Farmville Caveman Club Farm Treasure Contents

Farmville’s all new Caveman Club has its own unique treasures for you to open and discover the magic within. Wondering what might be concealed inside? Your Dirt Farmer team has a preview for you of what to expect within each size. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find our post helpful.

For more information regarding Farmville Caveman Club Farm, check out the Dirt Farmer's Caveman Club Complete Guide

Struck Tree

Unlit Campfire

Lava Crater

Fossil Boulders
100 Cave Points 220 Cave Points 280 Cave Points 420 Cave Points
10 Conjuring Gems 20 Conjuring Gems 30 Conjuring Gems 40 Conjuring Gems

Caveman Cudgel

Caveman Cudgel

Stone Chisel

Stone Chisel

Hyacinth Tree

Sea Sponge Tree

Clashing Rocks

Striped Angler Whale

Purple Swamp Tree

Golden Realm Fish

Spikey Crocodile

Water Archway

Glowing Hill

Flower Bench

Striped Pangolin

Twisted Falls

Live Volcano

White Night Wolf

Rock Shell Turtle

Twostone Laboratory

Red Striped Zebra

Egg Hatchling

Evergreen Saber

Rubble Hilltop

Rockmore Haven

Tall Forest Tree

Night Stars Tree

Rockmore Cliff

Dino Pegacorn

Canopy Shade Tree

Prehistoric Totem

Shelter Cave

Woods and Vines Tower

Curled Stone Snake

Primal Eagle

White Wild Cat

Primal Horse

Spotted Dog

Firefly Lamp

Spotted Lion

Striped T-Rex

Midnight Owl

Peacock Tree

Stone Age Teepee

Caveman Gnome

Furry Mane Rhino

Glow Bat Arch

Cavewoman Gnomette

Cave Elk

Fur Forest Deer
Cavemen Den
Rockmore Treehouse
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