FarmVille Caveman Club Farm Early Access

Farmville’s all new Caveman Club Farm is welcoming us to join them  to celebrate the awakening of Lord Ooga...  Early access to Caveman Club will begin on 20th June 2016 and will cost the usual 45 Farm Cash  with General Access following a week later. Check out the details below and please share with all your farming friends.

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A look at the loading screen
A look at the pop-up to buy and go.

We will get free fuel and double bushels Early Access week, along with a bonus costume, bonus animal, free Caveman starter pack and combine, exclusive quest chain with rewards  included in the purchase price.

The Early Access Exclusive Crops will be

Blue Paddy Exotic Swirl Flower Whirlpool Flower

The other gifts received will include  (In Addition to and the other rewards in the starter pack, )

Caveman Starter Pack Gaia Pegasus Mega Cave Combine
Short Nose Bear Cub (In Starter Pack) Jungle Female Costume India Male Costume
Mini Cave Sloth (In Starter Pack) Vortex Tree(In Starter Pack)

That’s all for now, stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news an information

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