Dirt Farmer Live Show Summary and New Farm Preview June 19, 2016

Howdy Farmers!  Have you ever wished that you could listen to the Dirt Farmer Radio show, but you couldn't?  Maybe you were out plowing the back 40, or milking the cows, or even sowing some wild oats.  Maybe you haven't figured out how to join that new fangled contraption, the dirt box.  Maybe it's just a little to hard to hear the show.  Maybe you just want a handy reference of some of the important game links that we share during the show.  If so, we hope you enjoy this week’s written summary of the Dirt Farmer Live.  Please remember to share with your friends!
We are celebrating several things with this edition of the Dirt Farmer Radio Show Summary.  First of all, from all of us, we want to wish each and every father a Happy Father’s Day!  This week also marks the 7th Birthday of Farmville, and we want to thank Zynga for making such a fun and exciting (frustrating at some times) game for us to play.  Lastly, we will soon have the opportunity to travel back in time to the Caveman Club, in just a few hours.  This reporter cannot wait!

**********BREAKING NEWS, CAVEMAN CLUB TO BE RELEASED 6/20/2016**********

We will be traveling back in time to a new farm entitled Caveman Club in just a few hours.  Since Papa Dirt has to get up early to  start farming, he doesn’t have time to discuss all the of the exciting new specifics about the new farm.  Here’s the link to the complete guide.  Remember to bookmark this guide and visit it often.

Caveman Club Main Buildable

The main buildable will be called the Rockmore Rotunda.
It has the normal 10 levels, starting at level zero so when you reach level 9 you are done.
This farm will see us using BOULDERS, CAVEMAN CLUBS and JUNGLE VINES as our parts to build this CENTERPIECE
We will need 424 parts in total: 111 Boulders, 111 Caveman Clubs and 202 Jungle Vines
The 9 distinct levels come with 9 unique rewards
Cactus Camel, Tropical Amethyst Pig, Gem Flower Duck, Club Chicken (which sounds like a sandwich at chick-fil-a) Diamond Dust Zebra, Flame Ribbon Goat, Quadhorn Cow, Horn Frill Unicorn and Pastel Wing Pegasus
click on the link below to see more information

Caveman Club Unwither Ring Building

The Unwither Ring THINGY will be called the Rockmore Granary and offer the usual 30 gifts.
When we open all the gifts we will obtain the unwither ring for Caveman Club
We will open the gifts with Caveman Coins, which will be craftable in the normal 1,3 and 5 increments.
There will be an array of consumable rewards including new farm parts, Insta-Grows, Turbos and UnWithers.

There are many unique rewards,  including a Tree of Secrets, Horned Cassowary which looks like a pre-historic ostrich, and a Giant Dragonfly,

a naked gnome with fairy wings on a Sleeping Turtle, a Red Fluttering Horse and many others.
All the details are included in the link below.

Caveman Club Self Contained Crafting

The self-contained crafting building will be called the Ani-Mall and will have 15 animals.
We will receive the usual free expansions after animals 5,10 and 14 allowing you to craft all without crafting parts if you wish.
The Bearded Pegacorn will be our bonus animal, and is seen below.

Caveman Club Crafting Building

The Crafting Cottage will be called the Two Stone Mill.
Initial recipes will include the Stone Spear, Cave Guardian, and Primitive Bow, there will be more as you level up the cottage.
The default recipe that will be waiting for you when you arrive will be the Fire Set.
Mastery is normal, with no unduly high numbers for short term recipes and recipes will be in the normal one to eight hour range.
If you're in a hurry to get ahead then you should use our LEVEL UP trick that will have your crafting cottage at 5 star with 6 stations in less time than usual.


Caveman Club Community Goals

The CAVEMAN CLUB Community Goals will start with the launch of Early Access
We can earn UnWithers, Fuel, Turbos, Super Fertilizers and No wither for 3 days by clearing 280,000 Treasures
The individual requirement to qualify is only 9 Treasures
We have 4 sizes of treasures
The Small Struck Tree, Medium Unlit Campfire, Large Lava Crater and X-Large Fossil Boulders.
We will be using Caveman Cudgels and Stone Chisels to open these treasures.
It appears that there are 9 on the land we have access to upon the launch of the new farm, so we will not need to buy an expansion to meet our individual contribution.

