Dirt Farmer Live Show Summary 6.26.2016


Howdy Farmers!  Have you ever wished that you could listen to the Dirt Farmer Radio show, but you couldn't?  Maybe you were out plowing the back 40, or milking the cows, or even sowing some wild oats.  Maybe you haven't figured out how to join that new fangled contraption, the dirt box.  Maybe it's just a little to hard to hear the show.  Maybe you just want a handy reference of some of the important game links that we share during the show.  If so, we hope you enjoy this week’s written summary of the Dirt Farmer Live.  Please remember to share with your friends!


Those of us who waited for free access will be traveling back in time to a new farm entitled Caveman Club in just a few hours.  Since Papa Dirt has to get up early to  start farming, he doesn’t have time to discuss all the of the exciting new specifics about the new farm.  Here’s the link to the complete guide.  Remember to bookmark this guide and visit it often.

Lord Ooga’s Challenge
The unique special feature for this farm will be called OOGA AWAKENS.
This will be a unique and special feature in which we must invoke Lord Ooga's blessing to win his land and the ability to cast magic spells.
His land will be a special tile, similar to the special tiles in the past few farms (Namaste India's special animal color changing tiles, Story of Sakura's bonus item tiles).
We will win ingredients by completing the farm buildings that are featured in the normal beat event.
We do not see signs of a beat event or relic room yet, so it is unclear how the shipping license will be earned

Now for the idea of the premise of the feature.
Stan has awakened Lord Ooga.
We will need to invoke Lord Ooga's blessing to earn special consumable rewards.
To access the spell book and begin to invoke Lord Ooga's blessing, we must first unlock his land.
If you purchase Early Access to Caveman Club, it will include an additional bonus of unlocking Lord Ooga's land for free on arrival!
If you wait for general (free) access, you will unlock Lord Ooga's land when you unlock the second unlockable land expansion Mammoth Meadows.
That expansion will unlock on July 11th, provided that you have already expanded the Rockmore Rotunda one time, opened 5 gifts in the Rockmore Granary and reached level 24 in Caveman Club.

By helping Stan to please Lord Ooga you will unlock magical spells in your spell book.

There are a total of 12 different magical spells, but we can only have 10 at a time in our spell book.
Now for a look at the ingredients needed to invoke Lord Ooga's blessing and craft the magic spells and how to get them .

1.) Enchanted Manure will be obtained in the Ani-Mall self contained crafting building with Stan serving as your gatherer.

You will receive 10 Enchanted Manure after completing animal 5,
15 more after completing animal 11
and 30 more when you complete the last animal.

2.) Magic Roots will be obtained in the Rockmore Rotunda main buildable with Tina serving as your gatherer.

You will receive 30 Magic Roots after completing stage 3 ,

45 more after completing stage 5

and 90 more when you complete the building.

3.) Mystical Sap will be obtained in the Rockmore Granary unwither ring gift building with Daisy serving as your gatherer.
You will receive 20 Magic Roots after opening 10 gifts ,
30 more after opening 20 gifts
and 60 more when you complete the building.
You will also have the opportunity to add conjuring gems to your spells, to increase the chances of getting a super spell.
Super spells have the same effects as the normal spells, but last for a longer time duration.

Once you have all of the ingredients  , you can combine them to create magical spells to boost your crops.
Which one you receive will be random, as the feature has a mystree aspect.
Unlike previous mystree features, at least with this one duplicates remain useful.

Now let’s take a deeper look at each type of spell and exactly what bonus it offers.
Common Spells last for 8 hours
* Crop Master gives double mastery.*
*Time Twister cuts harvest times in half.*
* Landlord gives double bushels*

Uncommon Spells last for 12 hours
They have the same bonus as common spells, the bonus just lasts longer.

Finally Rare Spells last for 10 hours and they are a wee bit different.
*Chrono Master will give you double mastery AND cut harvest time in half*
*Crop Surge gives you double bushels while cutting harvest times in half*
*Plenty Spell gives double bushels and double mastery*

A final set of spell called are Epic Spells and last for 14 hours
and are the same as the rare spells we just mentioned

If this all sounds confusing, have no fear, we have a complete guide for you
feel free to bookmark it and use it as often as possible, and as always visit Ask the Dirt Farmer for any and all questions!

