Mountain of Strength Region - Crafting and Unlocks

We have put together the Mountain of Strength items that we will be crafting in the Zen Garden House and Izanagi Shelter when they release this region. The Dojo stages that will be unlocked in this region can be found below also. Click here for the complete guide of the Zen Garden House , the complete guide for the Izanagi Shelter and the complete guide for The Judo Dojo.  If you find this helpful please share this with your friends.

Zen Garden House




Time to Cook and
Star Level
Katana Sword 3 hours
Katana Sword 3 Sakura Shells Bushel 3 Kirikane Peach Bushel 3 Japanese Wineberry Bushel 2 Star Level
Combat Shield
4 hours
Combat Shield 3 Flaming Pandan Bushel 2 Chestnut Wagashi Bushel 2 Ichijiku Shell Bushel 3 Star Level
Ninja Kama
3 Hours
Ninja Kama 3 Grilled Tofu Flower Bushel 3 Flaming Pandan Bushel 3 Kirikane Peach Bushel 2 Star Level
Kendo Helmet
4 Hours
Kendo Helmet 2 Ichijiku Shell Bushel 3 Yubinuki Yuzu Bushel 3 Chestnut Wagashi Bushel 3 Star Level

Izanagi Shelter 
Ronin Rabbit Ninja Tortoise Assassin Chicken
Sumo Referee Gorilla Defense Warrior Panda Swordsman Horse
Judo Dojo Levels that unlock in this region.
Stage 7 Stage 8 Stage 9 Stage 10
That’s all we have at this time.. Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for the latest in Farming news… Happy Farming!!

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  1. The harvests of the Judo Dojo have not been counting towards the timed relic doll. This Sakura farm couldn't be more frustrating. :( I'm so sorry that I paid for early access.


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