thought you were a brand new player and gave you a LEVEL ONE starter farm.

The HORROR:  all those years and all that Money spent building up your 30 odd farms suddenly wiped out, and you were back to DAY ONE.

As you can imagine this caused a shear panic among players.

The Dirt Farmer and Zynga Support immediately warned players NOT to load your farms.

We even dragged Locke out of bed at midnight  for an informative podcast

and we were fortunate enough to get a member of the Farmville Studio to come on with us to help calm the many players affected by this.

As we stated in the podcast and on many posts since,

Farmville's first priority was to FIX the server side glitch that was causing this.

After this they began restoring those LOST FARMS by using backups of the gameboards on the Zynga Servers.

Whether connected to the fix that restored players farms or not, some

players found their game progress reverted,

FV studio acknowledged this on Wednesday by offering a pop up apology

and a few much needed consumable gifts were added to our gift boxes.

These included 10 Turbos, 15 Super fertilizers, 10 Large Cans of Fuel,

10 UnWithers and the Daily Delights bonus reward of a Zucchini Tree.


For A Print Version Exclusive of the Dirt Farmer Live! Radio Show, here’s Barry West singing about prior FarmVille Woes





with special thanks to Barry West and Ms. Wizard



Dirt Farmer Poll

The Dirt Farmer wants to know:  Were you affected by FARMAGEDDON 2016?
It seems that more people may have been affected that we thought.

While 61% had no issues,  39%  of us did have their farms re-set to level one.


Ode to Olympus Themed Pens


So, as you can imagine it was an interesting start to ODE to OLYMPUS.

But was soon fixed and we all began to play the new farm.

And with every new farm we have unique themed ANIMAL PENS

each of these pens always have a unique STARTER ANIMAL.

Ode to Olympus is no different and we have that list for you right here:

Zoo: Spartan Gorilla, Zynga  sure is gorilla happy all of a sudden
Wildlife: Poseidon's Wolf
Pet Run:  Fustanella Dog that is wearing that traditional stiff white skirt

and red hat like you see Greek soldiers wearing on parade
Pasture: Pink Paladin Cow
Paddock: Alectrona Pegasus
Livestock:Mythical Legend Ram
Playpen: Greek Warrior Pony Foal
Aviary: Stymphalian Bird on a stick, this is actually a mythological greek bird

that was the antagonist in Hercules’s 6th Labor

(who knew Locke paid attention to mythology in high school?)

Aquarium: Hoplite Turtle in the armor of the ancient Greek citizen soldier.

Spartan Gorilla

Poseidon’s Wolf

Fustanella Dog

Pink Paladin Cow

Alectrona Pegasus

Mythical Legend Ram

Greek Warrior Pony Foal

Stymphalian Bird

Hoplite Turtle


Permanent new coin items for Ode to Olympus

As with every new Farm

ODE TO OLYMPUS brings with it numerous NEW ITEMS FOR COINS.

OMEGA TILE ..... 5,000
FURIOUS RED CAT .....18,000
LITTLE ARCHES ..... 5,000
OLYMPUS BI-PLANE .....30,000
OLYMPUS COOP .....5,000


Greek Fire Column

Omega Tile

Shields and Scepters

Greek Ruin Fence

Furious Red Cat

Little Arches

Pillars of Divinity

Olympus Bi-Plane

Gateway to Heaven

Opaline Hippocampus

Biorhythm Tree

Olympus Coop


If you’d like to see a list of all permanent coin items sorted by farm, please

 click here.


Ode to Olympus Community Goals


The Community Goals are also something we have to look forward to for the first few week's of every farm.

This week's COMMUNITY GOALS are a perfect way to get those much needed

cans of fuel, Turbo Chargers, Olympus Coins, super Fertilizer and this week's grand prize.

You get to farm FUEL FREE for 3 days on the new ODE to OLYMPUS Farm!

All we need to do is Collect 8 Million Eirene Coins in Ambrosia Fountain.