For more information on the Caveman Club unwither ring and self contained crafting buildings check out last week’s podcast and show summary.

Caveman Club Community Goals

With each and every new farm we get several weeks of COMMUNITY GOALS
The most recent Story of Sakura Farm had more than it's share of Community Goal Weeks.
It's unclear if the Farmville Studio will continue this trend.
We may only see 4 or 5 weeks of goals or we may see as many as 6 or 7 weeks, only time will tell.
But, we can tell you about this upcoming week.
The GOAL is to Collect 8 Million Caveman Coins in Rockmore Granary.
The easiest way to do this is to simply play as you get farm coins by harvesting crops, as many as 50 per day.
If that's too slow of a pace for you then you can CRAFT the Caveman Coins in any of your craft shops on any of your farms.
Once you level up the crops needed for the 1, 3 0r 5 pack of coins you can get more bushels with less effort.
Then get several craft shops working on the Caveman Coins and you'll have that unwither ring in no time.
And the 130 you'll need for this community goal will be no troubles at all.
The rewards for this weeks GOAL is the usual Un-Withers, Fuel, Turbos and Super Fertilizers,
with the grand prize of FREE FUEL on Caveman Club for 3 days

Treasure Parts

Great News Farmers!!! TREASURE PARTS for CAVEMAN CLUB Farm are available in the FREE GIFTS TAB. This means that Papa Dirt will likely be playing this farm!
Send Stone Chisels and Caveman Cudgels to your friends and you will receive them back.
As many of you may remember, during the early access week of our last farm,
the story of Sakura,
The FV Studio either forgot to put treasure parts in the free gifts or deliberately didn't put them in there in order to slow down the pace of that extended farm
Either way this Caveman Club farm seems to be back to "business as usual"
Send out those parts and then ping them back and forth in the Envelope until you have all you need, it will be easy peasy .
The Stone Chisels and Caveman Cudgels are pictured below. 
We will need approximately 300 Cavemen cudgel and just under 1000 stone chisels to open ALL the treasures on all the expansions.

Treasure Contents

We now have a complete list of the treasure contents for the new Caveman Club Farm.
Use Caveman Cudgels and Stone Chisels to open the Treasures on both LAND and WATER.
Struck Trees, Unlit Campfires, Lava Craters and Fossil Boulders are currently all over our shiny new farm and they're full of rewards!
Some of the goodies in the Water Treasures include: Hyacinth Tree, a very cool Clashing Rocks deco, Striped Angler Whale, Spikey Crocodile and a very well drawn Golden Realm Fish
Land Treasures include: a Striped Pangolin, Twisted Falls deco, a Live Volcano, Red Striped Zebra, Dino Pegacorn that has butterfly wings, a Primal Horse, Striped T-Rex (dinosaur)
and yes
this reporter’s personal favorite (not really)
a caveman gnome because it was only a matter of time before we got a caveman gnome on this new farm
If you'd like to see a complete list of the treasure rewards here’s the link:

Caveman GnomeGolden Realm Fish

Caveman Club Quest 2

Farmville's Caveman Club Chapter 2 starts at sometime tomorrow
This will be the first Quest available for General Access Players
Even though you are entering a brand new farm, you will need a 2-Star craft cottage in order to complete this quest
So start crafting or search the Dirt Farmer's Craft Cottage level up trick video  on our website
and there will be a water crop bushels needed in the crafting as well
Get that much needed jump on crafting by pre-making 3 Caveman Coutures and 3 Slingshots in the Twostone Mill
That is if you're already on the new farm from Early Access
(REWARDS) Tusk Tree, Domestic Saber Cat, Ram Ape, Tangerine Plume Bird, Horny Hippo, Stego Horse