Treasure Parts

We will need two different parts to open the treasures on Caveman Club, they are pictured below. 
We will need approximately 300 Cavemen cudgel and just under 1000 stone chisels to open ALL the treasures on all the expansions.
The Cavemen cudgel and stone chisels are available in the free gift tab, so remember to send them out early, and send them out often to all your friends and neighbors!

Lord Ooga’s Challenge

The unique special feature for this farm will be called OOGA AWAKENS.
This will be a unique and special feature in which we must invoke Lord Ooga's blessing to win his land and the ability to cast magic spells.
His land will be a special tile, similar to the special tiles in the past few farms (Namaste India's special animal color changing tiles, Story of Sakura's bonus item tiles).
We will win ingredients by completing the farm buildings that are featured in the normal beat event.
We do not see signs of a beat event or relic room yet, so it is unclear how the shipping license will be earned

Now for the idea of the premise of the feature.
Stan has awakened Lord Ooga.
We will need to invoke Lord Ooga's blessing to earn special consumable rewards.
To access the spell book and begin to invoke Lord Ooga's blessing, we must first unlock his land.
If you purchase Early Access to Caveman Club, it will include an additional bonus of unlocking Lord Ooga's land for free on arrival!
If you wait for general (free) access, you will unlock Lord Ooga's land when you unlock the second unlockable land expansion Mammoth Meadows.
That expansion will unlock on July 11th, provided that you have already expanded the Rockmore Rotunda one time, opened 5 gifts in the Rockmore Granary and reached level 24 in Caveman Club.

By helping Stan to please Lord Ooga you will unlock magical spells in your spell book.

There are a total of 12 different magical spells, but we can only have 10 at a time in our spell book.
Now for a look at the ingredients needed to invoke Lord Ooga's blessing and craft the magic spells and how to get them .

1.) Enchanted Manure will be obtained in the Ani-Mall self contained crafting building with Stan serving as your gatherer.

You will receive 10 Enchanted Manure after completing animal 5,
15 more after completing animal 11
and 30 more when you complete the last animal.

2.) Magic Roots will be obtained in the Rockmore Rotunda main buildable with Tina serving as your gatherer.

You will receive 30 Magic Roots after completing stage 3 ,
45 more after completing stage 5
and 90 more when you complete the building.

3.) Mystical Sap will be obtained in the Rockmore Granary unwither ring gift building with Daisy serving as your gatherer.
You will receive 20 Magic Roots after opening 10 gifts ,
30 more after opening 20 gifts
and 60 more when you complete the building.
You will also have the opportunity to add conjuring gems to your spells, to increase the chances of getting a super spell.
Super spells have the same effects as the normal spells, but last for a longer time duration.

Once you have all of the ingredients (the exact recipe is not clear at this time and will be added when the farm goes live) , you can combine them to create magical spells to boost your crops.
Which one you receive will be random, as the feature has a mystree aspect.
Unlike previous mystree features, at least with this one duplicates remain useful.

Now let’s take a deeper look at each type of spell and exactly what bonus it offers.
Common Spells last for 8 hours
* Crop Master gives double mastery.*
*Time Twister cuts harvest times in half.*
* Landlord gives double bushels*

Uncommon Spells last for 12 hours
They have the same bonus as common spells, the bonus just lasts longer.

Finally Rare Spells last for 10 hours and they are a wee bit different.
*Chrono Master will give you double mastery AND cut harvest time in half*
*Crop Surge gives you double bushels while cutting harvest times in half*
*Plenty Spell gives double bushels and double mastery*

A final set of spell called are Epic Spells and last for 14 hours
and are the same as the rare spells we just mentioned

If this all sounds confusing, have no fear, we have a complete guide for you
feel free to bookmark it and use it as often as possible, and as always visit Ask the Dirt Farmer for any and all questions!

Early Access


Early Access will consist of the usual perks and will release tomorrow, June 20th.
There will be free fuel and double bushels for the entire week on the new farm.
  We will receive many free gifts, including a combine, male and female cave person costumes,  a bonus animal (the Gaia Pegasus), a free Caveman Starter pack which will include Rockmore Rotunda (main buildable) parts, treasure parts, 2 animals (Shortnose Bear Cub, Mini Cave Sloth) and a tree, (the Vortex Tree).
Early Access will cost the usual 45 FC. There will also be the normal trio of Early Access Crops. Blue Paddy, Exotic Swirl Flower and Whirlpool Flower.
That's 45 FV$ for a 280 FV$ value...I can remember when it was only a 160 FV$ value

General (free) Access will commence one week later on June 27th, 2016.
We will be leveling up this farm with CAVE POINTS.
As far as we can see at this time (and this is unlikely to change as it would be very difficult. ) This farm will not be throttled.
There will only be one early access period and everyone will have the opportunity to play through it at their own pace, without running into the walls of time- locked content.
The farm will have both land and water tiles, with no new terrain this time.

