How To Keep Your Facebook Newsfeed On Most Recent Posts

Are you sick of setting your Facebook Newsfeed to "Most Recent" only to have Facebook automatically change you back to "Top Stories" with every refresh? This has long been a frustration for FarmVille players and others alike. Your Dirt Farmer team has a solution for you. Read below for details and please share....

The way to get around the annoying switch back is actually quite simple. 

First, simply bookmark the below link on a browser that you are currently logged into Facebook on.

Then move that bookmark to an easily accessible spot as shown above by clicking on it and dragging it to where you want it. 

(If you need assistance with how to bookmark or move a bookmark or display bookmarks, click here to join our ASK the Dirt Farmer group and let us know what browser you use, as it is slightly different on different browsers.)

Then simply click on the new bookmark to refresh your newsfeed instead of hitting F5 or the refresh button. It will bring you back to most recent stories - and current game posts every time. 

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