Abode Of Beasts Self Contained Crafting Tip


Have you noticed that in the Abode of Beasts self contained crafting building you can no longer see what’s being crafted in the stations at the top when you click on the animal you need to make?

Well your Dirt Farmer Team has learned the reason for this. Zynga has done this to help prevent players from making any accidental purchases by clicking on the finish now button when you X out of the station menu.

If you follow these simple steps listed below you can do all your crafting directly from the animal pop-up without losing any FC.


Step 1: Click on the animal you need to make and a menu will pop up.


Step 2: As you can see there is already something being crafted in the Eros' Briery where the Cupid's Bow needs to be crafted, but you can’t see what is being crafted.


Step 3: Without closing the menu of the animal you are trying to make, click on the station at the top.


Step 4: When the station menu pops up scroll down until you see the item that does not have a grayed out Make button. That is the item that is currently being crafted in that station.


Step 5: Click on the X to close the station menu, as you can see since the animal menu wasn’t closed for you to see what was being crafted in the station there is no way to accidentally click on the Finish now for FC on the very last station.


Step 6: As you can see the current Animal menu is still there for you to continue getting the items you need to finish making the animal.


Tip: You can even harvest from the animal menu without having to make an accidental click on the station.

We hope this has helped you understand the changes made in the self contained crafting building on the Ode to Olympus farm. It’s one more improvement Zynga has made to help us farmers from accidentally spending FC.

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