Caveman Club Quest 1

Caveman Club Farm Chapter 1 Quest will start sometime tomorrow and will only last for the duration of the Early Access Week
General Access Players will miss this Quest
so you may want to level up that crafting cottage as fast as you can


If you can get that Twostone Mill fully upgraded you may want to craft ahead
3 Slingshots and  3 Arrow Quivers will get you a few steps ahead on this quest
(REWARDS) Cherry Palm Tree, Skunk Pig, Quilled Chicken, Chomper Plant, Honey Grass Elephant, and Falcon Pegasus

Caveman ClubbingHoney Grass Elephant

Caveman Club Land Expansions

There will be 9 unlockable expansions on Caveman Club, with the first likely becoming available on July 4, 2016 and requiring us to attain Level 15 in Caveman Club. Through the course of the farm, we will need to fully build the Rockmore Rotunda, unwrap all 30 gifts in the Rockmore Granary and reach level 87 in Caveman Club if we wish to unlock all of the expansions. There will also be 21 additional expansions that are only available for farm cash, ranging in price from 99 to 169 farm cash.

Caveman Club Animal Pens

With the new CAVEMAN CLUB we have a new set of Animal Pens that come with a new unique animal
Cave Aquarium...Plesiosaur
Cave Aviary...Green Falcon
Cave Baby Play Pen...Cyano Fawn
Cave Horse Paddock...Emerald Hoof Horse
Cave Livestock Pen...Fall Albino Sheep
Cave Pasture...Honey Musk Cow
Cave Pet Run...Stoneage Grassland Dog
Cave Wildlife Habitat...Fluff Tail Sabertooth
Cave Zoo...Aquamarine Hippo
We will also have a new themed Cave Chicken Coop, a Cave Craftshop, Cave Garage, Cave Gnome Garden and a Cave Orchard

**********ODDS AND ENDS**********

All farm water vehicles

THEY ARE HERE!!!!! WOOHOO!!! Now available in the market FOR COINS you will find water vehicles that will work on ALL your Farmville Farms with water expansions
We now have a 20,000 coin water tractor
a 60,000 coin water harvester
a 60,000 coin water seeder
and a 20,000 coin water plot remover
At this point we can expect these items to remain in the market as there is no indication that they are temporary items.
In an unprecedented occurrence (Smile ) shortly after their release, they disappeared.
We were able to report this as soon as it happened
The FV Studio informed us that they needed to increase their waves per gallon energy efficiency, and they were re-released on Wednesday.

Story of Sakura Land Expansion

Just a reminder farmers!
On Monday, June 20, you will be granted the Sensei's consent to unlock the ELEVENTH EXPANSION
"Tranquil Ravines" on the Zen Valley region of the Story of Sakura farm
providing you have already met the other requirement:
Reach Sakura Level 107.

Emerald Valley Farm Coin Expansion

This past Monday saw a brand new coin expansion for the Emerald Valley Farm.
The 28X28 Glittering Glade is now available in the market for 3 million coins
This come as good news to some especially considering that the Emerald Valley Farm is one of our original style FLAT farms
We all know those are much much better for using as a utility farm
meaning it's much easier to PLOT for quests and Leaderboards,
even better to line up orchards or ready mares for horse breeding

Farm Cash Land Sales

The sales just kept coming this past Monday as we also saw a 60% off Land Expansion sale on the Alpine Jingle Farm
But, as we all know, we can probably expect to see 70% off this farm next week and possibly even 80% off the following week
We don't know this for sure but if past history is any indication then it is a safe bet.
Speaking of 80% Sales we saw an 80% off Land Expansion Sale on the Treasure Tides Farm this past Thursday

Customer Service

Did you get an email from Amanda this week?
It seems that Farmville has a new VIP Manager and she wants to talk to you
Yes it's for real
I'm sure many thought they may have been a victim of an attempted scam, but it is for real.
And is actually a great sign that Zynga is attempting to re-invest in the VIP program.
It shows that they have faith in the game!

Dirt Farmer Poll

Because inquiring minds want to know!