Camping OutStego Horse


Water Pebbles - 10,000 Coins
Wood Log Boat - 100,000 Coins
Turtle Shell Boat - 100.000 Coins
Stone Pole Fence - 5,000 Coins
Hanging Roof - 10,000 Coins
Decorative Stoneman - 100,000 Coins
Rubble Tile - 500 Coins
Painting Hay Bale - 500 Coins
Dino Footprint Tile - 10,000 Coins
White Stone Fence - 10,000 Coins
Yellow Mammoth - 10,000 Coins
Stone Spike Turtle - 10,000 Coins
Spotty Fence - 5,000 Coins
Stone Hay Bale - 500 Coins
Prehistoric Pine Tree - 10,000 Coins
Cave Bi-Plane - 30,000 Coins
Cave Coop - 5,000 Coins

Yellow MammothStone Spike Turtle


We got somewhat of a surprise this week
A BONUS REWARDS for upgrading our CAVE ORCHARD to 40 Capacity
Good News Farmers!!! Did you notice when completing your Cave Orchard to the max of 40 you get a free Dino tree as a reward?
The Farmville Studio was sneaky adding this to the new farm!
This may be a simple pleasant surprise to some but It's a really good sign that the current FV Studio is putting in that extra effort to treat the players!

Dino Tree 

**********ODDS AND ENDS**********

Market stall expansions

This new farm came with a much needed MARKET STALL EXPANSION
If you have not yet upgraded those stalls then you better get on it
This latest upgrade takes us from 2300 bushel slots to 2350 bushel slots
That is the number without the VIP bonus slots
With the full VIP bonus you'll now have 3150
Players have often commented that with new farms we need new market stall expansions
This new expansions release on NEW FARM DAY may have been a coincidence,
or it may be a sign that we will be getting regular stall expansions during Early Access Weeks
Only time will tell.

Technical Bits and Pieces

For those of you keeping track of Early Access history.
This new farm, the Caveman Club, was the earliest launch of a new farm in the history of Farmville.
It was just after 3AM Eastern time, 3:04 AM to be exact
Most new farms have been hitting us after 4AM and some have been as late as 6 or 7AM
So it seems this pre-historic farm came before any other.

This farm did get an early start, and it seems it's back to a more player friendly style.
But, just like real CAVE MEN it's not very fast, at least for some of us.
There seemed to be a great LAG in the game during early access week.
Lots of WHOA FARMERS connected directly to fast clicking.
What's FAST CLICKING? I'm glad you asked.
You see when you are playing the game, clicking on features, loading requests or even moving items at a pace faster than the game can keep up
Sometimes it will throw the game OUT OF SYNC and BOOM:  HELLO WHOA FARMER!
Your computer can be the cause of this if it's older and really slow
But we were getting more than the usual number of comments from players about the slow game lag this week
Leading us to believe this particular issue may be server related
At one point Zynga was leasing servers from others, like Google or Amazon
We all remember these days with as many as 80 million of us trying to play at the same time, we had issues
Later we learned that Zynga had invested in it's own servers
Most were totally unaware of this massive move by Zynga years ago but it was a noticeable improvement
With the more recent decline in FV players and players of all zynga games
it is very well possible that Zynga has gone back to leasing servers from others as it did in the early days
OR...they are leasing out their existing servers as a source of extra income
The bottom line is that it possible we're seeing slower moving farms due to this
Currently it's only a Dirt Farmer theory and there really isn't any way to prove it
Maybe they just set this farm to CAVEMAN PACE, OOGA BOOGA!

With every new farm, during Early Access and General Access Week
We often hear the exact same complaints over and over
Market Stalls that won't expand or cannot be purchased for coins
Garages and Vehicles that cannot be upgraded and the list goes on and on
We have a new super power to tell you about that can fix just about any of these minor new farm glitches
Just re-boot the farm and poof...It will work like magic!
If you find yourself unable to do a simple task that you know should work, RE-FRESH and it probably will.
Of course, there will always be more serious issues and the Dirt Farmer will be sure to inform you about any and all issues in the game
But, these NEW FARM hiccups that we often see can be easily fixed with the click of a re-fresh.

Dirt Farmer Poll

Because enquiring minds want to know!

The 40% Off Sale was the focus of our POLL of the WEEK this week
We asked you:  Do you purchase FARM CASH when it is ON SALE during the 40% OFF discount sale we receive for each new farm?
Forty percent of us voted YES ALWAYS.
Thirty- four percent said YES, but only sometimes.
Twenty- six percent claim they NEVER take advantage of the 40% off sale.
Probably because they don't ever buy FV Cash.