That's our Un-Wither Ring THINGY for the new farm.

But, fear not intrepid farmers because you don't need to collect the entire 8 Million by yourself

You will only need 130 for the individual requirement

Current and Future Community Goals


Leaderboard Quests and Rewards



Your Dirt Farmer Team has all the info for you on our next set of Leaderboard Challenges.
This week's LOCKED FARM Crop Challenge will see us move away from Caveman Club

and on to the new Ode to Olympus Farm.

We will need to harvest 300 Evil Corn which is a 4 hour Ode to Olympus Crop.

Our CRAFTY Challenge this week will see us making 12 Adamantine in Ode to Olympus.

Adamantine is a 2 hours Oracle's Keep Recipe for which you will

need 3 Snake Fruit, 3 Hermes Avacado and 3 Golden Apples bushels per recipe.

This week's LIMITED EDITION Crop Challenge will see us harvesting 6000 Water Apples.

The Water Apple Crop can be planted on any farm,

it takes 23 hours to grow and will be in the market roughly 13 hours before the leaderboards begin.

Click here for more leaderboard information


Ode to Olympus Special Gift


The Zynga Studio snuck in a little surprise for us on our new Ode to Olympus Farm.

Build your Olympus ORCHARD, then EXPAND it all the way out.

Upon completion of the FULL EXPANSION you will receive this delightful SERENE SUNSET TREE as a bonus.


click here



Get Your Farm Cash Here:


It may have been an epically painful week in Farmville but Early Access Wednesday rolled around

like any other with our now expected 40% OFF Farm Cash Sale.

It's really unknown how the actual numbers of those who participate in this sale have held up over the years.

With the decline in those playing and the fact that those who do play get a better deal by subscribing to the VIP program,

We honestly don't know how big of a deal this is anymore.

But, I'm sure if they ever stopped this 40% off sale that we see during the first Wednesday of every new farm,

we'd never hear the end of it


This weeks Battleground Challenge winners:


CONGRATULATIONS!!! to our WINNERS of last Week's BATTLEGROUND Double Challenge (week ending 08.07.2016)

Sandra Cumberbatch for the Consumables Challenge

and Jan Jacobie for the Rose Diamonds Challenge.

This Week's NEW Challenge is Ode To Olympus Bushels.

The reward for the winner of this Challenge will be a Papa Dirt Prize:

your choice of ANY Unwither Ring or Double Statue from the Market.

If you are not a member of the Battleground Group

JOIN TODAY and invite your friends.

Dirt Farmer Battleground Group


Land Expansion

Just a reminder farmers!

On Monday, August 15, you will be granted the Big Chief's consent

to unlock the SEVENTH EXPANSION "Redrock Ravine"

on the Caveman Club farm

providing you have already met the other requirements

Upgrade the Rockmore Rotunda to Level 9,

Unwrap 30 Mystery Presents in the Rockmore Granary,

and Reach Caveman Club Level 69.



Caveman Club Land Expansion




Bob’s Berry Farm Update


Hurry UP Farmers! The FAIRY TALE THEMED ITEMS will only be with us until August 15 and include:
PIPER HORSE (60 berries)
HONKER CROP (70 berries)
PINK CASTLE (90 berries)
DWARF WIND MILL (200 berries)
CANDY CANE HOUSE (200 berries)
The current Berry Farm will be updated with NEW AUTUMN THEMED PRIZES once the Fairy Tale Theme ends.



Bob's Berry Farm Autumn Theme Update

The ever popular Bob’s Berry Farm will soon be updated with a new Autumn Theme!

Currently coded to release on August 15th,

This time the FarmVille Studio appears to be treating us to ALL NEW ITEMS!

This includes two new crops, and several items perfect to decorate your farm with.

