The Dirt Farmer Foundation’s Campaign: PET CARE

The Dirt Farmer Foundation is our way of focusing the social media power of  The Dirt Farmer's community to help worthwhile charities

**** PET CARE ****

"We want to dedicate this Campaign to all our Dirt Farmer Furries for their unconditional love and support ..

and to our little ones in Heaven, who keep inspiring us everyday to help others .. to all of them our LOVE and Gratitude"

Pets can add fun, companionship and a feeling of safety to your life. Before getting a pet, think carefully about which animal is best for your family. What is each family member looking for in a pet? Who will take care of it? Does anyone have pet allergies? What type of animal suits your lifestyle and budget? Are you a new pet parent, or looking to bolster your pet care skills? You will find in this guide all about Pet health, adoption, nutrition information, safety tips and more.

  • General Pet Care - Covering a wide range of important topics for pet parents.
  • Dog Care - Learn more to provide the best care for your canine companion.
  • Cat Care - Helpful information for looking after cats of all ages.
  • Horse Care - Adding a horse to your family? Read our horse care tips.
  • Animal Poison Control - Crucial information all pet parents should know to protect their furry friends.
  • Pet Planning - Ensure your four-legged family member is always well cared for.

Once you own a pet, keep it healthy. Know the signs of medical problems. Take your pet to the veterinarian if you notice the below symptoms .. and for more information read 13 Animal Emergencies That Should Receive Immediate Veterinary Consultation and/or CareCancer in AnimalsCritical Signs That Your Dog Is Very Sick And Needs To See The Vet ASAP,

Loss of appetite
Drinking a lot of water
Gaining or losing a lot of weight quickly
Strange behavior
Being sluggish and tired
Trouble getting up or down
Strange lumps

How to tell if your dog is sick VIDEO:

Pets and Hot Weather ... Overheat Kills, Hot Cars,

CPR for Dogs and Cats. This is what to do if your pet starts chocking or cant breath. CLICK HERE

9 Tips for keeping your dog SAFE during July 4th. Learn more HERE

Check out ASPCA Independence Day and Pets HERE

Seniors & Pets. Are you wondering how you are going to care for your pet as you age in place? Are you wondering if Seniors should adopt pets? Studies have shown that owning a pet can be physically and mentally beneficial for people of all ages. Learn more about Pets for Seniors HERE on this special guide from the National Council for Aging Care.  

Be a hero and consider ADOPTING a rescue animal or a dog from your local shelter. You’ll be saving a life and greatly improving yours. But if you can't take in an animal, don't worry, there are ways you can still help! 


Consider fostering animals who are looking for homes, volunteering  at your local shelter, or making a donation to a shelter or animal care organization.

If you want to Adopt a Pet, Support, Volunteer or HelpPET CHARITY, we have some options for you 

Homeless Shelters that allow Pets (U.S.): Pets of the Homeless, The Connection Homeless Shelters, Directory of Homeless Shelters that Allow Pets by State and Region 

Click HERE to check out ALL The Dirt Farmer Foundation MONTH CAUSES & CAMPAIGNS since 2012 including our National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week Campaign HERE.

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