In related news

Did you need FARM CASH this week?
Then this past Wednesday was your day
It's been a long standing tradition in Farmville to offer this 40% off Farm Cash Sale during New Farm Early Access Week
Many players who use FV Cash depend on this regular sale in order to keep their FV CASH balances up
It is 40% more and more is always good
However, if you do spend FV Cash as you play we still recommend the VIP program as the best value.
You can learn all about the VIP program on our website farmvilledirt.com 
by simply searching VIP

New Farm Alert!  We mean the next new farm alert!

Your Dirt Farmer Team was still busy posting updates for this Caveman Farm while we discovered the theme for our next farm
Yes, We already know what the next farm will PROBABLY be
We're going from Ooooga Boooga to TOGA TOGA
We'll soar to the heights of Mount Olympus as we explore the world of ancient Greece
Don't get too excited Farmers
We still have at least 7 more weeks of Ooooga Boooga before we can expect to see this Mythological Farm.

Howdy Farmers!
Just a reminder that the current contents of the MYSTERY BABIES will expire on June 30.
We have already contacted the Farmville Studio asking about further updates to the Mystery Babies
and will let you know just as soon as we hear back.

We have another REMINDER for you. The Sakura Strikes Back feature is currently coded to end on June 26th, 2016.
After the end date of the feature, there will be two additional days, through June 28th
when you can purchase prizes from any opponent for Farm Cash.

We have yet another DIRT FARMER REMINDER for you this evening.
The current set of LIMITED EDITION CRAFTSHOP SPECIALS are set to EXPIRE on June 30, 2016.
If you wish to make any of these items, do so before the time runs out.
Pencil Bamboo Fence, Ninja Sheep, Kwanzan Cherry tree, Kung Fu Tiger and Black Cherry Pegacorn

**********RECURRING FEATURES**********

All farm two week quest

Farmville Independence Day Quest

The 4th of July is almost here and it looks like we'll have our Independence Day Quest here right on time
It starts on Thursday June 30th and runs for 2 weeks until July 14th
That means it will be here on time for CANADIAN Independence Day as well.  Cool!
We will have a new crop with this theme called American Cabbage
Yes, It's red, white and blue heads of CABBAGE!!!

Rewards include:  Patriotic Longhorn, Book Of XP, 3 pack of Turbo Chargers, Patriotic Dog,
Unwither, Super Fertilizer, American Colors Sheep, Instagrow Potion,and  Patriot Unicorn.

Patriotic LonghornPatriot UnicornPatriotic DogAmerican Colors Sheep


Personality Vote Feature

This upcoming Wednesday will see the release of a brand new PERSONALITY VOTE FEATURE
The Old vs Young Personality Vote will give you the chance to earn as many as 24 great rewards in the 12 stages of the vote
Rewards Include:
Old Yellow Tree or Young Vibrant Tree
Tandem Couple Bike or RAD Motor bike (Daryl's bike from Walking Dead)
Country or Tennis Ace Kangaroo...because old people listen to country music while the young'uns play tennis I guess
Daisy Summer Tree or Fall to Summer Tree which makes no sense
Sir Party or Party Animal Duck...That duck looks like the Planters Peanut
Classy Dance Gnomette or Elegant Dance Gnomette...should have been the TWERK Gnommette
Summer Tea Party Cow or Disco Dance Cow
Country Car or Modern Sports Car
Grower Gnome or Rock Guitarist Gnome
Love Park Bench or Backyard Swing
Angling Chicken or Rockstar Chicken
Gracious Pegasus or Sophisticated Pegasus

Summer Tea Party CowSophisticated Pegasus

This weeks Battleground Challenge winners:

CONGRATULATIONS!!! to our WINNER of last Week's BATTLEGROUND Old-School Foals Challenge (week ending 06.19.2016) Anna Smith George.
This Current Week's NEW Challenge is CAVEMAN CLUB BUSHELS, and this challenge will end the evening of 6.26.2016.
Next weeks Battleground Challenge starting the evening of 6.26.2016 will be new farm building and treasure parts.
The reward for the winner of this Challenge will be a Papa Dirt Prize: your choice of ANY Unwither Ring or Double Statue from the Market.
If you are not a member of the Battleground Group JOIN TODAY and invite your friends. Please Share.