It's a long standing Dirt Farmer tradition to ask whether or not you will be purchasing Early Access in our POLL of the WEEK
66% of you say you will be buying the early access
22% say you will not for sure
and 12% are still undecided

**********RECURRING FEATURES**********

All farm two week quest

This week's ALL NEW ALL FARM quest is the Farmville Sunglasses Day Quest.
Once again we have 2 weeks to navigate the 9 stages of fun and frenzy.
PLANT AHEAD: We have a 20 hour Rye Crop
The NEW CROP that comes with this quest is the 4 hour Sunglasses Sunflowers
Yes, it's a sunflower wearing shades
(Besides the usual consumable rewards we have the chance to earn
a Sunny Glasses Tree, a Sunny Trunks Cow, a Sun Bathing Dog, and a Sun Striped Tiger...no new horses with this quest
Sunglasses DaySun Striped Tiger

Story of Sakura Chapter 15 Quest

Yes the long and frustrating journey of The Story of Sakura almost over.
Chapter 15 will be the last single week CHAPTER Quest for this farm
Temari Kyoho and Wagasa Bloom takes 8 hours to grow
Neko Kinkan takes 16 hourto grow
Myoga Ginger, Kousa Berry and Marshmallow Sushi Bushels take 23 hours to grow
Gummy Koi Flower take 46 hourrs to grow
Rewards include a Zen Tree of Life, a Shadow Winged Cat, a Legendary Wolf, a Crystal Rain Dragon, an Okami Horse, and a Flora Pegasus

Home Sweet HomeOkami Horse

This weeks Battleground Challenge winners:

CONGRATULATIONS!!! to our WINNERS of last Week's BATTLEGROUND Challenges (week ending 06.12.2016)
Peggy Timoneri for the Miscellaneous Building Parts & Special Delivery Boxes Challenge
Laveta Smelser for the Bingo Balls Flash Challenge
This Week's NEW Challenge is OLD-SCHOOL FOALS.
The reward for the winner of this Challenge will be a Papa Dirt Prize: your choice of ANY Unwither Ring or Double Statue from the Market.
If you are not a member of the Battleground Group JOIN TODAY and invite your friends. Please Share.

Farmville Friendship Gift Event

A NEW Farmville Friendship Gift Event is LIVE!
Send a Foo Lion to your friends and you will receive an exclusive Zen Cloud Horse.
Find the Gift Event icon on the right side of your farm and please share with your friends

Lonely Animal


A lonely Summer Harvest Unicorn is being spotted wandering onto farms.
Get the help of 5 friends in 3 days to coax the critter onto your farm.
Hurry before it runs away!


Zynga Birthday Gifts for Us!

On June 19, 2016 it will be SEVEN YEARS since our beloved FarmVille game was first released.
The FarmVille studio will be celebrating with a lovely card and two gifts to all of their loyal players:
the 7th Birthday Pegasus and the Wishing Pond.

Farmville Birthday bash

We have a brand spankin' new FarmStand this week.
We will be celebrating Farmville's upcoming birthday with the Birthday Farmstand
It looks like 21 days of creepy clown critters. 
Please click on the link below to see all the details, and Happy Birthday, Zynga!

Farmville Birthday Farmstand:

In this reporter’s opinion, we should have had a mastery event also.
Leaderboard Quests and Rewards

If you love the leaderboard challenges then we have good news for you
New leaderboards will be here next Wednesday, and are a great way to earn Insta-Grows, Un-Withers and Super Fertilizers

This week's LIMITED EDITION Crop challenge will see us harvesting 6000 Grape Fruit THATS TWO WORDS, not the grapefruit tree

Grape Fruit is a 12 hour crop and will be in the market at the normal update time roughly 13 hours before the leaderboard begins.
Our LOCKED CROP Challenge will see us harvesting 300 Pentagon Mikan in Story of Sakura
That's also a 12 hour crop

Our CRAFTY Challenge will see us making 12 Origami Unicorns in Zen Garden House
Origami Unicorn is a 4 hours Zen Garden House Recipe
We will need 3 Akebi, 3 Pentagon Mikan and 3 Neko Kinkan bushels per recipe.



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Quest and More Help Group
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Here’s the link to this week’s podcast, because don’t you really want to listen to all of it after reading the summary?

Reporting live from the Dirt Farmer Studio in downtown Farmville, Dirt Farmers Michele and Karen

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