The Gypsy Trader 2016 Complete Guide

The FarmVille Studio will soon be releasing a new version of the Gypsy Trader to our farms. This will be a much simplified version with a greater variety of prizes. Read Below for details and please do share with friends if you find our post helpful.


Instead of all magic deer this go round, we will be getting a variety of summer themed prizes (though still all animals) so the feature will appeal to a more diverse group of players.  It will again be loosely based on Bring Back Winter, but a much more simplified version. Instead of having to collect several components to redeem for prizes there will just be one – the Rose Diamond. Also instead of bothersome daily collects or having to count crops to yield the redeemable consumables, it will be a simple post, collect from feed and crafting feature.

There will be three new crops required for the recipes for this feature. The  crops  will be available at the  market update before feature begins, but the  bushels are not start dated and are currently available  in the  bushel swap feature.

pink sunrise stalk morning sun dandelion hot shot flower


A look at the rewards for this feature

Honey Honey Badger Sunshine Porcupine Summer Hat Caribou
30 Rose Diamond 30 Rose Diamond 30 Rose Diamond
Hiking Bear Beach Vacation Gator Beat The Heat  Squirrel
40 Rose Diamond 40 Rose Diamond 40 Rose Diamond
Summer Fox Snorkeling Yak Floaties Otter
50 Rose Diamond 50 Rose Diamond 50  Rose Diamond
Rising Sun Llama Beach Time Bull Beach Fairy Donkey
50 Rose Diamond 60 Rose Diamond 60 Rose Diamond
Surfer Gorilla Sun Oryx Summer Camel
60 Rose Diamond 70 Rose Diamond 70 Rose Diamond
Sunrise Stallion
70 Rose Diamond

The bonus prize for redeeming all rewards will be the Beach Pegacorn

A  look at the recipes for crafting Rose Diamonds. We will be able to craft them in increments of 1, 3 and 5. Please note that Moonstone Onion is a chain linked crop, requiring prior mastery of Amber Grain and Amethyst Grape.

5 Rose Diamond
5 Rose Diamond
Pink Sunrise Stalk Bushel
4 Pink Sunrise Stalk Bushel
Chrysanthemum Bushel
4 Chrysanthemum Bushel
Moonstone Onion Bushel
3 Moonstone Onion Bushel
23 hrs 14 hrs 17 hrs 54 mins
1 Rose Diamond
1 Rose Diamond
Morning Sun Dandelion Bushel
3 Morning Sun Dandelion Bushel
Flower Melons Bushel
2 Flower Melons Bushel
Golden Wheat Bushel
2 Golden Wheat Bushel
8 hrs 12 hrs 12 hrs
3 Rose Diamond
3 Rose Diamond
Hot Shot Flower Bushel
3 Hot Shot Flower Bushel
Rose Berry Bushel
3 Rose Berry Bushel
Magic Beans Bushel
3 Magic Beans Bushel

Finally a look at the offspring from the feature rewards.

Beach Time Bull Calf Snorkeling Yak Calf Beach Fairy Donkey Foal
Sunrise Stallion Colt Beach Pegacorn Foal

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  1. I can't find the icon to get in and cash out the rose diamonds. I have 4500 ready to use and sure hope it isn't over!


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