Farmville 7th Birthday Gift Event

Farmville Celebrated it's 7th Birthday by giving away a 7th Birthday Pegasus and a Wishing Pond
Some players could not claim the items.
So NOW Farmville is re-sending the GIFTS to ALL PLAYERS with an in game pop-up message .
Find the items in your Gift Box and please share the good news with your friends.
In related news, did you receive the pop-up that items were automatically removed from your giftbox?
You are not alone.
It is a result of Zynga adding the set of 7th Birthday rewards to players' gift boxes earlier this week.
Every time Zynga adds items to players' gift boxes, we will receive the message that items were automatically removed even though no items actually were.
Simply click OKAY and enjoy your Wishing Pond and 7th Birthday Pegasus courtesy of Farmville.

7th Birthday PegasusWishing Pond

Lonely Animal


A lonely SUMMER FLOWER COW is lost in the middle of nowhere!!!!!
The poor little thing needs HELP!
Get 5 friends to bring this lovely pinky poo moo moo critter onto your farm but hurry up before it runs away
We've been seeing more and more of these crazy critters wondering around the outsides of our farms, maybe it's time for a FV BBQ!

Leaderboard Quests and Rewards

Wednesday is our re-set day for the Leaderboards
We have 3 new challenges that will allow us to earn Insta-Grows, Un-Withers and Super Fertilizers.
Our LIMITED EDITION CROP Challenge will see us harvesting 6000 Freesia
The Freesia is a 14 hour crop that can be planted on any farm.
It should be in the market at the regular update time roughly 13 hours before the leaderboard begins.
Our LOCKED FARM CROP Challenge will see us harvest 300 Pearl Sprouts in Caveman Club.
Pearl Sprouts is an 8 hour Caveman Club water crop.
Our CRAFTY Challenge this week will see us making 12 Fire Sets in Caveman Club
Fire Set is a 2 hour Two Stone Mill Recipe for which you will need 3 Ooga La Fruit, 3 Flytrap Beetroot and 3 Exotic Apple bushels per recipe



On this week's "FUND ME FRIDAY" we want to share the story of the Murphy Brothers.
These kids, ages 5 and 20 lost their dad on Father's Day and now need help to pay for his funeral.
They also need help to  cover custody expenses and pay for their 90 yr old grandmother's care.
Any support you can provide will be greatly appreciated!!
To learn more click the link below and please share with your friends. Thanks!

Farmer’s Showcase Spotlight Picture of the Week

Picture courtesy of our own Dirt Farmer Mary Beth!

We all know that playing Farmville isn't getting any easier these days. Whether Farmville is throttling  access to your friends or the  Facebook newsfeed is hiding them from you it's hard to find help links on the newsfeed.  Add that to the fact that a lot of fellow players have quit and it becomes very challenging to  find help.  That's why you should join one or all of the Dirt Farmers SHARE Groups. Mam-Maw's Trading Post, Quest Help and More, The VOTE HELP Group and GOT SHEEP are link sharing groups where you can find neat items and even get help with common FV activities.

FARMER'S SHOWCASE is an OPEN GROUP where you can show off your farm
ONLY Farm Pic posts. Cool, Funny or AWESOME
Show your MAD decorating skills or something unique and funny you see on your farm

Be sure to ASK to JOIN today and please tell your FV friends about these helpful resources


Farmer’s Showcase

Mam Maw Dirt’s Trading Post

Quest and More Help Group

Vote Help Group

Got Sheep

In the meantime, we hope you will visit our website as often as possible.  Your support and your clicks on that website is what enables us to provide our services to all the players.
Share those posts from our Facebook page so we can reach even more players, so we can help them manage their game and stay in the game.
Without YOUR support there is no Dirt Farmer.  Thanks to each and every one of you!

Here’s the link to this week’s podcast, because don’t you really want to listen to all of it after reading the summary?

Reporting live from the Dirt Farmer Studio in downtown Farmville, Dirt Farmers Michele and Karen

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