Your Dirt Farmer team has a preview for you of the new rewards.
Items include:

Autumn Tiara which appears to be a CHICKEN,

the Autumn Fairy  Gnomette,

a Gourd Gnome Hut,

a Leaf Antler Deer yes it's more crap stuck in the deer’s antlers,

an  Autumn Pixie Pegacorn with fall colored leaves as wings,

a Petal Petal Flower Crop,

a Plentiful Wagon deco that I can add to my wagon collection,

a Sunset Bloom Flower Crop

and a Sunset Storm Tree



Autumn Tiara Chicken

Autumn Fairy Gnomette

Gourd Gnome Hut

Leaf Antler Deer

Autumn Pixie Pegacorn

Petal Petal Flower Crop

Plentiful Wagon

Sunset Bloom Flower Crop

Sunset Storm Tree

Bob's Berry Autumn Theme Update


Hot Tip on How to Prevent Accidental Farm Cash Purchases


Are you losing FC while doing the self contained crafting by accidentally clicking on the wrong spot?

We have a tip for you!

Follow these simple instructions for crafting.

First click on the animal you are trying to make,

the items needed to make that animal will pop up.

Then click on the item you need to make for that animal,

another menu will pop up showing what is needed to craft that item.

Once you have the items needed for crafting DO NOT click on the stations at the top.

Click on the item you need to craft and hit craft from there.

Same goes for harvesting that item,

DO NOT click the station you can harvest right from the animal menu,

This way when you go to X out of the menu

your mouse is not over the "finish for FC" area of the station

and you will not losing any FC while crafting the animals

because the animal menu is smaller than the menu for the stations.

If you find this information helpful please share with your friends!


click here



Breaking News:  Sneak Peek At The Next New Farm, We Mean The Farm After This One





Your Dirt Farmer Team has discovered a few hints that indicate that the next farm,

which will release in early October will have a DAY OF THE DEAD THEME!

We will be joining in a rich cultural celebration of the lives and

respect to the spirits of the ancestors, from Mexico and Central America.

The festival is the home of Sugar Skulls, Pan De Muerto, the elegant La Cavalera Catrina,

Mariachi music, dancing and more.

FarmVille has had several popular market themes around

Dia De Los Muertos in the past.

Are you looking forward to the new farm?


And Now For Some Mobile Farmville News


As we all know the ORIGINAL Farmville is still the best and most popular FV game there is.

But that hasn't stopped Zynga from creating FV2 and

FV Country Escape which is a mobile version of FV2.

Now we see a new edition the the Farmville Family:


We have no idea what's new about this version

other than the fact that it just looks like the Hawaiian Paradise Farm

But if you'd like to pre-register we will drop a link for you

 click here


Medieval Kingdom Countdown


This Tuesday we will see a re-boot of the never ending COUNTDOWN feature

Sixteen days of rewards and a 17th bonus prize
The Medieval Kingdom Countdown will be very reminiscent of AVALON
Rewards will include the following:

Medieval Queens Tree is a tiara on 3 pillows in a tree,

the Joust Ready Dog has a tiny knight on his back,

the Armored Bandit Bear is so mean he lost an eye,

the Respected Robes Cow only has robes on her top half meaning she's bottomless

and I'm not sure how respectable that is,

the Medieval Mythical Deer is purple with crap in her antlers,

Cunning Militia Fox is a talented linguist, just sayin'

the Jester Cat is just ridiculous,

the Knighted Dragon is a dragon and a knight and I wonder if it will breed in the dragon's lair, nope

the Ranger Bear looks like one of Robin Hood's team,

King’s Maid Gnomette is a redhead,

the Knighted Wolf is actually pretty cool,

Prince’s Own Camel looks like a 2 hump camel, way to go FV,

Hawk Hunting Gnome is a gnome with a hawk that hunts I guess,

the King’s Camel is a one hump chump camel

yes we have 2 camels in one countdown

the Queen’s Swan and Dancer Duck round out the 16 daily rewards

and if you catch 'em all you will be awarded the Kings Mythical Pegacorn

which has a unicorn horn but no wings,  sooooo no PEGA


Medieval Queens Tree

Joust Ready Dog

Armored Bandit Bear

Respected Robes Cow

Medieval Mythical Deer

Cunning Militia Fox

Jester Cat

Knighted Dragon

Ranger Bear

King’s Maid Gnomette

Knighted Wolf

Prince’s Own Camel

Hawk Hunting Gnome

King’s Camel

Queen’s Swan

Dancer Duck


click here


All farm two week quest


 The FarmVille " It's Party Time Quest " is our all new all farms quest

that will be starting this coming Thursday with 9 stages and a 2 week duration
We start off with a new crop right in stage one with the 4 hour Afro Pom Poms Crop

they actually look like multi-colored Chrysanthemums
We mix it up with Bakery and Winery Crafting until the end of the quest

where we see Spas crafting in the final 3 stages.

Besides the regular consumables we will see 4 unique rewards that we can earn
the Punk Fest Giraffe is a hot mess

the Cool Afro Tree looks just like the afro crop in stage 1

the Punk Fest Graffiti is just a wall with AFRO PUNK spray painted on it

and finally a Purple Afro Horse

yes it is a horse and it has an afro and it's kinda purple

so apparently "party time" means you gotta have an AFRO to the FV Studio

Punk Fest Giraffe

Cool Afro Tree

Punk Fest Graffiti

Purple Afro Horse

click here


Ode Two Olympus Quest Chapter Two


For those of you who passed on early access to the new Ode to Olympus Farm

Your first chance to view the new farm will be in just a few short hours and your first quest will be CHAPTER 2
Be sure to PLANT AHEAD if you can

Bushels needed for crafting include the Blood Red Chikoo and Greek Beets

at 16 hours and the Silver Carnival Crop at 18 hours

If you're already in Ode to Olympus you can try to get a jump on the

first 2 stages of crafting by pre-making 3 of The Golden Fleece

and 2 Rods of Asclepius in the Oracle's Keep

In case you didn't notice

the FV Studio is only requiring 5 recipes in the first 2 stages

of the ode to olympus chapters 1 and 2 as opposed to 6 items in the past several farms

but that will end next week in Chapter 3

Greek General Gnomette is BLONDE,

the Pikeman Duck is armed with a big ole PIKE,

the Bronze Warrior Boar is pretty cool, I bet Tucker would like some armor like that

Scaled Bunyip which is like a CHUPACABRA of the swamp,

it is a mythical creature for sure but it's a mythical creature

of the Aboriginal Australians, not the Greeks

so I'm deducting 2 points for going OFF THEME

the Lazarsus Deer is probably hard to kill

and finally we have a Feather Tail Stallion

Greek General Gnomette

Pikeman Duck

Bronze Warrior Boar

Scaled Bunyip

Lazarsus Deer

Feather Tail Stallion


click here


Ode To Olympus Beat Event


 Even though the farm hasn't even started for everyone yet

we can already show you how to BEAT the SNOT out of Ode to Olympus
Expand the Naval Theatre through Level 10 for 2000 Olympus Points
Master all of the Ode to Olympus Crops for 2 Insta-Grows
Make all 15 animals in the Abode of Beasts for 5 UnWithers
Improve the Oracle's Keep to Level 5 for 4,000 Olympus Points
Once you have completed these tasks you will earn the BEAT TROPHY

and the SHIPPING LICENSE for Ode to Olympus

click here


Farmer’s Showcase Spotlight Picture of the Week



This beautiful design was created by our very own Dirt Farmer Mary Beth!.

For more inspiration on designing your own farms, or just to browse through some incredible pictures,

please join or visit our Farmville Showcase today.






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The Dirt Farmer Foundation 


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Please Share.

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Our CAUSE it’s AUGUST or Cause of the Month is:




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And to close out our show tonight, another special treat from Barry West and Ms. Wizard!




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Reporting live from the Dirt Farmer Studio in downtown Farmville, Dirt Farmers Michele and Karen

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